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Autobots against Decepticon in a game of action cards. You choose the side at the beginning and then the game is on. First you choose four basic cards to challenge the enemy. He will answer with the four cards of his own and the battle can start. The points add up and you can see who won the first round. Then other cards come into the game,. Play Instructions: Install the game - Full Installation. Replace the original TRANSFORMERS2.EXE file with the one from the File Archive.; Play the Game! Transformers™: Revenge of the Fallen™ lets players take control of the largest roster of playable TRANSFORMERS ever. For the first time, bring the war online in full-featured multi-player, fighting with or against your friends in a variety of maps and gameplay modes.

Preparing the attack of

Transformers 2 game created based on the popular movie 'Transformers 2'. Deseptekony led by Megatron set out to attack the city nightlife. Your task is to skillfully arrange their troops and to prevent hostile invasion of Transformers.
At your disposal robots will be equipped with weapons of varying power and range. Combining and spread its forces so that the enemy does not entered the strategically important objects, you thereby destroy them long before the approaches to them. Transformers on the scoreboard of enemy you will see how their livelihood falling as your attack. While it is green, the robots are able to move on, even if you have done them a lot of accurate hits. But no armor unable to withstand long aimed fire, and as the falling from one zone to another fire, the forces of robots will soon melt away unless they lead to total destruction.
The enemy will produce more powerful transformers equipped with strong armor and weapons. Their numbers also increased. But as you fight will be available to more serious machine. To see how the power they possess, move the mouse on a computer in italics of your transformer, and in the lower left corner you will see its parameters.

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Transformers 3 Games offer you the topic to continue the blockbuster 'Transformers: The Other Side of the Moon.' In games with different pictures, you are requested to collect the puzzles. As the collection of individual parts of the mosaic, you will unlock different backgrounds and images of Transformers - these frightening machines that can evolve at an incredible rate and receive a completely new look. Colorful pictures look so realistic that it seems giants robots are about to descend from the monitor and go in search of the enemy.
In other versions of the game you are invited to the genre of 'hidden object', where a powerful machine hides itself on the individual items. They are so cleverly disguised that to find things are not always easy. Items that you will find are displayed on the bottom panel of the playing field. There is a timer indicating the time that you spent on the search. Farming simulator 17 ropa pack. After going one level, you will fall to the next, which displays an entirely different transformer and the necessary items.

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In the games Transformers there are quite unusual stories. For example, you have to fight the huge robot under water, and will manage saltwater fish. Most of the games on offer you the Transformers battles and skirmishes. This is not surprising, given that these war machines created just for this. Online games transformers 2 will create for you all the conditions to make you feel at the center of the developing events. You can arrange a shoot in the city center, and you no fine be imposed, as even the police are not able to withstand such pressure. Or you can arrange a melee with the enemy. This will have to sacrifice some of the buildings that caught his arm.
However, when there is really terrible catastrophe, such as nuclear war, even the robots have hard times and we must make every effort to survive. One such robot was divided into two parts - an upper and a lower. Using the capabilities of each of the separated parts, the robot needs to find the path to salvation. Play Transformers is very fond of the male half of the population. In them they could demonstrate their strength and courage, as well as feel the power of fighting robots. To join the army of fans of this direction, begin right now to play games online transformers.

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Game Transformers 2
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System: Pentium IV CPU 1.8 GHz
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