F 16 Multirole Fighter No Cd Patch

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F 16 multirole fighter no cd patch 42017Hello guys first time posting here. Now I play NovaLogic's F-16 Multi Role Fighter on occasion and I have used all kinds of Glide wrappers for it but have to say using nGlide is very nice and the playback is smooth and stable.
However even nGlide has its issues that I would like to be fixed as nGlide really puts out the most in the game in hardware acceleration. The issues are bad terrain textures up close, and no jet exhaust texture when the engine is not engaged on player aircraft and no texture on wing man's jet exhaust also the cockpit canopy looks a bit foggy. I will show some of the graphical issues with nGlide 0.96 3Dfx wrapper on Win 7 64bit OS, and ATi 4250 IGP using Catalyst 11.5 drivers.
Here we see the bad terrain texture that mars the otherwise good graphics, also there is no jet exhaust texture. These really needs to be fixed.
F16 2011-05-17 20-10-26-56.jpg (61.97 KiB) Viewed 9328 times

F 16 Multirole Fighter No Cd Patch Placement

Here we see the bad terrain texture from higher altitude.
F16 2011-05-17 20-11-29-69.jpg (63.67 KiB) Viewed 9328 times

F 16 Multirole Fighter No Cd Patch Download

Here is a good view of how the graphics should look from a different Glide wrapper which has its own set of problems such as instability and missing cockpit textures and instrument panel glitches.
F16 2011-05-17 20-50-10-31.jpg (58.66 KiB) Viewed 9328 times
I would be highly appreciative if a fix to these problems would be made. My respects and thanks for your contribution to gaming graphics and keeping 3Dfx alive.