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Went into the mod bin folder, copied the individual files, then went into the STALKER install directory and pasted them directly into the bin folder instead of dropping the entire mod bin folder. Try to play the game with mod and start it up as an administrator. ( right click, search for administrator. You will receive messege. ) Hope this helped.

Video Guide

For other mods I tried Stalker Complete as well a while ago but didn't get far, felt like a reskin of the original game (Using all sorts of FBSBanana resources and mods like Weather Ovehaul, Sk4ce / Float 32 and others like panoramic and so on.) but with minor tweaks and additions, I've probably played out Stalker by now. Install - Go to the Stalker Clear Sky folder, put the mode files in the gamedata folder (or creat a new gamedata folder) or start the auto installer. YummyFox123 Jun 3, 2018 @ 1:56pm how to download and use mods?

This video gives visual examples for both 'Automatic / In-game Repository' and 'Manual' methods

In-Game Repository

This section is being updated

An in-game repository has been added in version 0.11 of the game.From there it's possible to browse and subscribe/download mods directly in-game.

(to be expanded soon.)


Installing Resources (Manual / .ZIP Method)

Download your mods from your preferred site. If from, you can use the orange 'Download' button.

Mods must be in a properly structured ZIP file.

Move the ZIP in User-Folder/mods. The User-Folder is by default located in Documents/

You can check where your is, from the Game Launcher > Manange User Folder menu.

The path is written at the bottom, and you can open it by clicking the Open in explorer button.

If you don't have a mods folder in that location, you can create one (the name of the folder cannot be different!)

Do not extract the content from the ZIP!

Where To Find New Content

In our Repositories :)

Common Issues

The mods I installed manually is not appearing in-game

Possible causes are:

How To Mod Stalker Pripyat

  • The mod is installed in the wrong folder: A common mistake is installing the mod in the wrong place. Please make sure you have used the correct 'mods' folder and have not extracted the ZIP.
  • The mod may be packed wrongly: The mod is not packed with the correct folder structure. This is common for mods coming from third-party sites.

The mods I installed disappeared after an update

This can happen if the mods were installed in the wrong place, for example inside the Steam folder. Steam will wipe non-game files when updating games.

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How To Install Stalker Mods Steam

I don't see the Repository button in the main menu

Please check that you have 'Online Features' enabled in Options > Others. If disabled, the Repository button will not be shown.

How To Install Anomaly Mod

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