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If LIMBO is only available in black and white on the horizontal screen, Sky: Light Await is designed in colour full theme, Playdead’s INSIDE brings more realism with the 2.5D graphics. The game is shown in dark background color, monochrome. Beneath the locked door, under the water is a large section of cracked wall. Use the submarine's boost ability to hit a few sections of the cracked area. Whilst the submarine will be unable to get through the cracks due to the iron bars beneath the concrete, if you hop out of the submarine, you can dive down through the bars to the next room. One theory, outlined by ImBuGs on reddit, says Inside is a prequel to Limbo. But as it turns out, those tones are the cipher required to crack the game’s last secret.

Limbo is a two-dimensional platform-logical type of game that includes Box2D physics system. It regulates the behavior of environment and characters. The main character of the game is nameless boy, who traverse the world, looking for his sister. On this way there are various monsters, traps, and other dangers. As a result, the player needs to be extremely careful. On his journey, one can encounter a lot of logical puzzles. In the game we can see a special gameplay system called the methods of “trials and deaths” – all puzzles presented for the player are designed in the way, our character has the chance to die before we find the right solution.

Characteristic feature of the game that distinguishes it from others is the use of monochromatic colors. Everything is black and white. Together with the right soundtrack and lightning, it feels like the visuals are associated with the horror genre. Get Limbo Download and personate the boy, who has to face dangers!

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Languages: Polski, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese
Release: THETA
Upload size: 74 MB

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Recommended Requirements

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Both of Playdead’s creepy hits will be available by the end of the month.

The normal ending to Inside doesn’t really feel like a proper ending. There’s some finality to be sure, but you just don’t feel as though you righted the wrong and stopped the evil that you witnessed. That’s where the secret ending comes into play, which helps to alleviate some of those issues.

To see the secret ending, you first need to find and disable all 14 secret power orbs hidden throughout the game. We’ve detailed where to find each orb in our complete walkthrough, or you can check out a more streamlined version that only touches on the orb locations.

Once you have disabled all 14 orbs, pause the game and access the Load menu. Load the seventh checkpoint, which is right outside the cornfield. If you remember the first time you ran through here, there’s a hatch hidden toward the far right side of the cornfield. Open the hatch and head down the ladder below.

Limbo 2 Game

When you reach the bottom, head to the right and access the lever. Push the lever with the following sequence: Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Left. Put the sequence in correctly and the door to the right opens. Continue to the right and lift the gate at the very end, then pull the cord out of the wall to get the secret ending to the game.

At this point all of the secret orbs are reset, which means you’ll have to go back and collect them all again if you wish to see the secret ending a second time. Luckily all of your checkpoints remain, so you won’t have to go through the entire game from start to finish. You can just go to the checkpoints closest to each orb to collect them again. However, if you'd like to go through the enture game again, be sure to check out our full walkthrough and guide.

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