How To Download Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

How To Install Shaders in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition 1.16.1#MinecraftWindows10Edition #MinecraftWindows10Editionshaders #minecraftpocketedition #MinecraftW. Tint Shader adds new beautiful n.Censored.ena, shadows and lighting for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.Due to certain restrictions it is only available for users of Windows 10 (PC). Night n.Censored.about lit amazing Northern lights.Not only are these shaders make the world more realistic, they also add another brand new study quality in the game, because everything becomes more.

The best shaders for Minecraft Java edition of 2020! Please note that I left every shader to its default settings, so even though there are settings ingame for changing the shader quality and performance, this comparison is based on the default values.

If you play MCPE, check out the best shaders for it over here: Best MCPE shaders.

1. SEUS Renewed

Download from: Official SEUS site

Performance requirement: High

Latest version of the legendary SEUS shader. Previously I used both SEUS v10 and v11 and loved them both.

2. Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Extreme)

Download from: Official Sildur's site

Performance requirement: Medium

Very colorful and 'happy' feeling shader. Even though this is the extreme version of the shader, the performance requirement is quite medium – even on the lower end of this list.

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3. Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Lite)

Download from: Official Sildur's site

Performance requirement: Medium-Low?

The previous one was the extreme version, this is the lite version. I see very little change in frame rate between the two versions. Maybe they truly are that similar in FPS, or maybe Minecraft just utilizes the extra frames to something else. Just give it a try if the higher end versions lag!

4. Chocapic13 V8 (Ultra)

Download from: Curse Forge

Performance requirement: Medium-High

I have never used Chocapic13's shaders to my knowledge, but I think it is pretty popular, so I included it in this list. Has pretty 'realistic' feeling, and decent frame rates.

5. Continuum 2

Download from: Official Continuum site

Minecraft Shaders 1.16.40 Windows 10

How to download shaders for minecraft windows 10 edition 1.15.1

Performance requirement: Extreme

Very realistic shader with a high performance impact. Not sure how much it can be customized for lower performance impact – as I said in the beginning, these performance values are based on the default shader settings.

6. Continuum v1.3

Download from: Official Continuum site

Performance requirement: Extreme

Honestly, I kinda prefer the older Continuum version to the new Continuum 2. I like the colors, and I used to use it in my cinematic back couple years ago. Very high performance hit, but if your computer can handle it, it can give very nice screenshots for an example.

7. KUDA Shaders v6.1

Download from: KUDA's developer site

Performance requirement: Medium

Another legendary shader, stands next to SEUS in my opinion. There's a newer shader from the same creator as KUDA called 'projectLuma', but it did not work for me for some reason – that's why I wanted to go with the classic KUDA instead.

8. Robobo1221's Shader v7.1 (Extreme)

Download from: Minecraft ForumPeggle nights deluxe full version.

Performance requirement: Extreme

Extreme performance requirements, very beautiful. Has very nice weather effects, which makes it really stand out in this comparison. Check out the video above!

9. Robobo1221's Shader v7.1 (Medium)

Download from: Paradox Forum (Link disabled, as I think the forum got hacked – it redirects me to scam ads)

Alternative download: Github

Performance requirement: Medium

More performance friendly version. Has some features missing from the extreme version, but way higher frame rates. Choose the version that better suits your desktop computer or laptop!

10. Sushi Shaders v2

Download from: Minecraft Forum

Performance requirement: Medium

Sushi Shaders has pretty unique colors compared to the rest, so I decided to include it. I also like the water, but the color screme is a bit too cold/blue for my liking.

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How To Download Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 Edition 1.15.1

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