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Design your Next Home or Remodel Easily in 3D. Download DreamPlan Free on PC or Mac. Design a 3D plan of your home and garden. 2D/3D interior, exterior, garden and landscape design for your home. What is Paint My Place? Paint My Place – Realistic Color Painter and Editor. Virtually Decorate and Remodel Your Home or Property – Free on the App Store! Dump those paint swatches and sample pots, Paint My Place let’s you paint your home, inside and out, with the World’s favourite paint brand colors without lifting a paintbrush, ensuring you get it right the first time.

When buying a house, we can’t always choose the color of the first house we purchase – especially when buying it blind! Cathy Peshek of Poor Little It Girl was able to show how The Home Depot’s ProjectColor App was able to transform her house’s exterior into her dream color!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a full year since we were featured on BRAVO’s Buying It Blind! People always ask about our experience buying a house, sight unseen and I honestly, it was a lot of fun. We still absolutely LOVE our home and plan on spending as many years here as we can. While small (around 1650 square feet), our first home provides us with all the space we need plus a backyard for Bowie. Our neighbors are lovely and there’s so much development happening in our area, I can’t wait to see how much things change in the next few years.

But, there was one thing about this house that really just drove me absolutely nuts. And that was the exterior paint color. The second we stepped foot on our front yard I knew this paint color situation had to be fixed. Given the large tree front and center on our lot, the house almost got lost behind it. The day we moved in I told Adam “We’ve got to paint this house!” so finally, a year later, we did!

Why Did We Decide To Paint The Exterior Of Our Home

The original beige-tan color of our home felt so blah and, as I said, got lost behind the big tree. It took a full year but we finally got to painting the exterior of our house with the help of Home Depot. What seemed like a daunting task was made so much easier than I ever could have imagine! So, let’s get started.

Picking A Color With Home Depot’s Project Color App

Before partnering with The Home Depot on this project, Adam and I spent countless hours looking up potential paint colors for our home. As you would guess, that are literally a million options. Given that this was a pretty big decision to make (hello, we’re painting an entire house!), we were wanting to make sure we picked the best color for us and our home.

We ended up using the ProjectColor app that Home Depot offers to finalize our exterior paint color. On the app, you can take a photo of your home and “test” colors right on it to see how the final product will look. Seriously, so cool! After trying out a bunch of different shades (from blues, grays and even greens) we chose Behr Cold Steel (MQ5-20). I loved the way the blue-gray shade popped against the big green tree, white trim and peachy-pink door.

The Process Of Painting The Exterior Of Our House

Once we finalized a color, we had to find painters! We did some online research to find the perfect company in our area to help us complete the project. Day 1 was spent pressure washing the house and prepping it for paint. Day two was the big day where they painted the entire exterior. It only took a few hours and y’all, the impact was immediate!

The Final Look…And What’s Next

Not to brag, but isn’t my little blue house so stinking cute?! The curb appeal has 100% improved and my house just looks happier. I love the way the green leaves of the tree really pop against the blue color as well. Honestly, I’m obsessed!

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But let’s be honest, a home is never actually “finished”. There’s area already a few more to-do’s on my wish list to complete the exterior of our home. We’re wanting to refinish our porch/back deck for sure. Also, we’d like to get a new front door and add some plants. Given that we move in year increments I’m hoping that by this time next year all those additional projects will be complete.

If you’ve been thinking about painting the exterior (or interior) of your home, start at The Home Depot! Their ProjectColor app really put our minds at ease that we found the best color for us for our house. It’s so nice to be able to actually visualize how the final product will look.


Learn how the Mac App Store beautifully showcases your apps and makes them even easier to find, and how Developer ID and notarization make it safer for users to install apps that you distribute yourself.

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The Mac App Store makes it simple for customers to discover, purchase, and download your apps, and easily keep them updated. Organized around the specific things customers love to do on Mac, along with insightful stories, curated collections, and videos, the Mac App Store beautifully showcases your apps and makes them even easier to find.

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The Mac App Store brings iPhone and iPad apps to Apple silicon Macs — so your apps can reach even more users worldwide. By default, your apps will be published automatically on the Mac App Store. Confirm that your apps gracefully handle cases where iPhone and iPad features are not available on Mac.

iPad apps that support modern technologies like keyboard input, multitasking, size classes, and SwiftUI will automatically inherit great macOS features like resizability and full screen mode.

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Safari Web Extensions can add custom functionality to Safari 14 using the same WebExtensions API used in other browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. And with a new conversion tool in Xcode 12, you can quickly bring your existing extensions to Safari and make them available on the Mac App Store.

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While the Mac App Store is the safest place for users to get software for their Mac, you may choose to distribute your Mac apps in other ways. Gatekeeper on macOS helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software by checking for a Developer ID certificate. Make sure to test your apps with the latest version of macOS and sign your apps, plug-ins, or installer packages to let Gatekeeper know they’re safe to install.

You can also give users even more confidence in your apps by submitting them to Apple to be notarized.

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