Herbicide License In Texas

  1. Search or verify licenses or projects related to programs licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.
  2. Although you do not have to enroll in a trade school or college to get your Texas pest control license, you must complete at least 20 hours of pesticide courses. Classes include pesticide safety, environmental protection, pesticide application, and non-chemical pest control techniques. Many employers provide pesticide training for their.
  3. If a license is not renewed before it expires, no restricted use pesticides may be purchased or applied until the license is renewed.

Texas Herbicide Applicators License A licensed pesticide applicator must become recertified periodically. Those that hold a Texas Herbicide Applicators License must obtain a. Learn about Texas laws and regulations, pesticide safety and formulation, emergency spills and misapplications, as well as nonchemical pest control techniques. However, keep in mind that agricultural applicators may only earn renewal for their Texas applicators license online once every two years.

Texas Herbicide Applicators License

A licensed pesticide applicator must become recertified periodically. Those that hold a Texas Herbicide Applicators License must obtain a predetermined amount of Pest Control CEUs. Pest Control Courses® offers a number of different general pest control training courses for professional pesticide applicators whereby licensed applicators can obtain Pest Control CEUs. All of our courses are available online, so the individual that wishes to recertify his Texas Herbicide Applicators License may do so from the comfort of his home or office. Better yet, no more does one have to drive across town, fighting the traffic, just to get some CEUs

How Our Pest Control CE Courses Work:

Register and pay for one of our general pest control training courses. This involves creating a username and password.

Next, you will start the course. The first screen will have a vertical listing of the lesson titles for the course you signed up for. In Texas, if you are a commercial applicator, and you signed up for our 5 CEU Online Course, then there will be 5 lesson titles listed vertically in large black and white lettering in the middle of the screen.

Select the first listing and you will be taken to that lesson; it will be a few pages long. Scroll to the bottom of the lesson and in a long, skinny, rectangular box will be the word “Test” followed by the lesson title.

Select (click on) the test to begin the 10 question multiple choice quiz that goes with the lesson. After answering the tenth and final question, find the button at the bottom, right-hand side of the page that is labeled “Finish”.

HerbicideHerbicide License In Texas

Click on the “Finish” button to score the quiz and save your answers. A score of 70 or above must be achieved before being allowed to advance to the next lesson. When a person scores a 60 or lower, he is returned to the beginning and must retake the quiz until scoring a 70 or better. There is no limit to how many times a person may retake a quiz.

Click on the “Continue” bar to check off the lesson just completed and to advance to the next lesson.

**If one wishes to take take a break at some point that is fine but be sure to click on the “Continue” bar after passing a lesson test before taking a break. This will mark off this last completed lesson. Failing to do so will result in having to re-do the last lesson completed when one logs back in to our site.**

When a student completes and scores his final quiz, he will be taken to a screen where he can print his continuing education certificate.

How To Get A Herbicide License In Texas

Be sure to maintain a copy of your Continuing Education Certificate on file. You will need to show this certificate to the official in the event you are audited.

Herbicide Applicator License In Texas

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