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Start by downloading the latest version of the “SWITCHUPDATE.NRO”. Copy “SWITCHUPDATE.NRO” onto your microSD cards root menu. Insert the microSD card into the device. Go to setting and then select “Update via microSD card”. Click on install. Within five minutes, your device will be updated.

R/SwitchHaxing: The number one Nintendo Switch hacking subreddit! Home of the latest info, exploits, and breakthroughs! Update at the bottom: Another team with another cable able to hijack a Mac, among other devices. The T2 exploit team who found a way to take over the security chip in modern Macs has demonstrated. Nintendo eShop code generator is like an online hack tool to generate unlimited free Nintendo eShop codes in automatic way. This Nintendo eshop code generator serves free Nintendo eshop gift cards code in value of $25 $50 $100 and Nintendo switch online gift card code in amount $7.99 and $12.99 in daily basis.

Download Nintendo Switch Emulator and enjoy the New Switch Games on your platforms.

Nintendo Switch Roms

Get hundreds of supported Nintendo Switch Roms to load with Switch Emulator , for free!

Multiple Platforms

The latest version of Nintendo Switch Emulator is working on PC, Android,iOS and Mac. Choose your version and download it for free!

Simple To Use

Our emulator is very simple to use. Just load the Switch Rom that you want and let it take care of the rest!

No BIOS Required

From version 1.8 you no longer need to download Switch Emulator BIOS separately. All you need is included in the package.

Free Download

The standard version of the emulator is free. Just go to our download section and get your emulator for free!

What is Switch Emulator ?

Switch Emulation software have become really popular these days and emu community started developing this software after making the ones for PS2 , Xbox , Wii and 3ds. What makes this emulator special compared to other emulator attempts for Nintendo Switch is the fact that it runs on 4-core processors, Does not require BIOS files and supports 90% of Switch ROMs,


We always wanted to make this eMu rich in features and easy to use so all players, even those without technical skills can use it. Here are some of the features that you will notice when you run Switch Emulator .

  • Dual Screen – Use both screens like in real Switch console, in 2D or with optional 3D effect.
  • Virtual Memory Card – Up to 30GB of memory
  • Controller Emulation – Get full controls using your keyboard
  • High Quality Sound Plugins
  • Optimization tool – Use this tool that comes included in the package to automatically optimize emulator according to your system requirements

Download Nintendo Switch Games for Free!

Get all supported games for our emulator here, no endless searching for games . You will no longer need to search all over the web to get the ROMs that you need to load in order to play the games with Switch emulator. Use the Switch Roms downloader to get any game you want instantly.

The Best Switch Games in 2017 Overview

What are the best games for Nintendo Switch launched this year? If you just bought a Nintendo Switch or Download Our Emulator, you are certainly wondering what are the hottest games so far? Do not worry; we are giving you a perfect list of the best switch games that came out this year! You can get these games running with switch emulator 2017 and enjoy them on PC, Android,iOS or Mac.

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Hack Switch Mac

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Switch mac download

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Hack Switch Mac Os

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