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Unless your best friend in high school persuaded you to join her mega-successful startup right after graduation—in which case you’re probably a millionaire, anyway—chances are pretty good you’ve applied for several jobs in the tech industry.

To find a job there are a lot of variables and unknowns when it comes to any career builder type of activities. No matter how good the economy, the job search is always challenging. With that in mind, the Dice Career ToolKit will give you. To post a job, hiring managers must initiate a posting through the online Hiring Manager Site. Once the necessary approvals are obtained, a recruiting consultant will review the job posting as submitted by the hiring manager. Human Resources reserves the right to edit job postings to comply with University policies and procedures.

For most technology jobs, the application process is straightforward: you start by sending in your résumé and other materials. If the company likes what it sees, it will schedule a phone interview. If that goes well, you’ll have at least one in-person interview, after which the company will (hopefully) make you an acceptable offer.

But that’s a very simple description of a very complex process. To find a job there are a lot of variables and unknowns when it comes to any career builder type of activities. No matter how good the economy, the job search is always challenging.

Jobs Online Toolkit Exercises

With that in mind, the Dice Career ToolKit will give you:

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Job Hunting Basics, which you can use to begin (and refine) your employment quest. Here are just a few of the articles we have available:

The secrets to building up your Career Network, including:

Tips and tricks for creating the perfect Résumés and Cover Letters, such as:

And the best ways to conquer a Job Interview:

Jobs online toolkit exercises

And Career Development Resources, featuring a comprehensive library of resources for everything from interviewing to learning new skills. It’ll help you get on the right track, wherever you want to go.

When you’ve become a master of all the basics of how to find a job, then start your negotiations off on the right foot by determining what the best salary for you skill level is with Dice’s Salary Calculator.

Good luck!


Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

The Configuration Manager tools include client-based and server-based tools. Use these tools to help support and troubleshoot your Configuration Manager infrastructure.

Starting in Configuration Manager version 1806, these tools are included in the CD.LatestSMSSETUPTools folder on the site server. No further installation is required. Use these versions of the tools with Configuration Manager version 1806 and later.

All Windows operating systems listed as supported clients in Supported operating systems for clients and devices are supported for use with these tools.

Jobs Online Toolkit Exe


The System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit is still available from the Microsoft Download Center. For Configuration Manager version 1806 and later, use the versions of the tools in the CD.Latest folder on the site server. Some tools were formerly in the toolkit but not included in version 1806. These legacy tools are no longer supported.

Client tools

These tools are in the ClientTools subfolder:

  • CMTrace: View, monitor, and analyze Configuration Manager log files

  • Client Spy: Troubleshoot issues related to software distribution, inventory, and metering

  • Deployment Monitoring Tool: Troubleshoot applications, updates, and baseline deployments

  • Policy Spy: View policy assignments

  • Power Viewer Tool: View status of power management feature

  • Send Schedule Tool: Trigger schedules and evaluations of configuration baselines


The ClientTools folder also includes the file Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource.dll. Several client tools require this library. You can't directly use it.

Server tools

These tools are in the ServerTools subfolder:

Microsoft Toolkit Exe

  • DP Job Queue Manager: Troubleshoots content distribution jobs to distribution points

  • Collection Evaluation Viewer: View collection evaluation details

  • Content Library Explorer: View contents of the content library single instance store

  • Content Library Transfer: Transfers content library between drives

  • Content Ownership Tool: Changes ownership of orphaned packages. These packages exist in the site without an owning site server.

  • Role-based Administration and Auditing Tool: Helps administrators audit roles configuration

  • Run Meter Summarization Tool: Run metering summarization task and analyze metering data


Microsoft Toolkit Exe File

The ServerTools folder also includes the following files:

  • AdminUI.WqlQueryEngine.dll
  • Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.dll
  • Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource.dll

Several server tools require these libraries. You can't directly use them.

Other tools and toolkits

  • Support Center: Gather information from clients for easier analysis when troubleshooting.

    Starting in version 1906, OneTrace is a new log viewer with Support Center. It works similarly to CMTrace, with improvements. For more information, see Support Center OneTrace.

  • Extend and migrate on-premises site to Microsoft Azure: Helps you to programmatically create Azure virtual machines (VMs) for Configuration Manager.

  • Content library cleanup tool: Use ContentLibraryCleanup.exe in CD.LatestSMSSETUPTOOLSContentLibraryCleanup to remove orphaned content from a distribution point.

  • Hierarchy Maintenance Tool: Use Preinst.exe in the <SiteServerName>SMS_<SiteCode>binX6400000409 shared folder on the site server to pass commands to the hierarchy manager component.

  • Update reset tool: Use CMUpdateReset.exe in CD.LatestSMSSETUPTOOLSCMUpdateReset to fix issues when in-console updates have problems downloading or replicating.

  • Service Connection Tool: Use ServiceConnectionTool.exe in CD.LatestSMSSETUPTOOLSServiceConnectionTool to keep your site up-to-date when your service connection point is offline.

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT): A collection of tools, processes, and guidance for automating desktop and server OS deployments.

  • System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP): A stand-alone tool to manage and import custom software updates.

  • Package Conversion Manager: Convert legacy packages into applications.