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Fm 2005 Editor Free Download

Soccerpulse FM2005 Patch V1.0

An update for Football Manager 2005 that adds a new team, and many new players based on the users of our forum !

“SOCCERPULSE” FM2005 Patch Readme

Created by MattyHall & The 92nd Fish, Global Moderators at

How To Install

Extract all the database files (the ones with the .dat extension) to

C:Program FilesSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2005datadb overwriting all the existing database files.

What the Patch adds/removes/changes



- Soccerpulse United

- Real Salt Lake (made more realistic, with new kit colours etc, no players though)

- Chivas USA (made more realistic, with new kit colours etc, no players though)


- Soccerpulse United added to the English Premiership

- Norwich United moved to the Coca-Cola Championship

- Rotherham United moved to Coca-Cola League One

- Stockport United moved to Coca-Cola League Two

- Cambridge United moved to English Conference

- Leigh RMI removed from the English Conference


- EURO CUP renamed to UEFA Cup

- European Champion’s Cup renamed to UEFA Champion’s League

- World Cup renamed the FIFA World Cup

- EURO Vase renamed to Inter-Toto Cup

- Scottish League Cup renamed CIS Insurance Cup

- English League Cup renamed Carling Cup


- Chris Meisner (Shearer) to Soccerpulse United

- Matthew Hall (Mattyhall) to Soccerpulse United

- Alex Smith (The 92nd Fish) to Soccerpulse United

- Michael Swanton (Swansm) to Soccerpulse United

- Kenny MacKay (Macca) to Soccerpulse United

- Alan Crotty (Dreamlander) to Soccerpulse United

- Declan Jennings (Decj11) to Soccerpulse United

- Jarle Langaaker Grindhaug (Iron Butter) to Soccerpulse United

- Gary Bell (GazzaGB) to Soccerpulse United

- Liam Ingleson (Spurley Hey) to Soccerpulse United

- Diwash Gurung (Madrid1sta) to Soccerpulse United

- “JuanJo” (Kid A) to Soccerpulse United


- William C Linkfield (frstplce) to Soccerpulse United as Chairman


- added as a media source Pushbullet for mac free download.



- All members that submitted data, that were under 20 years old, have had their ages bumped up to 20 yrs old to make them competitive, however their birthdate remains the same.

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- All members contracts with the team begin on 1st July 2004, and expire on the 1st July 2007, they are all £1,000 per week.

- All members have a current playing ability of 140, with a potential of -5 (random, could be good, could be poor), this ensure they are at least premiership quality without going over the top. All stats (passing, free kicks, tackling etc) are randomly generated each game, but it comes from these base stats.


Fm 2005 Editor Free Download

- This patch was created on FM 5.05, it is untested on other versions of FM and thus we can’t guarantee on it working with them.

- This patch will overwrite any previous edits you have made using the FM2005 editor, so it’s recommended that you use a fresh unedited copy, unless you havn’t edited anything or are fine with losing your edits

- This patch does not include the data update (January transfers) released alongside 5.0.3, if you wish to use them, you’ll have to re-install 5.0.3 with data, as this writes over it.

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- This patch is not save game compatible