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  1. Find infographic templates for PowerPoint in poster form, on subjects ranging from nutrition to big data to education. Business-related infographic templates in PowerPoint include product roadmaps, resume timelines, process charts, and customer surveys. For personal use, try free infographic templates that cover personal finances and genealogy.
  2. Deciding on the type of service you need, create all the required paperwork with the help of We have prepared all the invitations, brochures, certificates in your favorite formats like Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or Pages.
  3. Inform your coworkers, neighbors, or the whole city of an event you’re planning with Microsoft flyer templates. Sell out your concert or jump start your dog walking business with a flyer template.
  4. SANS has developed a set of information security policy templates. These are free to use and fully customizable to your company's IT security practices. Our list includes policy templates for acceptable use policy, data breach response policy, password protection policy and more.

Need to add some attractive infographics to your next project? An infographic is a great way to engage readers with stimulating visuals. We’ve collected ten awesome infographic templates here, free to use in your next website or blog post. These will definitely draw the eye!

Infographic Vectors Mega Collection (Free)

Need some vectors for your next infographic? This huge collection is available for free via email. There are world maps, bar charts, progress meters, and so much more stuff packed in here. And each element comes with a dark theme too! The package is available in AI, EPS, and SVG format for easy editing.

Amazing Infographics Template (Envato Elements)

Infographic with a Light Bulb (Free)

When you get a bright idea, break it down with this light bulb infographic. When you need to split something into easily readable segments, this is just the thing. Just make sure to credit the author. You might see something like this on an about page!

Free Technology Infographic Templates (Free)

This tech infographic set is packed with technology-based diagrams and objects. There are various device screens with graphs inside them, a complex and colorful circular diagram, and a bunch of other graphs too! Just download the PSD, pick one of the three colors, and get to customizing. All graphics are vectors for easy editing.

Vector Infographics Element (Envato Elements)

Free Infographic Brochure Template (Free)

Available in multiple color palettes, this brochure bundle is a great starting point if you want to make your own infographic. Everything is here: charts, graphs, comparisons, maps, and timelines, all structured into a multi-page brochure. You can download it in AI and EPS format if you give them your email, so make sure to snap this one up.

Infographic Template (Free)


This dazzling dark timeline looks simply amazing. Izotope rx final mix v1.03 for macos iso. If you want to turn a company’s journey or their future plans into a visual, this is the template to use. There’s room for a lot of customization here. Edit the icons, add little blurbs, or change the colors as you need!

Infographics Template (Envato Elements)

Infographic Steps (Free)

Breaking things down into easy steps is an effective way to communicate a lot of information. Guide people with this colorful step-by-step vector graphic and eliminate confusion from a difficult process.

Emske Vector Kits (Free)

If you’re trying to craft your own infographic, these vector sets are exactly what you’re looking for. From 85 different pie charts to every graph under the sun, you will find the information graphic you’re looking for somewhere in here. While these aren’t ready-to-go templates, you’ll definitely find elements you’ll want to include in an infographic.

Organizational Chart Illustration (Free)

Organize your ideas with this wonderfully lively chart. These colorful circles can make a lot of steps and information fun and interesting. Fill the circles with vector icons, or even use it to show off a company’s employees! There’s a lot of potential with this chart.

World Map Infographic (Free)

If you need to incorporate a map in your design, try this infographic. There’s a vector map, a globe, a set of each continent with a blurb, and even a little bar chart just in case! Edit the infographic as-is or use one of its elements to create something new.

Tell a Story with Visuals

An infographic can be just what you need to spruce up a page. The bright colors and eye-catching visuals never fail to liven up a webpage or blog. With these templates, creating a beautiful infographic is no longer a chore. You can whip up exciting visuals in minutes!

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Multipart article

by Kate Eby on Jul 24, 2017

A request for information (RFI) is a document used to gather information from vendors or suppliers in order to create a shortlist of potential suppliers for a project. The purpose of an RFI is to collect information and compare businesses that are offering products or services that you require to complete a project.

Below you will find a collection of free templates, including an RFI response template, a log for tracking RFIs, and a simple request for information template. Word and Excel options are available to download and print for free.

Why Use a Request for Information?

Sending out an RFI provides clear communication with suppliers by defining your requirements, the scope and purpose of the RFI, and how respondents should reply to the RFI. The document may include specific questions that suppliers need to answer as well as information for them about your organization, the procurement process, and project needs. The goal of an RFI is to collect information in order to inform the next step of your decision process. If the objective of the RFI is to create a shortlist of potential suppliers, having detailed written information from each potential vendor can accelerate this process and help narrow your choices so that you can efficiently choose appropriate suppliers. An RFI also provides a standardized process for collecting information, which shows suppliers that you are acting both fairly and competitively as you compare participants.

Contact Info Template

What Are the Differences Among a Request for Information, a Request for Proposal, and a Request for Quotation?

RFIs are used to collect summarized information, not detailed bids or work proposals. This distinguishes an RFI from an request for proposal (RFP), which is a formal, comprehensive request for a proposal (usually with the intension of purchasing goods or services). A request for information typically precedes a RFP, which provides details about the scope of the project being undertaken, the timeline and budget, and the requirements that a vendor needs to meet. Proposal submissions will be equally comprehensive so that you can adequately compare and select a supplier.

Similar to an RFP, a request for quotation (RFQ) solicits price quotes for specific products or services. Use this document to compare vendors based primarily on pricing differences. You may send an RFQ prior to or as part of an RFP, or it may go out after you have collected proposals if you need a more detailed pricing bid from shortlisted suppliers.

What to Include in a Request for Information

The information included in an RFI will depend on its intent. If you’re using an RFI to shortlist vendors for a project, it will typically include an introduction that explains the purpose of the RFI, a description of the process that you will follow for reviewing responses and distributing RFPs, rules for how suppliers should respond to the RFI, and the requirements that suppliers need to meet. You should provide details for whatever data you’re seeking from suppliers, such as pricing, delivery methods, products, and other business information. An RFI may also include a request for acknowledgement from the supplier that they have received the document. It is also important to include a confidentiality clause for suppliers to agree to or otherwise address in their responses. Of course, RFI templates are preformatted to save you time and help standardize your process, but you can easily edit them to serve your specific needs.

Request for Information Templates for Excel

Construction Request for Information Template - Excel

Contractors and subcontractors use RFIs to get clarification on an issue before proceeding with work. A request for information may serve the same function as a change order if the scope of work needs to be modified. This is the case unless you need a more formal change request for approval. On this template, contractors can specify a drawing number for reference and indicate possible changes in cost or schedule. This template includes a section at the top for listing the project name, location, and other details.

Download Construction Request for Information Template

Excel Smartsheet

Request for Information Log - Excel

It’s not unusual for multiple RFIs to be sent during the course of a construction project, as questions about plans and specifications arise. This RFI log template can help keep the requests organized and track their progress. You can identify the priority and current status for each item on the log, who initiated the request, who is responsible for addressing the RFI, and deadlines.

Download Request for Information Log Template

Excel Smartsheet

Request for Information Response Template

This RFI response template provides preformatted sections for participants to fill out, but you can modify the included fields to match your particular requirements. Providing vendors with detailed questions to answer makes it easy for them to respond and helps ensure that you get a comprehensive picture of what they have to offer. Questions may relate to the scope of work, a vendor’s ability to meet certain requirements, cost estimates, and more.

Download Request for Information Response Template

Excel Word Smartsheet

Government Contractor Construction Request for Information - Excel

This construction request for information template is designed specifically for government contractors. It includes sections for contract details, recommendations from the contractor, a response from a government entity, and attachments. This is a simple RFI template that you can easily modify for any construction project.

Creative Agency Request for Information Template

If you’re looking for marketing or advertising agencies (for a specific project or as potential partners for future projects), this RFI template outlines a simple yet thorough request. Collect information on agency background and success stories, team members, previous clientele, potential conflicts of interest, and any other relevant information. Use the template to create a shortlist of agencies to engage in an RFP process.

Download Creative Agency Request for Information Template

Excel Word

Request for Information Response Comparison Template - Excel

Use this spreadsheet template to support the RFI comparison process. By placing vendor responses side-by-side, you can quickly see how they compare based on pricing and your essential requirements. After evaluating the results of this comparison, you can note on the template which vendors should be shortlisted and which do not match your needs.

Request for Information Templates for Word

Request for Information with Cover Letter Template - Word

Including a cover letter with your RFI allows you to briefly and clearly state the purpose of the RFI and the closing date for responses. While not required, a request for information letter template adds a professional tone, especially when printed on company letterhead. In addition to a cover letter, this template provides an outline for you to follow as you add the details of your RFI, from the opportunity being presented to instructions on how to submit a response.

Simple Request for Information Template - Word

This RFI template offers a simple layout and is best suited to construction projects. You can include an RFI number at the top of the template for tracking, indicate references for drawings and specifications, and note any included attachments. You can easily print or share the template via email.

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Info Template Bootstrap

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