Jer Error Failed To Connect To Server

Aug 01, 2010 WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed Out Everything is configured properly in regards to settings on all clients and the server, so what’d I do to fix this error? Change the host connect-to name from the hostname to the machines IP address, and instantly Synergy connected and everything worked as usual.

Error Message

When connecting to ArcSDE for SQL Server Express by adding database server in ArcCatalog, the following error displays:
'Cannot connect to the database server. Failed to connect to Database Server.'



The SQL Server Express database service cannot be accessed by ArcCatalog with the specified credential information.
There are a few reasons causing the failed connection:
1. SQL Server Express service is not up and running.
2. The TCP/IP and/or Named Pipes protocols for the database server are disabled.
3. The SQL Server instance is using dynamic ports. The default port number for SQL Server Express is 1433.
4. SQL Server instance cannot accept the current Windows credentials.

Hi, I am behind a company firewall and composer stopped working some time ago (around 4-5 weeks). So I tried composer diag and this shows the following output: Checking platform settings: OK Checking http connectivity: OK Checking HTTP p. To automatically update from Acrobat, choose Help Check for updates.Follow the steps in the Updater window to download and install the latest updates. Relaunch Acrobat and see whether the. 'A running instance of Acrobat has caused an error.' 'Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server.' Reason: The error occurs when an already launched instance of Acrobat is busy or in a hang state and you try to perform some operation from outside Acrobat, for example, opening a PDF file by double-clicking. This issue caused me issues for DAYS. I have exchange 2013 installed on windows server 2012, with both mailbox and CAS roles installed. I finally figured out that the CAS role had the powershell virtual directory set to the wrong location.

Solution or Workaround

1. Ensure the SQL Server instance is running and configured to allow remote connections.
2. Enable TCP/IP and/or Named Pipes protocol in SQL Server Configuration Manager.
3. Enable SQL Server Browser Service.
4. Add the Windows domain account into the SQL Server instance.

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