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Aug 29, 2017
Escapist 2 glorious regime escape
The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to escape from Area 17 in The Escapist 2.
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Area 17

Perimeter Breakout
  • Raise your intellect to 60.
  • Get the following items: 'Iron Bar, Plastic Red Key, Flimsy Cutters, Bed Dummy, Guard Outfit, Adrenaline shot.
  • Iron Bar can be bought from inmates, bed dummy, plastic red key and flimsy cutters must be crafted. Guard outfit and Adrenaline shot can be found in knocked out guards.
  • Place your bed dummy in bed.

The Escape:
  • Take the items listen above and head south to the location shown. Wait there until it's 00:00.

  • At the right time, drop your contraband items and shut off the generator, then head upstairs.
  • Alternatively you can live your contraband upstairs, guards don't roam there.
  • Go upstairs, through the door and cut through the fence here:

  • Run before the lights come back on and start chipping the wall with your iron bar. If you get tired (which you most likely will) drink your adrenaline shot and finish it off. Escape.

I'm Only Human (Singleplayer Only)

Escapist 2 Glorious Regime

  • Reach 60 Intellect
  • Find 2 talcum powder, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 2 lighters, 2 combs or 2 toothbrushes, Feather, Jar of Ink, Guard Outfit, and a Blank Security Pass (Only on Guards).
  • Craft 2 wad of puttys and 2 molten plastic.
  • Craft the Security Pass as shown below.

  • Craft Cyan and Red plastic keys.

The Escape:
  • Head to the bottom left red doors on the first floor in the cell building as shown.

  • Equip your Guard Outfit and exit the doors.
  • Follow the yellow line on the image to the maintenance desk.

  • Search through the maintenance desk and requip the civilian outfit, then follow the yellow line in the picture as shown:

  • Press 'E' on the double doors inside when you have the option to escape, make sure to have your Security Pass out.

  • Congrats you escaped!

Alien Technology(Multiplayer Only)

Escapists 2 - Glorious Regime Prison Crack Download

  • Get 50 intellect.
  • Find or craft the following items: 1 circuit board, 1 energy module (2 batteries + 1 wire), 1 radio receiver (found on guards), lightweight cutters or better, red keycard.
  • Take the red keycard and head west, above the blacksmith job, through those stairs to the fake moon landing set. Open the shuttle and take the empty cannister.

  • Go south east through the stairs into the hangar with the UFO.
  • Have your friend turn off the generator located south west of the map and cut through the fence. You can leave it open, guards never go there unless they follow you.

The Escape:
  • Grab your circuit board, energy module, radio receiver and the empty cannister.
  • Head to the UFO through the hole you dug in the fence and escape using the above mentioned items.

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Prisons are made to be safe and keep the convicted felons inside. But there is always a way to make an escape if you are smart enough. The Escapists 2 offers you an even larger number of means to do that. Aside from obvious solutions such as breaking out by force, there are also hidden strategies for you to use. You can even team up with others to devise a common plan. And if it doesn’t work, well, there are always other things to try.

The sequel to the legendary prison RPG introduces a wide range of new features making the original gameplay even more appealing. There is an expanded crafting system allowing you to create even more various items, more combat moves to learn and even a few skills like painting (don’t be in a hurry to discard them, they might prove to be surprisingly helpful). Besides, you can customize your avatar to single it out from the rest of players.

Joining a game has become even easier. Now you can simply drop in and start acting on the move and drop out at any moment. Developers also updated the graphics to make it more realistic and atmospheric. Nox player 6 download for mac. In general, the Escapist 2 is definitely worth playing!

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Escapists 2 The Glorious Regime

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