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Question: What do the colored lights on the Magna refer to?

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Dimensions of the CU 3X2, see section EU/IEC: Dimensions. Page 6: Emc-Correct Installation The CU 3X2 is normally mounted in a panel which also contains an IO 351 module, contactors and other power equipment. The panel can also contain other Grundfos modules and frequency converters. The Digital Solutions consist of the Grundfos webpage, from which you can use specific services, such as self-service solutions, contact forms, requests for premium content etc., and specific Grundfos applications that can be accessed without having created an account such as Grundfos GO Apps and Grundfos Product Center. How to Setup the Hydro MPC CU 352 Controller for Hydronic Applications Using Two Sensors on Manifold; How to run the Magna 3 start up wizard; How to configure Magna 3 AutoADAPT; How to stop Magna 3 using touchpad; How To Rotate a Magna Pump Head; Controls – Grundfos BACnet CIM Card; How to Setup the MAGNA3 for Control by 0-10 Volt Signal from.


Answer: Each color and rotation provides status information at a quick glance. It is helpful especially helpful when the pumps are in ceilings. Aside from the Magna series, this feature is now on the newly expanding ECM pumps up to 15 HP such as the CRE, CRE-DP, VLSE and CMBE series. Below is the reference Grundfos “eye chart” that explains specifically what each display means:


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Keep in mind that when the eye is yellow it is a important “warning” and the pump will continue to run. However, the cause needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. If it turns red, game over because it stops dead. For more info on Magna fault codes, go to the Magna 3 FAQ section for the most common errors and fixes at