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EA GAMES FOR MAC. From high fantasy to competitive sports – you can tap into the excitement of EA's hottest Mac games! Unleash your imagination in The Sims 4, rise to power and fight epic battles in Dragon Age II, build a living world where every choice matters in SimCity, and more. Fifa 15 Mac OS X. Fifa 2015, the football video game developed by EA Sports played and loved by a lot of gamers, is here for you in complete Mac OS X version.Fifa 2015 Mac OS X was released on September 2014 and it’s available for all platforms from Microsoft Windows to XboxOne.

FIFA 17 Mac OS X Version

MacGamesBox have some great news for all Fifa players. Fifa 17 arrived and can be played on MacBooks now! FIFA 17 Mac OS X version is available to download now via torrent or directly. The game developed by EA Sports has been converted for all OS X computers. In the last game from fifa series the developers added for us a lot of great improvements. For example now we have a new mode named “The Journey“. You create your own career with your own player. Something like we already have in NBA2k16. They also added new sound effects and occurs better graphics.

As can bee seen the graphics are with 20-30 % better than Fifa 16 for mac. The developers made this game to be first from the series that will run on the engine Frostbite. They also added new managers from all the world and all new teams players. FIFA 17 Mac OS X has been tested and has been found 100% working on all MacBooks. On retina iMac then game is really awesome, also Macbook Pro and MacBook Air can run the game perfectly. This version is FULL! Not require any activation key, cracks or anything else. The game has been converted and run without emulators installed in your OS X Computer. Our team has rated this game with 9.4 points from 10 and include it to the section “Top Football Games”

FIFA 17 Mac OS X requirements

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The game from EA Sports require at least configuration listed above. To run it on your Macintosh the your computer should meet this requirements. Is recommended to has CPU with I5 and 2.8 GHz speed. Ram memory minimum is 4GB and approximately 30 GB free disk space. Check to have installed OS X 10.6.4 or newer to run it perfectly. If your mac meet all this requirements then you can play FIFA 17 without any problems or lag.

FIFA 17 Mac OS X Download

The game is available to download now with directly or via torrent! If your internet connection is not very good the is recommended to use torrent download. Get the .torrent file, open it with uTorrent or BitTorrent , selected destination folder and start the download. After is finished open the .dmg file and start running the game.

Video Gameplay On MacBook

Oct 30th, 2012
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  1. 1. Download uTorrent here:
  2. 2. Open it and click on Add URL on the top left of the screen.
  3. 3. Paste this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ab9c910d81d9f0459df4776e00cb184db7770b32&dn=FIFA+2013+%5BMAC%5D+%5BWineskin%5D&
  4. 5. You should now have a file called FIFA13.dmg
  5. 6. Mount it and drag the file FIFA 13 in your Applications folder.
  6. 7. DO NOT OPEN IT YET, or Error E0001 appears on your screen.
  7. 8. To solve it, double tap (or right click) on FIFA 13, Show Package Contents.
  8. 9. Navigate to Drive_c/Games/Fifa 13/Game/fifasetup and open 'fifasetup_default.ini' with TextEdit and set Height and Width with your screen resolution. (If you don't know your screen resolution, go to System Preferences - Displays and check it).
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