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FILM:”The Pursuit of happyness”-Director: Gabriele Muccino.-Writer: Steve Conrad.-Characteres: Will Smith, Thandie Newton and Jaden Smith. Summary: A salesman tries to take custody of his son SECUENCE: min 41:10-43:52 ORIGINAL SUMMARY SECUENCE: Chris Gardner is looking for a job to feed his family. Because for this he goes to the job. Pursuit Of Happyness Movie Analysis 1286 Words 6 Pages. The movie Pursuit of happyness was based on a true story of a small family. The father Chris Gardner eventually become’s a single father of a young son because of the struggle of the economy trying to sell bone density scanners.The movie takes place in San Francisco California in the 1981.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Screenplay

by Yoni Schwartzman

Published in August of 2015, Yoni Schwartzman’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” contains a dazzling array of poems spanning from the writer’s early formative years (2009-2013) which include A Meaningful Journey and An Idea to his more recent works (2014-2015) such as Morning Rising and Something New. During a span of over 5 years, Yoni not only blossomed into a writer, but as an artist as well. His most prominent works in lighting are his Stained Tree, Hand Lamp, Yogurt Cup Chandelier, and..

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The Pursuit Of Happiness Full Movie

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Based on the real life story of Chris Gardner, the Pursuit of Happyness looks at the crests and troughs in Chris' life on his way to becoming a stock broker, and eventually as everyone knows, a multi-millionaire. Will Smith played the role of Chris Gardner while Smith's son, Jaden Smith played Gardner's 7 or 8-year-old son.
At one level, even though the movie is titled The Pursuit of Happyness (deliberately spelt wrong), it is pretty depressing. Yes, the movie is supposed to focus on the struggles of the main protagonist as he chases what seems like a chimerical dream. However, every time you think that things are going to get better, they only get even worse for Chris. As Chris and his son move from one slump to another, you begin to
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To me that scene in the cab summed up the movie - try, try and try again. You have to determine all the moves for yourself and you have to get it right. That is how one pursues happiness, and Chris' life is a testimony to that.
All this is voiced in one way or other when Chris talks to his son in the movie. In one scene when Chris is playing basketball with his son, he says he never made it as a basketball player and his son wouldn't make it either. And just immediately after, he tells the kid, 'Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me.' Or at another time he says, 'You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Gardner'. And that's what Chris does - he gets out there, works himself out and makes it - really makes it, giving hope to a lot of others like him. Not only does this scene voice that people should focus of the strength of trying despite their failures but it also depicts the love that parents have for their children can directly impact the children. This scene especially shows that was parents say and do can have a direct effect on the children. By Chris telling his son to never let anyone tell him he can not do something and that if he has a dream to go get it. These are strong words that reflect what most parents wish to teach their children. To never