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Books of every subject i.e Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Urdu, English, Islamyat, Pak studies are available here. As mentioned earlier, text books are in pdf format which you can easily watch or download. So, to preview these text books online, there must be a pdf viewer installed on your device. The new reduced short syllabus for 1st year and fsc part 1 and fa part 1, ics part 1 and I.com part 1 is given here in pdf. 11th class 1st year part 1 new SMART syllabus 2020-21. This is pdf complete file of Inter part 1 1st year class 11th new smart syllabus issue today by Punjab board.

Free download the Book Chemistry Part 2 is for Intermediate FSC second year. This is a book by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Lahore and published by Zeeshan Book Center, Lahore.

The authors of the book are

  • Dr. Jameel Anwar
  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed
  • Dr. Shaukat Ali
  • Syed Ghulam Akbar
  • Dr. M. Akram Kashmiri
  • Ch. Karam Elahi
  • Mrs. Nasreen Batool Qaiser
  • Mr. Tariq Ahmad Niazi
  • Mrs. Nazeer Ahmed Chughtai
  • Mr. Zafar Mehdi Zafar
  • Mr. Saad All Khan
  • Mr. Javed Iqbal Lodhi
  • Mr. Naseem Asghar Ginai
  • Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Jehangir
  • Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad

All of us are made of chemical compounds and the entirety around us is made of chemical compounds. The whole lot we pay attention, see, odor, taste, and touch involves chemistry and chemicals (count number). Listening to, seeing, tasting, and touching all contain elaborate series of chemical reactions and interactions in our frame. Some of the adjustments we look at within the global around are because of chemical reactions. Chemistry isn’t always restrained to beakers and laboratories. It’s miles all around us, and the higher we recognize chemistry, the higher we realize our global. Chemistry is present in each issue of lifestyles, and few examples are-
Sky is blue
An item is colored because of the mild that it reflects. The white light from the solar contains all of the wavelengths, but when it influences on an item some of its wavelengths are absorbed and some contemplated. The shade of the sky can be defined considering phenomena named Rayleigh scattering that is composed on the scattering of light with the aid of particles a lot smaller than its wavelength. This effect is specifically strong while mild passes thru gases.
Chemistry is crucial in everyday lifestyles due to the fact…
Everything is fabricated from chemical compounds. You’re fabricated from chemicals. So is your dog. So is your desk. So is the sun. Pills are chemical compounds. Meals is made from chemical compounds.
Most of the changes you examine in the global around you are caused by chemical reactions. Examples encompass changing hues of leaves, cooking meals and getting clean.
Understanding some chemistry allow you to make daily choices that affect your life. Am I able to mix those household chemical compounds? What are secure mosquito repellents? Will my bottled water expire?
Know-how basic chemistry is crucial for information the effects of chemical compounds on the surroundings. This statistics may be used to present vegetation the pleasant nutrients to help them develop or to determine the way to take away chemical substances without poisoning the air or water supply.
Chemistry is a laugh! It could be used to make hues change, regulate recipes, color flames, make things glow inside the darkish, or even make stuff explode. Many human beings have a look at chemistry no longer as it’s a requirement for a class but due to the fact they’re inquisitive about the usage of it to explore the sector and to try technological know-how tasks. As pursuits go, chemistry is inexpensive due to the fact domestic chemicals may be used to carry out many interesting experiments.

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Fundamentally, the 11th class is considered to be the first half of the student’s life which is necessary to accomplish along with the remarkable marks. Intermediate supports the life of the students in better way and it supports till the education life ends and the practical life of an aspirant begins. It is considered as the most crucial phase of life for the student.

The reason behind the selection of course to study after the intermediate level is very significant step in the life of every student. The study courses after 11th are very vital as a large number of aspirants lead on the same path after their intermediate which they selected earlier.

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One thing keep remember that 11th class or Intermediate Part 1 is the Significant phase for students as they choose their field of study and possibly profession at this level. Inter level or 11th class is further consist of four categories that are FA (Intermediate in Fine Arts), FSc (Faculty of Science), ICS (Intermediate in Computer Science), I.Com (Intermediate in Commerce). For the selection of science field i-e FSc it is the requirement of all the institutes that the student had studied the science subjects in Matric and must obtained more than 70% marks otherwise he or she will not be eligible to get admission in FSc whereas to study the other courses the eligibility criteria of the institutes is different from one another.

It is mandatory for the students to opt the group that they want to study wisely as after studying the respective group in 11th grade they will not be able to change their group and they have to study the same group.


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