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Wireless Internet Providers in West St Paul on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Wireless Internet Providers in West St Paul, MN. There are 12 internet providers in Saint Paul with 8 of those offering residential service. Saint Paul is the 148th most connected city in Indiana ahead of Waldron, Hope, Rushville, and Greensburg, but behind Shelbyville. The fastest zip code in Saint Paul for December 2020 is 47272. (see all below).

High Speed Internet Saint Paul, MN, USA

We've found 24 internet plans in your area including 4 internet deals and one other special deal for Saint Paul, Minnesota! Internet connection providers serving Saint Paul are shown below.

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Internet Service Type
Fiber OpticUp to 1000 Mbps
Internet Awareness!college St. Paul
1000 Mbps! CenturyLink provides internet in the Saint Paul area using Optical Carrier/Fiber Optic technology with max speeds of 1000 Mbps down and 1000 Mbps up, and VDSL technology with max speeds of 140 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. Use our internet comparison form to check which services are available at a specific address.
987 Mbps! XFINITY provides internet plans in the Saint Paul area using Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.1 technology with maximum download speeds of 987 Mbps and maximum uploads of 35 Mbps.
25 Mbps! HughesNet provides internet plans in the Saint Paul area using Gen5 Satellite Internet technology with maximum download speeds of 25 Mbps and maximum uploads of 3 Mbps.

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Service Type
Satellite (Service Bundles)
DISH provides Satellite TV services and Internet + TV service bundles.

Other Internet Providers in Saint Paul, MN (As of 2021)


Perhaps you’ve heard about bundles from the top Internet providers in St. Paul and are trying to deduce why these would be ideal for you and your family. Thousands of members of the St. Paul region have already found that combining Internet service with TV and/or phone is the most desirable way to have the connections they need at a price they can’t believe. Find out if bundling will work for you and your family today!

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If you live in St. Paul, it is most likely imperative for you to maximize the usage of your Internet download speed. While your Internet service provider may tell you that your plan includes 25 Mbps of download speed, you may not be utilizing all of it. You can analyze your download speed by visiting a website that performs an Internet speed test. Here, you’ll be able to find out if you’re actually getting the download speed your Internet service company advertised. It might be time to choose a new Internet company if your family isn’t getting the download speeds that you need.

Internet Awareness!college St. Paul

If you are shopping for an Internet plan in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, an important factor when choosing your Internet service provider is the amount of megabits per second your plan will give you. Megabits per second is the speed at which your Internet will download or upload a file, video, movie, or game. Depending upon the Megabyte size of the file, it can take longer to download. This is why plans with at least 25 Mbps of download speed are desirable as they may ensure that you can download videos, movies, and play online games without slow downs in your Internet speed.

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You may be wondering why your WiFi signal struggles sometimes and you may be interested to find that your Internet provider can be a major determinant in WiFi speed. Most Internet plans nowadays come with strong WiFi capabilities as that is a usual need for most St. Paul families. Therefore, Internet plans with large amount of download and upload speeds will help improve your WiFi speeds. However, if your WiFi signal is wavering, you may want to examine your Internet plan and see if you actually need a better plan.