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Ex machina ava kills nathan lane. Complete Analysis & Design of a Mat or Raft Foundation – Analyses uniform thickness finite Mat or Raft Foundation with free ends and supported by a beam on elastic foundation.

Residential Footing Design Policy for all of its residential footing designs. The second phase of the research project is underway. A paper intended for publication in an international journal has been. Foundation Software. Some of the common design checks performed in the design of a concrete footing: Overturning check is completed after finding overturning safety factor which is found by dividing the sum of resisting moments by the sum of overturning moment. Generally this factor should be greater or equal than 1.5.

Updated February 18, 2019


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SoilStructure Mat or Raft Foundation simplifies the calculation of combined footings and Mats or Rafts. Spreadsheets are hard to preserve and it is time consuming to calculate shear, moment, deflection and bearing pressures. This program currently supports both the SI Units + English Units.


SoilStructure Mat or Raft Foundation software has the following unique capabilities:

  • Capability to do calculation in English Units or SI units.
  • Analyze and Design a Mat or Raft Foundation using Strip Length & Strip Width.
  • Asks for Mat/Raft Geometry, Vertical Subgrade Modulus & Allow. Bearing Press.
  • You can input up to Twelve Distributed loads, Six Point loads & 4 Moment loads.
  • The point and distributed loads (service level) can be downward or upward.
  • The Moment loads (service level) can be counter-clockwise or clockwise.
  • You can query up to 4 points along the Mat length for induced stresses.
  • Plots 101 Node Table of Shear, Moment, Slope, Deflection & Bearing Pressure.
  • Outputs Shear, Moment, Deflection & Bearing Pressure Charts.
  • Displays Mat/Raft Geometry, Loading Diagram and Reinforcement Section.

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