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If you are looking for the instruction manual: Dymo LabelPoint 200 LP200 - you have come to the right place. On this page you can download it for free. For details about manual, see the info below. The file is available in a few seconds as the connection speed of your internet. Dymo LabelPOINT 150 User Manual. Download Operation & user’s manual of Dymo LabelPoint 150 Label Maker for Free or View it Online on Dymo LabelPOINT 300 User's Manual Quick start manual (12 pages). Genuine DYMO 3/4' (18mm) Black on White Flexible D1 Tape for Flagging Cables and Wire for Dymo LabelPoint 300 Label Maker.


The Dymo LabelPoint 200 enables you to create a wide variety of high quality self-adhesive labels of up to 90 characters.

The LabelPoint uses 6mm (1/4'), 9mm (3/8') or 12mm (1/2') wide tape cassettes in a number of label colours. Labels are back slit for easy removal from the backing tape. Text can be printed horizontally or vertically in a variety of sizes and styles and can be left-justified, rightjustified or centred on the label.

Visit for information on obtaining tapes and accessories for your LP200.

Warranty Registration

Please complete the warranty registration card and return it to the relevant address, within seven days– see the warranty booklet for details.

Power Supply


Free download manual for dymo labelpoint 300 programs windows 10

Apply pressure to thumb catch then open and lift away battery compartment cover – see fig A , page 2.

Insert six size AA alkaline or re-chargeable Nickel-

cadmium batteries, observing the polarity markings A , and close the cover.

Remove batteries if the LabelPoint is to be unused for some time.

AC ADAPTOR (optional)

Connect the AC adaptor to socket A . Inserting the adaptor plug disconnects the supply from the batteries.

Dymo Labelpoint 300 Change Font Size

Unplug the AC adaptor from the LabelPoint before disconnecting the mains power to the adaptor, otherwise last label memory settings may be lost (see also ON/OFF).

Changing the cassette

Press catch in and open hinged access doorB .

Hold as shown, then lift cassette B straight up and out.

Ensure tape and ribbon B are taut across mouth of

Free Download Manual For Dymo Labelpoint 300 Programs Download

cassette and tape passes between guideposts before installing as shown. If necessary, turn spool B clockwise to tighten ribbon.

Check that cassette switch B is set for the cassette type

– see page 2. A notch in the cassette will fit over the switch when it is set correctly.

Insert cassette with tape and ribbon positioned as shown between print head C and pinch rollerC .

Push firmly C until cassette clicks into place. Ensure tape and ribbon are positioned correctly.

Close door B until it clicks shut.

Creating your first label


You will no doubt be anxious to see what your

new LabelPoint 200 can do. Before we go on to explore the many advanced features of the LP200, follow these simple steps to create your first label:

1.Fit the batteries, or connect the AC adaptor, plug in and switch on at the wall socket - see ‘Power Supply’.

2.Open the cassette compartment lid and check that the tape cassette is fitted correctly – see page 2 and ‘Changing the Casette’.

3.Close the lid, then press to switch the power on. The display should look like this:


Cursor flashing

4.Use the keyboard to type in your full name.Expansion - hearts of iron iv: waking the tiger download.

Each character you enter will appear on the display, for example:



For an UPPER CASE character, press and hold down

followed by the character required.

Press CAPS for all subsequent characters in UPPER CASE.

Press the space bar once for the space between each name.

If you make a mistake, press DEL to delete the error, then type in the correction.

5.When you have finished, press PRINT . A label will be printed and will emerge from the slot in the top right hand side of the machine. Wait until the mechanism has stopped, then press the cutter lever E to cut off the

label and remove it from the machine.

You should now have a high quality printed name label — don’t waste it! If this is your personal machine, why not fix the label to the underside to identify its owner? You have just found the first of many uses for your DYMO labels.


The Display

Shift on

Page indicators

Line indicator


Outline Justify



Copies on





BIG font on

Mirror on

Vertical text

The display shows:

Up to 15 characters, plus the cursor, at one time.


Function indicators – as shown above.

The display will flash if you press an incorrect key in a function sequence.

Function keys


Switches the power on and off.

Switches off automatically after two minutes if no keys are pressed. The last label created will be retained and displayed when next turned on. Any stored label and settings will be retained.

Note: If the batteries are removed for more than a few seconds, all text and settings will be lost.

When power is restored, the display will show a flashing cursor (no text) and the settings will be full height

standard width text with all other settings off.


Press for all subsequent characters in UPPER CASE (CAPITALS), as confirmed by the CAPS indicator in the display.

Press again to cancel and return to lower case.


Press and hold down for “shift” position.

Press and hold before pressing an alphabet key to produce an UPPER CASE (CAPS) character.

For dual-purpose keys, press and hold first to produce the legend above the key.

Pressing and holding before pressing an alphabet key, while CAPS is set, will give a lower case character.


Press to delete the character to the left of the cursor, or to exit certain function key operations.



Press to clear all the current text and cancel any fixed length setting, but leave the text size and other settings unchanged. Also use to exit or clear certain function key operations.



Press or to move the cursor along the text, one character at a time.

Press and hold to scan through the text.

Press + or to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line of text.

When used in conjunction with certain function keys, use or to select options.

To insert characters into the text, use or to position the cursor under the character to the right of the insertion point, then type in the characters required.

Press or to move the cursor to the start of the previous or next line of a multi-line label.

Press + or to move the cursor to the beginning or end of the label.


Press PRINT to print the label.

Use cutter lever E to release the label – see page 2.

If the display shows ↕↕↕↕↕↕↕↕↕↕, the tape cassette installed in the machine is too narrow for the label to be printed; change the cassette to a wider tape.


Allows you to preview your label before printing it.



+ CAPS and the entire text will scroll

across the display.

On labels with 2 lines, the message will be previewed as a single line message.


Press to insert a space into the text.


Press to select a symbol character – see SYMBOLS AND SPECIAL CHARACTERS and the symbols table on page 2.

Free Download Manual For Dymo Labelpoint 300 Programs Windows 7


The display shows the current selection of text print size:

Height Condensed Normal Extended

small normal

Dymo Labelpoint 300 Instructions

Normal height is available on all except 6mm labels. Small height is available on all labels.

Press SIZE to select the size menu:


Use to select the size symbol required, then press to confirm the selection.