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i subscribed to showtime THROUGH the AppleTV Channels section, not through showtime or the showtime app. It worked for a while then one day, when i selected a Showtime TV show In my TV queue to watch, it prompted a screen asking me to download the showtime app. I never needed the app to watch shows. Now it won’t let me watch any showtime shows at all cause it’s forcing me to download the app but when i download the app it wont let me watch the shows cause i don’t have a network provider login that has showtime on it. So I’m stuck. I can’t use the Apple TV channels subscription i paid for.

-I tried updating & restarting The appleTV.


-i tried cancelling and reviewing my showtime “channels” subscription on my iCloud acct.

-I tried keeping the Showtime anytime or Showtime app on my Apple TV as well.

-I tried removing those apps then starting again.

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Glitchangels Download For Mac

how do i fix this?

Mineimatormineimator rig. Apple TV 4K, tvOS 13

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Posted on May 31, 2020 6:33 PM