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Watch video 'Finding Answers in the Finale User Manual' Your browser does not support the video tag. Finale for Mac - Last built 12/4/2020 Take me to the Finale User. Finale Version 26 Create your way with Finale. Easily arrange or compose publisher-quality music notation that plays back with world-class sounds and share your creations with the world. From lead sheets and guitar tabs to band charts and orchestral scores, Finale empowers you to create anything you wish. The Finale User Manual download starts immediately after clicking the link above. Open your Downloads folder, right-click, and select Extract All. The Select a Destination and Extract Files dialog box appears. Click Browse to specify a new location for your Finale User Manual, if needed, and click Extract. Users of Finale for Macintosh have long been able to create PDFs directly from Finale. If you’re a Windows user, and using Finale 2011 (or an earlier version), you’ll want to check out third-party software like CutePDF, PDF Creator, or PDF995 (or consider upgrading to Finale v 25). Finale’s User Manual has been made more helpful with v26.1. All articles referencing menus, submenus, and tools are now cross-referenced to display not only what each item does, but also to provide information on how to accomplish each musical task. New Feature: SmartMusic File Conversion.

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Best format for sd card.

Finale is a music notation program that gives you control over every aspect of the printed page and provides control over MIDI I/O.




  • Articulation entry. Articulations are now automatically stacked on entry. When an articulation is removed from a stack, the remaining articulations are automatically adjusted. When a removed articulation is moved back into the stack, the stack automatically adjusts to accommodate the articulation and maintains manual adjustments.
  • Tremolos. Stem length is automatically adjusted when a tremolo is added to a note to avoid collisions with flags and beams. When tremolos are added to a whole note, they are horizontally centered to the attached note. Tremolos maintain their positioning on stems when other articulations are added, deleted, moved, or flipped. Newly entered tremolos automatically adhere to enhanced positioning.
  • Go to Measure dialog box. Users can quickly navigate to a specific measure in a document by using the Go to Measure dialog box.
  • Slurs. Articulations automatically adjust to slur placement and contour. For more control, the Smart Slur Options dialog box has been updated to allow adjustment of the minimum space between slurs and articulations.
  • Templates. 31 new templates have been added to Finale, including two new ukulele templates with correct fretboards and the return of the Maestro font Lead Sheet template.
  • Libraries. Document Styles, templates, and default documents have been updated with new chord suffix, expression, and Smart Shape libraries.
  • Authorization process. The Finale authorization process has been updated to be more concise so that users can start creating music quicker.
  • Large Time Signatures. Large time signatures can be created easily with the new Time Signatures in Score and Time Signatures in Parts options in the Staff Attributes, Global Staff Attributes, and Staff Styles dialog boxes.
  • Measure Number Bar. A Measure Number Bar is now displayed at the top of the screen when in Scroll and Studio View.
  • ReWire. Finale can now be used in conjunction with digital audio workstations via ReWire.
  • Human Playback speed. The time between pressing Play and hearing Finale's playback has been improved.


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