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Step-by-Step Process for Export Mac Entourage Email Database to PST

Mail to FileMaker Importer for Mac OS v.2.14 An AppleScript-based application that can be used to automatically import email data from Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Entourage into a FileMaker Pro database. Within the applications interface, users can easily configure the database and fields to be.

  1. Microsoft entourage free download - Microsoft Teams for Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams, and many more programs.
  2. Microsoft Entourage is a discontinued e-mail client and personal information manager that was developed by Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 and later. Microsoft first released Entourage in October 2000 as part of the Microsoft Office 2001 office suite; Office 98, the previous version of Microsoft Office for the classic Mac OS included Outlook Express 5. The last version was Entourage: Mac 2008, part.
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Pre-Installation Tips. Read the directions! This includes the download page for the updaters. OS X: Quit any applications that are running, including virus-protection applications, all Office applications, Microsoft Messenger for Mac, and Office Notifications, because they might interfere with installation. Configure Mac Entourage email In order to send and receive E-mail, you can configure Entourage for Mac OS X as your E-mail client with the following required settings. This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate how to make the necessary changes so that you will be sending and receiving E-mail.

Microsoft provides a popular office suite that is known as Microsoft Office, for both Mac and Windows users. If you are the one who is using MS Office for Windows then, you will find an email application i.e. Outlook. Though, if you are using MS Office for Mac then, you will have Mac Entourage in place of MS Outlook. But, in the latest MS Office for Mac 2011, Mac Entourage has been changed by Outlook for Windows. In the following write-up, we will discuss Windows Outlook as same as Mac Entourage along with the way to transfer Entourage to PST Outlook to perform Microsoft Entourage to Outlook migration.

Quick Look on Mac Entourage and Windows Outlook

Before we start our discussion on converting Entourage to Outlook PST, let us first have a look over Microsoft Entourage and Windows Outlook. Both the programs are email client application and PIM (personal information manager). Because of having comparison, both the applications come up with mailing service including task list, calendar, note list, address book, and other functionalities. Additionally, Windows Outlook suits Web browsing while Mac Entourage supports Project managing. Alike to Windows Outlook, Mac Entourage also capable of recovering email by using POP and IMAP account.

There is the main dissimilarity between these email applications that they both use varied file types to store mailbox data. As you are attentive with this, Windows Outlook stores all the mailbox data into Outlook PST data file aka Personal Storage Table. But, Mac Entourage does not support this file format. It creates an MBOX file for storing all the mailbox data, which categorizes email messages in a single text file, and to create support on Windows we must achieve Entourage to PST conversion.

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Download Entourage to Outlook Converter software to migrate, export, convert, move, transfer, and change from Entourage to Outlook for Windows. The Entourage to PST Tool supports for bulk Microsoft Entourage to Outlook migration at once on all Windows OS platforms.

Reason to Convert Entourage Database to PST

Entourage is a Mac-based email program that was developed through the IT giant for Microsoft for Mac OS 8.5 as same as higher versions. Still, it has been stopped now. Its closure is one of the key reasons because of which user’s necessity to export Entourage email to PST for Windows that is a feature-rich email program. Well, to change from Entourage to Outlook files, it is compulsory to convert Entourage MBOX emails to PST format. The reason being, the limited file format of Mac Entourage in which it stores its data items such as MBOX. To initiate so, users can use the below-given technique.

Solution for Microsoft Entourage Export to PST Successfully

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There are two methods available for exporting Entourage to Outlook that is mentioned below:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Third-party tool – MBOX to PST Converter

Method 1. Steps to Import Entourage Mailbox to PST Outlook Manually

  1. Connect the USB drive to the Mac operating system.
  2. Open the Microsoft Entourage email program.
  3. In the menu bar of the application, click on the File tab, and then choose the Export.
  4. Choose Export items to an Entourage archive and then All Items.
  5. Click the right arrow at the bottom of the window, choose the USB drive as a destination location, and then click on the Export.
  6. Disconnect the USB drive from the Mac system, connect it to any Windows PC, and open Microsoft Outlook.
  7. In Outlook, click File and select the Import
  8. Choose Entourage Information from an Archive or Earlier Version and click on the ‘right arrow’ icon that is situated at the bottom of the dialog window.
  9. Choose Entourage archive RGE file and click on the right arrow icon present at the bottom of the window.
  10. Check on the checkboxes existing there for emails, rules, contacts, calendar events, signatures, tasks, notes, accounts, custom views, and scrapbook clippings connected with Entourage. By checking all these given options, they are chosen. Additionally, click on the ‘right arrow icon’ to continue.
  11. Click on the Browse tab to choose the USB drive in the dialog window. Further, click on the RGE file that was saved and then click on the Choose.
  12. Click on the right arrow, and after that on the Finish tab to import the Entourage profile and data into Windows Outlook.

With the execution of the above-discussed technique, operators can move Entourage to Outlook. The pros and cons related to this process are as follows:


  • Light on the user’s pocket


  • Needs one to have the technical expertise
  • One should be very cautious in performing the mentioned steps
  • Any inconsistency in the carrying out of the steps can create the process unsuccessfully

Method 2: Automated Entourage to Outlook Converter – Expert’s Recommended Solution

The other method to export Entourage to PST is by using third-party software i.e. Entourage Mail to PST Conversion Tool. Using the software you can save Entourage mailbox to Outlook in a bulk at once with success result. The Entourage to Outlook Converter software is an excellent utility for any home user and business users to switch their data from Mac Entourage to Windows Outlook file format. It maintains the folder hierarchy of the Entourage mailbox during the process and retained the exact folder structure of Outlook after the conversion process. All Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS and MS Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003) versions are also compatible with the Mac Entourage Export to PST Converter software.

Store Location of Entourage Data Files

In-Office for Mac 2011, Microsoft fully replaced Entourage with Outlook and named it ‘Outlook for Mac 2011’. Unluckily, Outlook does not support the MBOX file created by Entourage to manage email messages, but either the OLM file or the PST file. You can export entourage to Outlook after importing the MBOX file (located at Hard Disk Name/Users/user name/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/Main Identity) to its comparable PST file, and then move it directly into Outlook.

Now you have extracted Entourage data files at your desired location, then

Entourage to Outlook Converter Free Trial version is also accessible for user’s evaluation. Using the Free Demo version you can migrate 20 emails from Entourage to PST with attachments.

We all know the Microsoft Office software suite is a much in demand tool suite that is used by many companies worldwide. The problem with the software is that it wasn’t adaptive by many operating systems that were present in the modern-day techno world. There are two main operating systems that we look forward to, one is the Microsoft Windows and the Mac OS.

The Microsoft office had a lot of new versions and the Mac version was created and released specially for the Mac-based user systems. There were a lot of significant changes that were available on the Microsoft office 2008 after the 2007 version. The users were exposed to a lot of other improvements in the office 2008 for mac systems.

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Mac OS



Overview Microsoft office 2008 for Mac

The Microsoft office 2008 version for Mac systems had a lot of significant updates in terms of the user adaptability and credibility. There was also a significant improvement in terms of aesthetic detailing that made the system even easier to the eye.

They have added a lot of significant detailing in the icons to make sure that it doesn’t look out of the crowd inside a Mac-based operating system. The amount of effort the system had to put was significantly less and seamless operation was pretty easy with the same.

Features Microsoft office 2008 for Mac

The Microsoft office 2008 edition for Mac systems had a great advantage that the features that were added along with the Mac version seamlessly worked with any type of Mac systems and did not require special needs to work the software through.

The package that was released along with the Mac version included Entourage, word, excel, and PowerPoint. All these tools made a significant difference with their release making the office 2008 version much more adaptive to Mac OS X.

Word 2008

The Microsoft word 2008 for Mac edition had a lot of significant features that made the system much easy for documenting. The biggest highlight is that it has a lot of advanced features like auto line drafting and automatic text wrapping that will make the situation much easier and fast. There are also various tools like the text highlighting and updated text and font styles that were added into the software to make sure that there are no problems when it comes to drafting your word document.

There were also some features where the sharing option and drafting the word document into PDF and XPS formats are available to ensure that the software is highly compatible with other similar documenting software as well.

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Entourage 2008

The Entourage is a personal mail and personal manager software that was released by Microsoft for the Mac users. The biggest highlights with the entourage are that it provided a great deal of personal expertise for the users and they didn’t have to rely upon third-party applications to get the same done. There are also various methods that were adopted by the entourage to ensure that the users did not have to break their heads around to understand the Entourage software.

There are also various methodologies In which the Entourage is getting the bigger deal in personal information management as most of the data is synced with your Microsoft account and that means that there are a lot of ways in which you can get the job done.

Excel 2008

Data management sheet software Excel has got a significant number of updates in the same upon its release for the Mac versions. Some of the features like using the system to get the job done and also to make sure that the data that you handle using the system is kept under a constant phase. The drafting tools and editing tools for the Mac version makes it more user-friendly and drastically improves efficiency in the ways in which it operates.

Excel also has added improvements in terms of sharing and printing with the mac version of the software which was a primary source of concern for the users. The excel also had updated with regard to user interface and definite amount of user interaction to make sure that it is flexible software for the user to use.

PowerPoint 2008

The PowerPoint 2008 didn’t have much of significant updates but had some stability improvements and also added a motion graphics integrated into the slides that made the slides much more attractive and classier. There were also various updates in terms of editing that will definitely create a difference in the ways that you create presentations.

Microsoft office 2008 system requirements for Mac

  • Mac OS x 10.14 and above compatible system.
  • 500 MHz fast processor.
  • 520 MB RAM requirement.
  • 1.5 GB of HDD space.

Download the Microsoft Office 2008 for mac

You can download the installer file for the Microsoft office 2008 for mac by accessing the link given below. Also, make sure that you have met the minimum requirements of the system before you proceed with the download.

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Download Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac full version - ISORIVER

Entourage Email Download For Mac

The Microsoft office 2008 had a lot of new versions and the Mac version was created and released specially for the Mac-based user systems.

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