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New Holland 68 Hayliner Square Baler selling on the 8/2/17 BigIron Auction. Lot DC6695 on www.bigiron.com. A grease gun is provided with your Hayliner 68 to enable you to lubricate your machine quickly and easily. Following is a list of the points that req.-iire lubrication with a reference number that identifies each location on the corresponding. Super Hayliner 68 Baler - Owner's Manual. Below are the general dimensions for the New Holland Super Hayliner 68 Baler. You can find the manual here. SUPER HAYLINER 68 BALERSPECIFICATIONS Length over-all bale chute up 15' 9' Length over-all bale chute down 18' 3' Width over-all 8' 2' Height over-all engine model 67' Height over-all p.t.o. Model 52' Pickup w.

2-99 Parts Catalog Lookup. Buy New Holland Parts Online & Save! New Holland s68 (super 68) square baler - posted in Machinery: Hello, i recently purchased a new hollnad s68 square baler. This is the first baler I have owned, and plan on baling about 3 50 acre cuttings per year of grass and clover mix.

NEW HOLLAND Tractor Manuals PDF


History of New Holland Tractors

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In October 1895, a workshop was opened on the outskirts of New Holland, USA, in Pennsylvania, which eventually became one of the largest corporations in the agricultural and construction equipment market.

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But after a few years, his business went uphill: in 1901 he created a steam engine resistant to frost, in 1910 – a stone crusher.

In 1940, New Holland introduced a baler that was innovative for its time, and then other types of agricultural equipment: mowers, combines, etc. By 1950, the company became one of the leaders in its industry.

In 1991, 80% of the company’s shares were bought out by the industrial group FIAT S.p.a., and two years later, the Italians gained complete control over New Holland.

Production and promotion of equipment, including the promotion of Case IH and New Holland agricultural technology in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, with the support of Kobelco.

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At the same time, there was a unification of technology from various manufacturers that make up the corporation.

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Brands FIAT-Kobelco, Kobelco, New Holland Construction, O & K and Fiatallis were united under one brand New Holland.

The combined model range includes 13 families of machines and 80 different models in two lines – heavy and compact earth-moving equipment. Heavy ones are front loaders, bulldozers, graders, crawler and wheeled excavators.

New Holland Construction is a structural unit of the Italian-American holding company Case New Holland Group (CNH Group), which is part of the FIAT Group.

Under the brand name of New Holland, Italian divisions are incorporated into the FIAT Group holding.

New Holland Construction’s businesses are located in San Mauro, Imola and Lecce. All three plants produce products under both brands that are part of the CNH group – New Holland and Case.

The company in San Mauro produces medium-sized tracked excavators, wheel excavators and excavators in special versions.

Hayliner 68 Manual

The plant in Imola manufactures backhoe loaders, mini excavators and medium wheel loaders.

Hayliner 68 Manual Parts

It should be remembered that the equipment under the New Holland brand is made at CNH facilities around the world.