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Balsamiq for Desktop Documentation

Text Shortcuts Windows 10

Below is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts and modifiers available in Balsamiq Wireframes.

Forgotten city skyrim guide. For a full list of keyboard commands in the Rich-Text Editor, you may also refer to the CKEditor list of shortcut keys (opens new window). Navigate to the editing area. From the UVACollab window, tab into the editor's text box to place focus in the text box and edit content. Show activity on this post. Microsoft Word for Mac 2019 now has built-in shortcuts for this: ⌘ Command + increases the font size by one step. ⌘ Command + decreases the font size by one step.

Working with Controls


Edit the selected control's textENTER or F2
Add to selectionSHIFT+Click
Toggle selectionCTRL+Click
Select AllCTRL+A
Ignore control(s) under cursorHold ALT
Treat/do not treat selection as markupCTRL+SHIFT+K


Resize maintaining aspect ratioHold SHIFT while resizing with mouse
Move selection along horizontal or vertical axisHold SHIFT while dragging
Disable snapping during move or resizeHold CTRL
Grow/Increase text or icon sizeCTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease text or icon sizeCTRL+[
Nudge selection 1px
Nudge selection 10pxSHIFT+
Nudge-Resize selection 1pxCTRL+ALT+
Nudge-Resize selection 10pxCTRL+ALT+SHIFT+
Auto-Size selectionCTRL+ALT+0
Pan the canvas (Hand tool)SPACE BAR+Click and drag
Bring to frontCTRL+SHIFT+
Send to backCTRL+SHIFT+
Bring forwardCTRL+
Send backwardCTRL+
Duplicate selectionALT+drag


Undo last commandCTRL+Z
Redo last commandCTRL+Y or CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Cut the selected controlsCTRL+X or SHIFT+DELETE
Copy the selected controlsCTRL+C or CTRL+INSERT
Paste In PlaceCTRL+SHIFT+V
Delete the selected controlsDELETE or BACKSPACE
Duplicate the selected controlsCTRL+D
Lock the selected controlsCTRL+2
Unlock all locked controlsCTRL+3
Transform the selected controlsCTRL+ALT+T


Group the selected controlsCTRL+G
Ungroup the selected groupsCTRL+SHIFT+G


Align selected controls leftCTRL+ALT+1
Align selected controls centerCTRL+ALT+2
Align selected controls rightCTRL+ALT+3
Align selected controls topCTRL+ALT+4
Align selected controls middleCTRL+ALT+5
Align selected controls bottomCTRL+ALT+6

Working with Icons

Navigating the Suggestion List
Using the selected iconENTER
Closing the Icons LibraryESC
Closing the Suggestion ListESC
Grow/Increase icon sizeCTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease icon sizeCTRL+[

Working with Text

Start Editing text of the selected controlENTER or F2
Committing the current textENTER (single-line controls), CTRL+ENTER (multi-line controls) or click anywhere
Ignoring the current editESC
Grow/Increase Text SizeCTRL+]
Shrink/Decrease Text SizeCTRL+[

Text Formatting

italic_text in underscores_
link[text in brackets]
link with a target[text in brackets](wireframe_name) or
[text in brackets](website_url)
bold*text in asterisks*
disabled-text in hyphens-
strikethrough~text in tildes~
font point size{size:12}text{size}
color (hex value or color name){color:#ff0000}text{color} or
To type a literal *, , − -, or [] in a control, escape it by prefixing it with a (backslash): *, , −-, , []

Special Text Macros

Lorem-Ipsum generatortype lorem in a Text or Text Area control.
Show the current wireframe nametype {mockup-name} in a Label, Text, Title or Subtitle control.

Quick Add

Sending focus to Quick Add/ (forward slash) or
+ (plus sign)
Navigating the Suggestion List
Closing the Suggestion ListESC
Sending focus back to the CanvasESC
Add control at cursor positionSHIFT+ENTER

Drawing Controls

Learn more about drawing controls here
Draw a rectangle on the canvasR+drag
Draw a block of text on the canvasT+drag
Draw a line of text on the canvasY+drag

Project Actions

New blank wireframeCTRL+SHIFT+N
Duplicate current wireframeCTRL+ALT+N
New projectCTRL+N
Open projectCTRL+O
Rename wireframeF2 or CTRL+ALT+R
Close current projectCTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Export this wireframe's JSONCTRL+E
Import wireframe JSONCTRL+SHIFT+E
Export snapshot to clipboardCTRL+SHIFT+C
Export snapshot to PNGCTRL+R
Export all snapshots to PNGCTRL+SHIFT+R
Export to PDFCTRL+P
Quit the Balsamiq Wireframes editorCTRL+Q
Next wireframeCTRL+TAB (Windows)
+PAGE DOWN or fn++ (Mac)
Previous wireframeCTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Windows)
+PAGE UP or fn++ (Mac)
Top of wireframeHOME (Windows)
fn+SHIFT+ (Mac)
Bottom of wireframeEND (Windows)
fn+SHIFT+ (Mac)


Hide/Show the UI LibraryCTRL+L or CTRL+F1
Hide/Show the InspectorCTRL+; or ALT+ENTER
Hide/Show the Project InfoCTRL+,
Hide/Show the Navigator PanelCTRL+J
Show/Hide MarkupCTRL+K
Back to Wireframes (From Symbols/Assets/Trash)CTRL+SHIFT+M
Zoom InCTRL++ (plus sign) or CTRL+scroll mouse
Zoom OutCTRL+- (minus sign) or CTRL+scroll mouse
Zoom to Actual SizeCTRL+1
Zoom to FitCTRL+0


Enter Full Screen ViewCTRL+F or F5
Exit Full Screen ViewESC
Edit Current Wireframee
Hide/Show Settings Panels
Hide/Show Navigatorj
Hide/Show Notesn
Hide/Show Commentsc
Hide/Show Link Hintsl
Hide/Show Big Arrow Cursorb
Hide/Show Markupm
Pan CanvasClick+drag
Next WireframePage Down (Windows)
⌥ Option+ (Mac)
Previous WireframePage Up (Windows)
⌥ Option+ (Mac)
Keyboard Shortcuts For Text Size And Bold Mac

Zoom to Fit All on Windows 10

For users with Windows Vista and above, you may find that the Zoom to Fit All (CTRL+SHIFT+0) doesn't work. The reason for this is that Windows captures the input before it gets sent to Wireframes for Desktop, preventing the app from ever seeing it.

Shortcut Keys For Bold

Luckily, the fix is super easy.

The option for changing the shortcut is in a different place in Windows 8 and Windows 10. In Windows 8 you will need to go to Control Panel > Language > Advanced Settings and then find the Change language bar hot keys button. In Windows 10 it's in Settings > Devices > Typing > Advanced keyboard settings.

Shortcut Key For Cutting Text

From there click Change Key Sequence.. and then set Switch Keyboard Layout to Not Assigned.