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Contribute to marcuslil/thinapp-extract development by creating an account on GitHub. May 15, 2016 If I would create a tool to extract thinapp.dat files based based on reverse engineering would it be ok to publish it? Location that houses all of the VMware ThinApp program files. Harvesting is a method of extracting the existing., copy the EXE and DAT files from the ThinApp. ThinApp packages can be delivered and managed with App Volumes for complete lifecycle management. No Application Silos The traditional IT model of one application per server requires dedicated hardware for specific applications that cannot coexist, whether for technical reasons or concerns about data isolation. Errors Extracting from ESO0000.DAT- There are many files from ESO0000.DAT are in an unknown/invalid format and do not extract correctly. Errors Extracting from ESO0204.DAT and Greater - DAT files with index 204 and above are empty (just the DAT header) even though there are file entries in the MNF file.

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VMware ThinApp
Original author(s)Jitit Inc.[1]
Stable release
Operating systemWindows Vista and later
Windows Server 2008 and later
(previously Windows XP and Windows Server 2003)
Size85.5 MB
TypeApplication virtualization
Portable application creator

VMware ThinApp (formerly Thinstall) is an application virtualization and portable application creator suite by VMware that can package conventional applications[3] so that they become portable applications. According to VMware, the product has a success rate of about 90–95 % in packaging applications.[4]

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ThinApp (previously known as Thinstall) was originally developed by Jitit Inc. and was acquired by VMware on January 15, 2008.[5] VMware later used the code name VMware Project North Star while the product was in beta.[6] On June 10, 2008, VMware announced that the final name for the product was going to be VMware ThinApp.[7] The trial version of Thinstall was initially available only to corporations,[8] then VMware offered a public trial version.[9] Now, ThinApp is only available with the Horizon suite of products.

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VMware ThinApp is an application virtualization solution.[10] ThinApp is able to execute applications without them being installed in the traditional sense by virtualizing resources such as environment variables, files and Windows Registry keys. The virtual environment presented to the client is a merged view of the underlying physical and virtual resources, thereby allowing the virtualization layer to fool the application into thinking that it is running as if it were fully installed. ThinApp does not have any pre-installed components and does not require the installation of device drivers allowing applications to run from USB flash drives or network shares without ever requiring Administrator rights. ThinApp converts standard application installers such as .msi files into self-contained EXE files which includes everything required to run. Also it is able to scan a system before and after an application's installation and create a portable executable based upon changes made to the systems files and registry. Unlike self-extracting ZIP files, ThinApp does not extract files to disk or require system registry changes in order to run applications. ThinApp versions released after 5.2.3 drop support Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 and later.[3]


The most 'basic' version of ThinApp is 'VMware ThinApp Starter Edition', offered for free with any purchase of VMware Workstation,[11][12] while the most 'advanced' version is 'VMware ThinApp Enterprise Edition', which adds support for AppSync updating, Active Directory integration and allows usage by multiple users (both for the ThinApp Packager and ThinApp Client).[11]

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Extract Thinapp Dat File
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