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Windows Dock free download - Windows 10, XWindows Dock, Viber for Windows, and many more programs. Dock or app launcher is one the best feature which is available on macOS devices and unfortunately missing on Windows computers. The macOS Dock Provides convenient access to applications and features that are regularly opened by users. It is also highly customizable and is an excellent tool to keep your desktop organized and clutter-free. 8/10 (9 votes) - Download Mac Dock Free. Mac Dock implements the elegant Mac shortcut toolbar on your Windows system. Download Mac Dock for free and enjoy this great dock on your computer. Mac's visual aspect is one of the most envied elements of the operating system by Apple. Due to this, the.

A free utility that adds a stunning Mac dock to your Windows desktop
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Magic Dock is a free and simple way of installing a replica of the stylish Mac dock in your Windows system. It offers a wide arrange of attractive icons complete with the popular scroll-through effect, and enough customization capabilities to meet the most demanding preferences. It can live perfectly with your Windows task bar, and will add a Mac-like attractive look to your Windows desktop.

When installed, Magic Dock will create a basic dock for you using the most common Windows tools, such as Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, Paint, the Recycle Bin, or the Control Panel. However, you can add as many apps as you wish just by dragging and dropping any icon from your desktop to the dock. Well-known applications, such as the Office suite of tools or most Adobe programs will retain their recognizable icon, though with a more Mac-like look. Other less popular apps or those shortcuts to generic folders that we all have on our desktop will be represented by other not-so-distinctive docklets, which you can then customize in just a few clicks.

When right-clicking on a docklet you can see and edit its properties – you can choose a new icon (probably a more representative one, or simply a nicer and more stylish one) from a library with around a hundred items, set a work folder for that program, change its name, and check that the link created when dragging it to the dock from the desktop is correct. This may happen whenever you want to turn a shortcut icon that you created in Windows into a working docklet. Standard icons created by the applications themselves when installing on your system work fine – it is just those other icons that Windows creates when you create shortcuts that may need re-checking.

The appearance, the position, and the icon’s behavior are also fully configurable. You can set a favorite size for your dock, change the level of transparency or opacity of its background, move it in all directions not to interfere with other elements you may have on your desktop, decide whether you want to have your new dock on top of your Windows task bar or the other way round, change the various dock effects, etc.

Magic Dock will faithfully reproduce the standard Mac dock that most Windows users have envied at some point without betraying your operating system. The results are stunning, and you will enjoy scrolling through your applications in a stylish way that no Alt+tab will ever provide to a Windows user. On top of it, it will cost you nothing.


  • Fully-customizable dock
  • Faithful scroll-through effect
  • Comes with a library with over 100 icons
  • Compatible with your Windows task bar

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Download Mac Os Dock For Windows 10

  • Shortcuts to programs don't always translate correctly into working icons in the dock