Filmora En Mac

In this article, I talk about the price of the Filmora license, how to get it with a discount, and give a review of the software with pros and cons.

Filmora9 was updated to Filmora X, if you already have a Filmora9 license, this update is free, you just have to download the new version here.

2 Register Filmora for Mac. After installation, you can double-click on the program icon to open the program and choose the editing mode you needed to enter to the editing interface. Filmora provides free trial version. The only difference between Trial version and full version is the watermark on the final video. Wondershare Filmora is the one of best video editing software with cool features that compares to other competing video editing Softwares. Many video editing programs claimed to offer professional results; Filmora is one of a few consumer-level tools that actually delivers. Download Filmora Scrn 2.0.1 for Mac. Fast downloads of the latest free software!

I bought Filmora when version 8 was still available, which at that time, seemed to be a fairly decent editor, but it has evolved a lot, adding new features and improvements with I will tell you about.

Filmora license price

No matter what Filmora license you choose; it will come with all the functions, including the screen recorder, but there are two things you have to take into account.

The cost of Filmora X is $69.99 USD for the personal perpetual license (with some options for a discounted price in this page), the most affordable plan is $39.99 USD for the annual license and the most expensive plan is the Bundle Subscription, which costs $99.87 USD per year. Grundfos cu 352 controller manual.

All personal licenses allow you to make YouTube or personal videos (such as weddings etc.) but you would require a business license to make commercial videos (such as advertisements, or corporate videos).

How can I buy Filmora with a discount?

There are several alternatives for you to buy Filmora X or Filmora Pro with a discount, here I tell you:

  • You can get a lifetime Filmora license discount in the following links (For Windows/For Mac)
  • You may also get a FilmoraPro deal with a 50% discount here (For Windows/For Mac)

Ok, now let’s get to the review:

Ease and learning curve.

Filmora Mac Torrent


Definitely the strong point of Filmora is its learning curve, as it is precisely designed for someone who does not have previous editing knowledge but wants to obtain a professional result.


As we can see in the image, all the sections of Filmora are very well defined, they have the figure of a scissors to (obviously) cut the clip and the icons say what they are for.

Filmora’s interface for various effects is very easy to figure out, almost everything you get out of “common sense”, which is a great advantage if you are a newbie and want a fast result.


Some functions, such as keyframe animation and motion tracking are still too simple, if you want double motion tracking for example, look for another software.

Lagging and speed of Filmora


Filmora X is a program designed for mid-range to high-end computers, that is, 2.00 Ghz and 4GB of physical RAM and 64-bit operating system.

However, something I like about Filmora is that if you have a PC with low-end specifications you can continue using it and with some techniques as well as tools from the same program avoid so many laggings.

This is because Filmora has a CPU accelerator, you can choose an option to make proxies and access them more quickly, in addition to pre-rendering your timeline to avoid freezing in the preview.


Having said that, I admit that Filmora, even when used on computers with the technical requirements, can have moments of lagging or episodes in which it is slow to respond.

Effects and tools


Filmora may be a simple editor designed for beginners, but within that niche, it is an editor with a number of effects and tools that are difficult to find, of course, in a slightly more basic version.

With Filmora you can create green screen effects, add keyframe animation, use filters, add cinematic LUTS, color correct and color match two or more clips, add custom mask effects, and record your PC screen or webcam.

As an example, here is a Tutorial I made with Filmora using keyframe animation for creating an infinite zoom effect and a small ball passing through the screen.

The following are some of the features I like the most about Filmora:

Masking: Which helps to make an effect in which you cut a part of the screen to hide something like the one that appears in the following image:

Luts: These are filters that give your project a “movie” style, an example is that you can make a filming during the day seem like it was done at night.

Screen Recorder and Webcam: Something I can’t believe is that many professional editors don’t include a screen recorder (yes, I’m talking to you Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere) but Filmora does.

Keyframe animation: Filmora X includes editing using Keyframes, giving you a lot of control over object animation.

Motion Tracking: Filmora X has motion tracking, as its name implies, it allows you to follow the movement of objects selected by you, so you can add objects that move with the thing that is moving.

As an example, in the following video you can see a boat being tracked as it moves.

Filmora Mac Crack

Now, you can see that I add an object that follows the ship I tracked:

Filmora includes other features, but these are the ones I like the most.


I feel like motion tracking is to limited, and sometime it needs to be more precise, but this is a new feature for Filmora, I hope the Wondershare developers will improve it with time.


Something I really like is that Filmora is being used more and more, and new tutorials are coming out with tricks and effects.

Also the same company Wondershare has its YouTube channel where they regularly answer questions.

On my YouTube channel I have some tutorials with Filmora, however I have not updated them due to work reasons, but very soon I will be uploading videos with effects that I want to show you.


The guide (link to the guide) that comes by default in Filmora feels a bit incomplete, it doesn’t really bother me so much because the program is easy to learn, but if you really have a question, there are times when it is very difficult to find the answer in the guide.

Conclusion, Is Filmora for you?

Filmora is a great video editor, although it is not for all needs. In this review I presented what I consider to be the most important features, but finally I would say that Filmora is suitable for you if:

  • You are a beginner in editing and are looking for a program that is easy to learn and has a good amount of tools and effects for simple videos.
  • You are an expert but you need something that does the job for you in half the time of more complex editors, although in a more basic way.
  • Your budget is limited and you require a low-cost program with a screen recorder and a good number of editing tools.

Filmora is not for you if you need very advanced tools, for that you can get more professional video editing software.

You can download Filmora at the following link and install the trial version to see how you feel about the program:


Does Filmora need internet?

Filmora does not need internet to install, work with it or to export your video, unless you want to export it directly to youtube or other online platform.

Is there a lifetime business license for Filmora?

Filmora only has monthly business licenses, lifetime plans for commercial use are not available.

Why is Filmora so expensive?

Filmora is a pricey product within its niche, which is video editing sofware for begginers, because even though it was deveoped for basic editing, it includes tools that you only found in more advanced software, such as motion tracking, of course, in a simpler version.

Is Filmora good for Youtube videos?

Filmora is a great video editing software for Youtube videos, because it is simple, gets the job done fast, its personal license allows you to publish your work, and the software includes all necesary tools. The exeption would be if you want to create complex videos that need more versatile effects, for example 3D animation.