Hdd 40gb

HddHdd 40gb

Sony Handycam Hdd 40gb

A friend of mine built a PC from scratch 2 yrs ago and it has been giving him troubles, freezing, slow operation, etc. He brought it to me to fiddle with, figured I could use the practice implementing the things I'm learning from the A+ studying I'm doing.
I ran scandisk and defrag..the defrag took FOREVER..I suspect that was 50% of his problems. Also ran Ad-Aware and found 107 spyware files and removed them.
I wanted to run some additional diagnostics but didn't know what model his HDD was, so I powered down, unplugged and then removed the HDD. Got the model number, etc. off the drive an reinstalled. Since that moment it has been totally dead.
I checked the connections and even tried a different molex connector and a different IDE connector and still nothing..
I felt bad so I have ordered another Maxtor 40GB as a replacement and he used the occasion to purchase XP which I will install for him (was running 98 SE still).
I'm going to try to get a warranty replacement out of Maxtor and then sell to recoup my costs. And the silver lining is he had absolutely no important files or personal data on the machine at all.
I even ran the Maxtor utility but it can't detect the drive. CMOS is set to auto detect but the HDD is literally dead as a doornail. Is there anything else I could try I haven't thought of?

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Lenovo ThinkPad P53s Workstation Laptop (Intel i7-8565U 4-Core, 40GB RAM, 1TB m.2 SATA SSD, Quadro P520, 15.6' Full HD (1920x1080), Fingerprint, WiFi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Win 10 Pro) with USB3.0 Hub. Top comment 'I brought this hard couple of month back, I used PC and MAC both so I partitioned buy 1 GB hard into 3 partitions (2 for PC, 1 for MAC), Hard Drive is working fine, awesome transfer rate, no issues.I recommend this drive if you've got a Macbook or a Windows computer and are looking for an external drive that's easy to take along with you, although it's just as good if sitting on.

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