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Wiimms ISO Tools
Software Type: ISO and WBFS Manager
Current Version: v3.03a, 2020-08-03
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Wiimms ISO Tools is a set of four tools to manipulate ISO files and WBFS partitions. The tools are named:

  • wit : Wiimms ISO Tool (an ISO manipulating tool)
  • wwt : Wiimms WBFS Tool (an advanced WBFS Manager)
  • wfuse : A FUSE tool to mount ISO images and WBFS partitions (Windows not supported).
  • wdf : Pack, unpack and test WDF, WIA and CISO files.
  1. Step 50: It should install the files and the UI elements. Step 51: After all is said and done, you should have an app that says “Smash Bros. Wii U Mod Enabler”. If you have an external hard drive: you can then restart the console, plug in your hard drive and go to System Settings to move the app back onto your hard drive.
  2. Extract Wii Mod Lite and put it in the apps folder on your SD card or USB drive. Insert your SD card or USB drive into your Wii, and launch Wii Mod Lite from the Homebrew Channel. Section II - Running You use the +Control Pad to use this tool.
  3. The tools can handle the file formats.iso,.ciso,.wbi,.wdf,.wia,.wbfs and extracted files systems (FST). All tools are command line tools and run without any interaction. The main goal is to run them in batch files and scripts to automate recurring jobs. Wiimms ISO Patcher is.

The tools can handle the file formats .iso, .ciso, .wbi, .wdf, .wia, .wbfs and extracted files systems (FST). All tools are command line tools and run without any interaction. The main goal is to run them in batch files and scripts to automate recurring jobs. Wiimms ISO Patcher is an example for an automatic conversion.

The toolset is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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There are several Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for Wiimms ISO Tools:

The Homebrew Browser is a good place to get homebrew on your Wii. This is optional to install. Continue to site navigation We have many other tutorials that you might like. You can now use homebrew such as. A program written in batch that will patch your Wii Shop Channel to work with Open Shop Channel!- Features -Auto updating - Always stay updated! User can decide if they want the channel to be installed as a separate channel or replace the Wii Shop Channel. The entire program is about 1MB!

This QT based GUI focuses on manipulating single ISO images. It can do much more and support also extraction and creation of ISO images.
Wii Backup Fusion (WiiBaFu)
This QT based GUI is a complete WBFS manager and ISO tool.

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History and Download

Latest Change Log


Extracting files

The wit tools are able to extract all or some files of any of a Wii ISO image. Use wwt (Wiimms WBFS Tool) to extract files from a disc inside a WBFS partition. Use wit (Wiimms ISO Tool) to extract files from any ISO image (file format .iso, .ciso, .wdf, .wia or .wbfs). Linux and Mac users can also use wfuse (Wiimms FUSE Tool) to mount an ISO image or a complete WBFS partition and to use any file browser to extract files.

wit example

Try the command:

mkw.iso is the file name of your ISO image, all others must be entered literally. This command will extract all files of the ISO internal directory /files/Race/Course into the local sub directory tracks/. Most of this extracted files are Nintendos track files.

If you want to extract the whole DVD, just use:

All files of all partitions (DATA, UPDATE and CHANNEL) including system files like main.dol are extracted into local sub directory mkw/. If you add the option --psel=data only the DATA partition is extracted.

Visit for more details about the command 'wit extract'.

wfuse example

Try the command:

mkw.iso is the file name of your ISO image and mkw-dir a temporary directory created by wfuse. If the mount is successful you can enter the directory mkw-dir with your favorite file browser. The tracks resides in ./mkw-dir/iso/part/data/files/Race/Course/. You can also mount a complete WBFS partition to browse all ISO images with all included files.

For unmounting use

wfuse is not available for Windows because there is no Windows support for FUSE.

Image creation and Patching

The tools wit and wwt can not only extract some or all files of any Wii and GameCube image, it can also create images from scratch. It also replace the functionality of WiiScrubber to patch/modify images, but it goes an other non interactive way:

  1. Extract the images.
  2. Replace, remove and/or insert new files in the extracted file hierarchy.
  3. Create a new image.

Wiimms ISO Patcher use this method to patch fully automatically Wii images. Can i download netflix on my mac.

Use a copy of the original image of any file format (ISO, WBFS, ..). Extract it with:

Now we have a working directory named workdir.d. Replace, add or delete any files with a file browser.If all is done, we create a new image:

The file format is automatically chosen by analyzing the file extension. E.g name.wbfs will create a WBFS image and name.iso an ISO image. The optional option --id=NEW_ID defines a new ID for the new image. If not set, the original ID is used.

Self-compiling the tools

It's very easy to compile and install the tools by yourself.

The very first time, enter a directory (the parent directory) and make sure, that the sub-directory wiimms-iso-tools. Then execute the following commands:

If you have checked out the distribution before, than enter the directory wiimms-iso-tools and execute the following commands.


CT Distributions:
Years 2010–2019
MKW-Fun 2020-02— MKW-Fun 2020-06— MKW-Fun 2020-12
Download and Install

Custom Tracks:
Alpine Mountain— N64 Frappe Snowland— N64 Kalimari Desert— N64 Koopa Troopa Beach— N64 Wario Stadium
many updates and bug fixes

Custom Arena:
Bash 'n' Dash 'n' Battle

Wiimms SZS Tools— Wiimms ISO Tools— Wiimms ISO Patcher— WBZ Converter— mkw-ana— LE-CODE

Cheat Codes:
License Unlock— Clear Profile ID— Item Cheat


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