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Last updated 4 years ago Okay, HunieCam Studio is an asset management, beat-the-clock style clicker game. It features most but not all of the women from HuniePop, but outside of their designs and names, and having a great soundtrack, that is about all this game shares with HuniePop. HunieCam Studio In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim genre! HunieCam Studio In HunieCam Studio players take control of a sleazy cam girl operation. Rake in stacks of filthy internet money and attract as many disgusting fans as you can in this fast paced, click happy and thoroughly perverted take on the business tycoon / management sim genre! HunieCam Studio is our perverted answer to the tycoon/management sim genre. Players take control of a cam girl operation and try to make as much dirty, filthy internet money as possible. Recruit a variety of sexy ladies that have probably made some poor life choices.

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Okay, HunieCam Studio is an asset management, beat-the-clock style clicker game. It features most but not all of the women from HuniePop, but outside of their designs and names, and having a great soundtrack, that is about all this game shares with HuniePop.

The goal of the game is to have as many fans for the cam models as possible by the end of a 21 day period. It may seem weird for a game with a set time to be a speed game, but the devil is in the details; when you are in a menu or selecting an activity for a model to go to, in-game time is paused. So that's why I tend to call this a menu-management simulator, because the less time you spend in menus, the faster your run will be.

The more fans you have, the better trophies you get. The trophies are as follows:
-Bronze = 5,000 fans
-Silver = 10,000 fans
-Gold = 25,000 fans
-Platinum = 50,000 fans
and with a new update the dev added a Diamond trophy that you need 100,000 fans for.

For the sake of interesting runs, Bronze will be the lowest category. It MAY be possible for a low% style run where you literally just start the game and then wait for the clock to run down, but that wouldn't be interesting or fun. I'm currently only running Platinum Trophy because I want to get consistent with that since it was originally at launch the hardest challenge.

There is a video at the bottom of this post detailing even more information, but if you want to just get to the basics, I have typed out what I see as the most pertinent information.

The main objective of the game is to have the most fans, but in truth you need to focus almost entirely on earning money. This is achieved by sending models to the Cam Studio or the Sleazy Hotel, the latter of which being more pertinent in the later half of the run when you need the most money. With this money, you buy Promos, which are tied to fetishes that the models (and some items) cater to, giving models with the specific fetishes more fans, which brings them more money (to buy more promos, etc.) You can earn fans by using the Photography Studio, but it's not really worth using in this run outside of the first day or two since you don't really receive many fans from it in the long run. You will also be Investing in upgrades, with features like Productivity that allow you to speed up an activity when you click on it, allowing the models to be done quicker, or Capacity which allows you to have more girls doing the same activity simultaneously. Timing starts when you start a new game, and ends at 12:00AM on the 22nd day (Kyu will pop up saying 'Aaaaand done'.)

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The models can have up to three inventory slots (which you unlock through Investing), and you can give them certain items to enhance their earning abilities. For this run, you will basically want three items:
--Subscribe Pillow: when a model completes a session at the Cam Studio, she will receive half as many fans as she would from the Photography Studio.
--Fetish Item: these items will bring in fans that are into fetishes that none of the models cater to by default, including Anal, Bondage, Cakefarts, Squirting, and Watersports. You should have at least two models with the same fetish item for the most benefit, but you also need a variety of items across your lineup since they don't always show up for Promos.
--DRUGS: while it's possible to have a second fetish item instead, DRUGS will help the models' performance; Coke will make them complete activities faster over a 24 hour period, while Weed will decrease the amount of stress they get from completing activities (which means less time relaxing aka not making money.) Late game this will be replaced by Condoms for escorting.

Unfortunately, the models can only hold one copy of an item. It would break the game if you could give a model three Subscriber Pillows or three Cokes.

You can have eight models working at once, but you will need to use one girl purely for picking up Cigarettes, Drinks, and Items, while also using her to recruit when those other three things are taken care of for a brief moment. I personally just use the girl that I recruit first because she's in an easy to remember spot (the top slot), and also because she tends to have a hard time picking up fans as quickly as your second and third recruits (from my experience, might be complete conjecture on my part.) The Errand Girl of your choosing should be equipped with Coke and Weed as often as possible simultaneously, and in the third spot she should have the Shopping Cart/Basket item. The shopping cart allows the Errand Girl to pick up twice as many Cigarettes and Drinks, which is the majority of what she will be doing in the game.

Cigarettes and Drinks will automatically be consumed by models, ranging from Never using them to Addicted to one or both, which you will see when you recruit the models. The more addicted the model is, the more she will use up, but she will also not stress as much from activities. If you run out of one, however, instead of using up a cigarette or drink, they will take 10% stress instead, which can be disastrous if you have multiple models who are Frequent or Addicted users in your lineup.

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Each model has a skill stat and a style stat. Skill effects how much money they make, while Style gives them more fans where fans would be gained. The first three models you have to choose from at the very beginning only have one point in each, but you can build them up to a maximum of five points by sending them to the Strip Club for Skill, and Shopping for Style. Since you'll want to focus on money, each model you employ should eventually have four or five points in Skill, while Style depends on how much down time you feel comfortable with giving them, since they won't be earning money for you while Shopping. While your choice of girls may vary, a good second or third recruit is Sarah, because she has a Style level of three, while also being a relatively inexpensive hire.

You start off with a choice of three models, who each ask for a measly $1 per hour, but as you upgrade their Skill and Style, they will draw more fans, thus asking for better pay. Some models available for recruitment ask for $64/hr from the start, with the most expensive being Marlena at a whopping $256/hr (I have yet to use her.) While it may be tempting to give every model a Piggy Bank item, cutting their asking price in half, having the other items as detailed above are more paramount to success.

By the end of the game you'll be making TONS of money, so don't be discouraged if you're in the red every day during the first 10 days, in fact I encourage it. As long as you have $1 profit by midnight every day, the game continues. If you're having problems getting any profit it all for more than two days in a row, it's probably time to upgrade the models' skill and style points, and go through your Investments. There will be at least one or two days completely filled with putting models in either the Cam Studio or Day Spa, with only your Errand Girl doing other activities.

1. Staffing: Invest in this as fast as possible. The earliest that I've been able to unlock the slot for the 8th model was Day 9, but I don't think Day 8 is out of the question (difficult though.)

2. Capacity: By the end of the run you need to have capacity up to seven models in one activity. For me this has tended to come around Day 14 or 15, and it's when you really start making lots and lots of cash.

3. Items: Invest in Inventory as soon as you can. It's easy because there are only three to unlock and they are pretty cheap. Suggestionsalienware user support. As soon as you unlock Inventory I recommend sending all of your models to the item store to browsing. If you're lucky you'll get enough Subscriber Pillows for all of your earning models, but if there aren't any, next most important is fetish items, then drugs, and once those are taken care of, you need to start collecting Condoms. If you can't seem to get many condoms, stock up on some Medicine and Steroids to prepare for the medical disaster in your future (sometimes I get a condom every time I send a model to the store, and other times I've had two condoms the whole game.)

4. Productivity: This is one that I tend to forget while in the middle of doing everything else, but it's pretty important. Time is money, so you need to upgrade this to -5 minutes by at least Day 15 if not earlier.

5. Cash > Fans: Do everything you can to get money. The more money you have the more fans you can get. There will be times, like when your capacity isn't high enough, that it's wise to send your leftover models to either the Photography Studio or Shopping, which will help them get more fans, but you should max out every model's skills at the Strip Club, because the higher their skill the more money they'll collect at the Cam Studio/Sleazy Hotel.


Here is a sample (but absolute garbage) run I recorded while also explaining as much as I could. There's also a bunch of stuff about me, so if you get the general idea of how the beginning is played then you can just skip to the last five or 10 minutes to hear about the last couple days and what to expect:

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Game logo, featuring from left: Beli Lapran, Jessie Maye, Aiko Yumi, Tiffany Maye, Kyu Sugardust, Nikki Ann-Marie, Lola Rembrite, Audrey Belrose, and Kyanna Delrio.
Designer(s)Ryan Koons
Programmer(s)Ryan Koons
Artist(s)Rizky Prahesa
Writer(s)Ryan Koons
Composer(s)Jonathan Wandag
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
ReleaseJanuary 19, 2015
Genre(s)Tile-matching, dating sim

HuniePop is a tile-matching and dating simadult video game created by American game designer Ryan Koons, under the alias of HuniePot.[1] The game was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux-based personal computers in January 2015, after being funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign. HuniePop is available in two different versions, an uncensored version available via Humble Bundle and MangaGamer, and a censored version via Steam.[2] The game follows the dating adventures of the main character as he or she tries to woo several different women in their home town.

In February 2015, Koons released an update that gave HuniePop a new ending that unlocks options that make it easier for players to fill out a female character's profile and select date locations, among other options.[3] Due to its strong sexual content and themes, Twitch blocked users from streaming gameplay footage of the title, regardless of which version of the game was being played.[4]

Huniecam Studio Mac Download


HuniePop gameplay, showing a date with Jessie Maye in a tennis court.

Gameplay focuses on the player character (who can be male or female) interacting with several different women, each of whom has her own distinct personalities and preferences. The player can interact with women by talking to them and giving them gifts. Doing this rewards the player with 'Hunie', an in-game currency that can be used to upgrade the player's stats. These stats allow the player to earn more points during dates, increasing their chance of success.

In order to progress through the game, players must take the women on dates, where they will play a tile matching game where they must make matches of 3 or more of the same tokens. The player must earn enough points to complete the date before they run out of moves. Each woman has a specific type of token that they like and dislike, and players will gain more points if they match the type of token that the woman prefers. The player can also use special items called 'date gifts' during their dates which grant positive effects to help the player earn more points. After a successful date, the player is rewarded with a picture of the woman the date was with. Each successful date will also raise the game's difficulty, making subsequent dates require more points to complete. After 3 successful dates with a woman, the player will be able to take them on a date at night, and if that date is successful, the player can bring the woman to their bedroom for one final round of tile matching (and, if this is successful, have sexual intercourse with her). Unlike regular dates, the player has unlimited moves to complete the bedroom game, but the score meter constantly drains over time, so to win, matches must be made quickly until the meter is full.Throughout the game the player is guided by Kyu, a love fairy set on turning the player into a successful Lothario. She gives the player tips on how to interact with each woman and explains how the game's various mechanics work. She also becomes dateable after one bedroom game.


A Kickstarter campaign was launched with a minimum funding goal of $20,000. The Kickstarter ended successfully, raising $53,536 from 1,483 backers.[5][6]


HuniePop has received positive reception. Hardcore Gamer gave the game a rating of four out of five, writing 'HuniePop is pornography—darn fine pornography at that—but it’s also a shockingly good puzzle game. Occasionally those two identities feel at odds with each other, but for the most part they work in concert to show you a good time.'[7]Kotaku also gave a mostly positive review, praising it for being 'strategically deep and challenging enough to kick a Candy Crush casual's ass' while also commenting that the game lacked a 'strong finish'.[8] GameZone's Mike Splechta called the game 'fun and engaging'.[9]Destructoid criticized the game's conversations as lacking in variety while stating that 'In the end, I realize this is a game that, while riddled with issues, I liked a lot. A whole lot. In fact, with better writing and some more care given to the characters to flesh them out, it could be so much more.'[10]


Since HuniePop's release, there have been other games inspired by it, such as Front Wing's Purino Party.[11]

On April 4, 2016, Koons released a spin-off game called HunieCam Studio.[12]HunieCam Studio is an adult themed business simulation game, and features many of the characters who previously appeared in HuniePop.[13] The game's art style also shifted to a more cartoon style, away from the anime-based art. Kotaku gave HunieCam Studio a mixed review, commenting that although the game's text was occasionally entertaining, they found the overall game experience to be 'extremely boring'.[14]

A sequel, HuniePop 2: Double Date, is in production.[15] It is a sequel to HuniePop with the player controlling the same protagonist, and will feature returning characters from HuniePop and HunieCam Studio.[16][17]


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