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Stop Imitating - Start Originating!
Meet the GNX Series' top-of-the-line model. The GNX4 doesn't replace the award-winning GNX3 - it just takes the GNX3's groundbreaking guitar workstation concept to the next level.
A Built-In MIDI Drum Machine!
The GNX4's MIDI drum machine sounds so realistic you'll look for the drum stick chips. It has a vast library of high quality kits and patterns or you can use your own MIDI files. Plus, it can even play back your favorite MP3s. Download lessons from guitar magazines or play along with songs you uh, bought legally from one of those authorized download sites.
8-Track Digital Recording On Board!
When you're ready to record, so is the GNX4. To capture that magic riff , just press the record footswitch and save the moment onto the Compact Flash memory card for transfer later to computer.
Professional recording software from Lexicon.
Connect To Your Mac or PC!
Connect to your Mac or PC via the USB port and unleash the real power of the GNX4's recording capabilities using the included Pro Tracks Plus recording software for your PC or Bias Deck 3.5 SE for your Mac.
Stream four channels of 24-bit audio to the computer simultaneously while listening to two channels playback with zero latency. For the finishing touch, process your work through world-class Lexicon reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon reverb plug-in. With 35 factory presets, 6 reverb types and a simple yet powerful user interface, Pantheon is an indispensable tool for your recording studio.
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  • Maybe because my GNX4 is new.but this and much more came with my workstation. I just bought my GNX4 last March. (about the date I joined this community.:P) You get this site, but also a nice 60 page user manuel.and a ProTracks Plus 'Quick Start Procedures ' and 'Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • I tested the PC version via Pro Tracks Plus. Audio routing within the GNX4 allows the user to specify which of the inputs (guitar/mic/line-in) get passed to the PC via USB — either with or without effects. Audio from the drum machine can also be passed to the PC via USB. Pro Tracks Plus is a functional enough sequencer, supporting up to 63.

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 for Windows 7/Vista/XP - 32-track recording studio for guitar players and performing songwriters. Download Guitar Tracks Pro 4 here. See user reviews. 1) From the DigiTech website software download page, copy and save the GNX4v##.upd file to your desktop (## represents the current version number, for example, the file GNX4v13.upd is version 1.3). 2) Start with the GNX4 turned off and the USB cable disconnected. 3) On the GNX4, press and hold the STORE button (top right corner of the.

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As mentioned earlier, the GNX4 acts as a USB-based four-in/two-out audio interface to either a PC or Mac, and is capable of 16-bit or 24-bit operation at 44.1kHz. Download trial version norton for mac. MIDI In and Out sockets are also provided. I tested the PC version via Pro Tracks Plus.