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Half-Life 2: Episode One Steam Achievements. Jessica Vazquez Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Steam Achievements Unlockable How to Unlock Acid Reflex Kill an acid antlion worker. Steam Database 33 Achievements 3,725 Points 2m Fastest Completion Time 12h 03m Median Completion Time 553 Players Perfected 1,256 Players Qualified 3,647 Players & Owners Features. Half-Life 2 - Flushed (Steam achievement) Haft Life. The Orange Box Half Life 2: Flushed / Dr Feelgood 474 100,000 Gamerscore. Steam Database 33 Achievements 4,480 Points 2h 19m Fastest Completion Time 22h 36m Median Completion Time 2,593 Players Perfected 9,070 Players Qualified 15,612 Players & Owners Fr3d0x.

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There are 32 achievements for the Xbox 360, five of which are secret, worth a total of 275 . There are also six achievements that can be obtained here or the other Half-Life games in The Orange Box. Download sublime text mac. There are 33 achievements for Steam.


MalcontentEscape the apartment block raid.5
What cat?Break the mini-teleporter in Kleiner's lab.5
Trusty HardwareGet the crowbar.5
Barnacle BowlingKill five barnacles with one barrel.5
Anchor's Aweigh!Get the airboat.5
Heavy WeaponsGet the airboat's mounted gun.5
VorticoughDiscover the hidden singing vortigaunt cave in chapter Water Hazard.13
Revenge!Destroy the hunter-chopper in Half-Life 2.10
Blast from the PastFind the HEV Suit Charger faceplate in Eli's scrapyard.10
Zero-Point EnergyGet the gravity gun in Black Mesa East.5
Two PointsUse DOG's ball to make a basket in Eli's scrapyard.2
Zombie ChopperPlay through Ravenholm using only the gravity gun.25
OSHA ViolationKill 3 enemies using the crane.5
Targeted AdvertisingPin a soldier to the billboard in chapter Highway 17.5
One Man ArmyDestroy six gunships in Half-Life 2.5
Keep Off the Sand!Cross the antlion beach in chapter Sandtraps without touching the sand.20
Bug HuntUse the antlions to kill 50 enemies.10
FlushedKill an enemy with a toilet.5
Warden FreemanSurvive the second turret standoff in Nova Prospekt.10
'Radiation Levels Detected'Get through the toxic tunnel under City 17 in Half-Life 2.5
Plaza DefenderSurvive the generator plaza standoff in chapter Anticitizen One.10
Counter-SniperKill all of the snipers in City 17.5
Fight the PowerShut down the supression device by disabling its generators.10
Giant KillerSurvive the rooftop strider battle in the ruins of City 17.10
Lambda LocatorFind all lambda caches in Half-Life 2.15
AtomizerDisintegrate 15 soldiers by throwing them into a Combine ball field.10
Follow FreemanGain command of a squad of rebels in the uprising.10


Half life 2 episode 1 steam achievement
Singularity CollapseDestroy the Citadel's reactor core.25
DefiantHit the trashcan cop with the can.5
Hallowed GroundEscort Gregori safely through the church cemetery.5
Where Cubbage Fears to TreadDefend Little Odessa from the gunship attack.5
SubmissivePut the can in the trash.5

Any Half-Life 2 game[edit]

These six achievements can be performed on Half-Life 2, Episode One or Episode Two and are worth 40 on the Orange Box. On Steam, only Hack Attack! can be obtained in Half-Life 2.

Bone BreakerKill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects.5
Deadly HarvestKill an enemy by planting a hopper mine.5
Hot Potat0wnedKill a Combine soldier with his own grenade.10
Hack Attack!Kill five enemies with a Manhack.5
ConservationistKill five enemies with the same energy ball.5
Think Fast!Kill an Elite Soldier with his own energy ball.10

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