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1 product rating - GEORGE HARRISON-ALL THINGS MUST PASS-JAPAN 2 DIGIPAK SHM-CD. 13 product ratings - GEORGE HARRISON all things must pass (2X CD, album, 2014. With 50 years of hindsight, the all-around lavish nature of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (released 11/27/70), seems like nothing so much as destiny. Consider the confluence of circumstances surrounding its release: with music having become the bellwether of culture by 1970, this greatest of all the arts had ignited a corresponding elevation of commerce that allowed for expansive. Today marks the 50th anniversary of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, a triple-album that remains one of the best post-Beatles projects. To mark the occasion, Harrison's estate has given the. George Harrison’s solo album, All Things Must Pass, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year.To honor it, Harrison’s estate is honoring the milestone with a new stereo mix of the.

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This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of one my favorite albums of all time, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass.” A real masterwork, “All Things Must Pass” was the first major album by any of the ex-Beatles. I can still remember buying the three LP box set (for a very expensive $12.99) at Korvette’s and clutching it until we got home. I had very heavy Koss headphones, and “My Sweet Lord” soared through them.

The title track was recorded for the Beatles originally but not released as a group track. It went on to anchor George’s release. Now Dhani Harrison and producer Paul Hicks are remixing–different than remastering– the whole album. They’ve started with this track. See how you like it. I think I prefer the 2014 remastering. The remixing makes the vocal sound a little strained and forward over the mournful instrumental. George was grieving the Beatles in that song. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get used to it.

Hicks also remixed the Stones’ “Goat Head Soup” box set this fall, and worked with Sean Lennon on the new John Lennon remixed “Gimme Some Truth” box set. I liked the former. I’ve only heard the latter on Spotify but it does sound bright and punchy. For Dhani and Hicks, the sonics of “My Sweet Lord” and “Awaiting on You All” and “What is Life” will really be the challenge. I look forward to hearing them.

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No estate has done a better job than Dhani and his mom, Olivia, in preserving George Harrison’s legacy. The Harrisons are also releasing George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” on a 7” Milky Clear Single, individually numbered, exclusive to Record Store Day. This is a recreation of the Angola pressing of the 45 from 1970 with unique artwork. “My Sweet Lord” was originally released in November 1970 as a single, Harrison’s first as a solo artist, and topped charts worldwide; it was the biggest-selling single of 1971 in the UK. In America and Britain, the song was the first number one single by an ex-Beatle.


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George Harrison All Things Must Pass Album Torrent Free

How relentlessly the Beatles anniversaries pile up. It seems only the other day that we were celebrating the half-century of The White Album (2018). Since then, commemorations of Abbey Road (1969), the band’s final collapse and the posthumous Let It Be (both 1970) have been and gone. Now comes the fiftieth anniversary of by far the most commercially successful of the post-split cache of solo records: George Harrison’s sprawling triple album, All Things Must Pass.
When, in the mid 1970s, Lennon and McCartney’s less conspicuous sidekick briefly oversaw his own label he made a point of christening it Dark Horse Records. For Harrison, as Michael Palin recalled, was the darkest of dark horses – “the silent Beatle” in press mythologising, but avid to talk once the yoke of Fab Four-dom had fallen away. He “felt stifled”, Palin argued, while Harrison himself had been pulled from the vault to note that the record’s gargantuan size was simply the result of lack of space for his own compositions on Beatles discs.