Good Sims 2 Skintones

Realistic skintone for all ages and genders. Comes as a base, or mask version. Mask version is available in 7 different colors, which all can be adjusted with maxis shades for some color varieties. (Second color also comes in a 100% coverage version). All versions include asian eye variations.

Here are all of our last skintones available. All come in a big variety of colors, base versions, asian eye versions, etc… For more details, view the pages for each skin on TSR. Go crazy. ♥

Sims 2 Skin Tone

Skintone for all ages and genders. Mask version comes in 9 different colors, which can be adjusted with default maxis shades. Base version adapts to maxis colors. All come in asian eye versions.

Sims 2 skintones downloads

Idm complete sound software. Jul 14, 2008 On the website you downloaded the skins from, should have had a link to the mesh for that skintone, if it didn't then you don't need a mesh. Some skintones dont work in the game so that may be happening to you Hope I Helped. Re: Does anyone make realistic skin tones in Sims 3 3 pack format? « Reply #5 on: 2010 November 02, 03:04:24 » Whatever has gone wrong with your game has nothing to do with the format of the custom content you have and everything to do with something an out-of-date mod or dodgy custom content.

Good Sims 2 Skin Tones Pack

Rosy, soft skintone for a blushed effect in 5 colors for all ages and genders. +asian eye versions