Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Weather

Do keep in mind that some commands can only be inserted in the Commands.dat file which essentially executes every command when you launch the game. For local servers, the Commands.dat file can be found at: C: Program Files (x86) Steam steamapps common Unturned Servers. Usually the list of mount and blade warband console commands is quite large. The bulk of the game commands is used to control the game. Having been trained, the meaning of each key on your control unit is given. Some of them are used to make technical changes to your game. With them you can customize the game to your preferences and desires.

Unturned commands can give you a lot of control over its world. Be it changing the weather, adding more animals, resources, teleporting, controlling your server, or anything like that.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the PC's first big game of 2018. V-sync, FOV, and the HUD require console commands for example, which are listed above. Used to adjust the level of weather. Create file Data autocheat.txt and put 1 console command per line in the file.cheatremoveallbuffs - Attempts to remove every buff in the buff database from the player's character.cheataddbuffheal - Now restores health, stamina, hunger, and exhuast in addition to bleeding and injuries. Skyblivion is a name that most modders of Skyrim or Oblivion may have heard at one time or another over the last 9 years. It's an incredibly ambitious project which aims to recreate the entirety of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the newer game engine used by Skyrim.

You just need to know the right keywords and a whole new world of possibilities will present themselves. That’s why we gathered all the useful Unturned server commands and single player commands that we could find. Check them out!

How to Enable the Console

Almost all games have the console disabled by default. However, Unturned allows you to get access to it simply by pressing the “~” button.

Do keep in mind that some commands can only be inserted in the Commands.dat file which essentially executes every command when you launch the game.

For local servers, the Commands.dat file can be found at: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonUnturnedServers.

Otherwise, if you’re using USO (Unturned Server Organizer), simply click the “Open Server Folder” button then go to the “Server” directory.

Also, if you wish to use cheats, then you need to execute the /cheat command first. To disable them, just insert the same command again.

Player Moderation

As the heading suggests, these are all the server commands that you can use to turn players into admins, ban people, kick them, give items, and more.


/admin [Steam ID Player]: Turns a player into an administrator who can use admin commands on the current server

/admins: Lists all the players who have admin privileges on the current server

/hide_admins: Hides admin status (Needs to be inserted in Commands.dat)

/unadmin [Steam ID Player]: Removes admin status from the specified player

Kick Tools

/ban [Steam ID Player] [Reason] [Duration]: Bans a player for the specified duration

/bans: Displays the list of all the players who are currently banned

/kick [Steam ID Player] [Reason]: Kicks a player from the server

/kill [Steam ID Player]: Kills a player

/slay [Steam ID] [Reason]: Permanently bans a player


/unban [Steam ID]: Removes ban status

/timeout [Max Ping]: Sets the maximun allowed ping for players

/permit [Steam ID]: Allows a player to join while the server is whitelisted

/permits: Shows the list of players who are on the whitelist


/unpermit [Steam ID]: Removes a player from the whitelist


/players: Displays the players who are currently connected

/camera [Perspective]: Sets the camera perspective for everyone in the server. That can be first, third, or both. (Can only be inserted in Commands.dat)

/chatrate [Delay]: Limits how fast players can send chat messages on the server

/filter: Filters alpha-numeric characters out of names (Can only be inserted in Commands.dat)

/flag [Steam ID Player] [Flag] [Value]: Sets and changes player flags (Need to have cheats enabled)

/give [Steam ID Player] [Item ID] [Amount]: Gives items to you or other players (Need to have cheats enabled)

/gold: Makes it so that only Gold members will be able to connect (Needs to be inserted in Commands.dat)

/loadout [Skillset ID] [Item IDs]: Sets the loadout of a specific player or those with a specific skillset

/maxplayers [Maximum Players]: Maximum number of players that connected to the server

/queue [Queue Max]: Sets the maximum number of players that can queue

/reputation [Steam ID] [Reputation Amount]: Adds reputation to the selected player

/spy [Steam ID]: Takes a screenshot of the specified player

/teleport [Steam ID] [Steam ID]: Teleports you to another player

/experience [Steam ID Player] [Experience Amount]: Gives experience to a player (Needs cheats to be enabled)

/quest [Steam ID] [Quest]: Assigns the selected quest to the specified player

/say [Message] [R] [G] [B]: Sends a message for everyone to see

Time and Weather Control Commands

These commands allow you to change the flow of time, the weather, and more.

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/cycle [Duration]: Sets the duration for day and night in seconds

/day: Sets the time of the server to “Day”

/decay [Decay Time]: Sets decay time for barrier and structure (Can be disabled by setting the decay time to 0)

/night: Sets the time of the server to “Night”

/resetconfig: Resets the server to the default configuration

/time [Duration]: Same thing with “Cycle”. Sets the time duration in seconds for day and night cycles

/weather [None Storm Blizzard]: Changes the weather of the server

Unturned Server Commands

General commands that can be used to control a server. Shutting it down, making a save file, etc.

/bind [IP Address]: Binds the server to the specified IP (Needs to be inserted on the file)

/cheats: Enables or disables cheats

/debug: Displays server debug information

/gamemode [Mode Class Name]: Can be used to set a game mode for the server (Needs to be inserted on the Commands.dat file)

/log [Chat] [Join / Leave] [Death] [Anticheat]: Sets the log options for the server

/map [Level Name]: Sets the server map (Needs to be inserted on the Commands.dat file)

/mode [Difficulty Mode]: Changes the difficulty level of the server

/name [Server Name]: Changes the server name

/password [Password]: Sets a password for the server

/port [Port]: Sets the port that the server will run on

/pve: Enables or disables PvE (Needs to be inserted on the Commands.dat file)

/resetconfig: Resets the server configuration

/save: Saves the current state of the server

/shutdown [Delay]: Stops the server

/sync: Allows players to share save data between servers (Needs to be inserted on the Commands.dat file)

/votify [Vote Allowed Y N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Vote Percentage]/[Required Players]: Sets up voting rules. Cooldown is the time that needs to pass after the last vote before another one can begin, vote duration specifies the duration that a vote remains active, vote percentage is the required percentage for a vote to succeed (Use decimals. 0.4 for 40%, 0.5 for 50%, etc.), and the required players is the minimum number of players that are needed to start the voting process

/welcome [Welcome Message] [R] [G] [B]: Sets the welcome message for the server

Miscelaneous Commands

Commands of miscelaneous nature.

/animal [Steam ID Player] [Animal ID]: Spawns an animal. You can use: Deer, moose, wolf, pig, bear, cow, and reindeer. (Requires cheats to be enabled)

/armor [Barricade Multiplier] [Structure Multiplier]: Assigns the barricade and structure damage multiplier. (Needs to be set in decimals. 0.4 for 40%, 0.5 for 50%, etc)

/modules: Shows the list of modules that are currently loaded

Kingdom Come Deliverance Unlock Command

/vehicle [Steam ID] [Vehicle ID]: Gives a vehicle to the selected player (Requires cheats to be enabled)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands Weather Map

Wrapping Up

That’s all we got for now. If you know a useful command that we missed, let us know about it in the comments section.

wh_pl_showfirecursor [1]Turn on bow crosshairs. (1 = ON, 0=OFF)
g_showHUD [0]Turn off HUD. (1 = ON, 0=OFF)
wh_ui_showCompass [0]Turn off Compass. (1 = ON, 0=OFF)
qQuits immediately without saving
e_ViewDistRatio [X]Change view distance. (Replace X with value, the default is 500)
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation [X]Change view distance for trees only. (Replace X with value, the default is 500)
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist [X]Change view distance for other plants. (Replace X with value, the default is 20)
r_MotionBlur [X]Change motion blur. (Replace X with 0 for off, 1 for camera only, 2 for default)
r_vsync [0]Turns off vsync to potentially increase FPS, but difference isn't clear.
wh_cheat_addItem [X] [#]Add item.( X = item ID, # Number of that item)
Wh_cheat_money [#]Add Money / Groschen. (Adds # of money)
e_TimeOfDayThis will show you the current time of day.
cl_showHUD [0]This disables the HUD. (Change 0 to 1 to re-enable the HUD).
r_MotionBlur [0]This disables motion blur.
cl_fov [X]This commands sets the field of view to X (default is 60).
p_gravity_z [X]Changes the intensity of gravity (default is -13)
wh_cheat_money [X]Adds money to your inventory. Replace XX with the amount of money required.
wh_cheat_addItem [X]Adds the specified item (replace XX with the item ID) to your inventory.
cheat_add_all_itemsAdds all items the player's inventory. This is probably a bad idea..
cheat_add_all_perks [exclude:true], [exclude:false]Adds all perks to the player.
cheat_add_buff [id]Adds the given buff to the player.
cheat_add_buff_healStop bleeding, removes injuries, and restores all health, stamina, hunger, and exhaust.
cheat_add_buff_immortalAdds buffs to make the player immortal. Use cheat_remove_buff_immortal to remove this.
cheat_add_buff_invisibleAdds invisible buff to player. For now this just sets conspicuousness to zero. Use cheat_remove_buff_invisible to remove this.
cheat_add_item [id], [amount: optional number], [health: optional number]Adds an item to the player's inventory.
cheat_add_money [amount]Adds the given amount of groschen to the player's inventory.
cheat_add_perk [id]Adds the given perk to the player.
cheat_add_stat_xp [stat], [xp]Adds XP to one of the player's stats.
cheat_damage_all_items [health]Damages all weapons and armor in your inventory. This can uneqip items so don't do this in combat.
cheat_evalExecutes the given Lua code. This is not a cheat it is used for testing and debugging.
cheat_find_buffsFinds all of the buffs that match the given token.
cheat_find_horsesFind and display stats of horses.
cheat_find_itemsFinds all of the items that match the given token.
cheat_find_npc [token]Finds and shows information about an NPC.This only works if the NPC has been loaded into the world.
cheat_find_perksFinds all of the perks that match the given token.
cheat_find_skillsFinds all of the skills that match the given token.
cheat_get_timeLogs information about game time.
cheat_kill_npc [token]Finds and kills all the killable NPCs within the given radius of the player.
cheat_kill_targetKills the entity targeted using by F4 or the cheat_target_entity command.
cheat_locShows player's world location.
cheat_no_door_lockpickingThis disables the lockpicking minigame on doors and automatically opens the door.Restarting the game reverts this effect.
cheat_no_lockpickingThis calls cheat_no_stash_lockpicking and cheat_no_door_lockpicking.
cheat_no_pickpocketingThis disables the pickpocketing minigame and automatically opens the person's inventory for looting.They can still catch you.Restarting the game reverts this effect.
cheat_no_stash_lockpickingThis disables the lockpicking minigame on stashes and automatically opens the stash for looting.Restarting the game reverts this effect.
cheat_own_all_stolen_itemsMakes you the owner of all stolen items in your inventory.This removes the stolen flag from the item.
cheat_phys_hoverUse F1 key to toggle hover on and off.This uses physics to push the player slightly up.This is intended to be used with F2 push.
cheat_phys_pushUse F2 key to toggle push on and off.This uses physics to push the player forward.This is intended to be used with F1 hover.
cheat_phys_sprintUse F3 key to toggle sprinting on and off.This uses physics to push the player forward (and down for friction).
cheat_remove_all_buffsRemoves all buffs from the player.
cheat_remove_all_itemsRemoves all items in the player's inventory.THIS DELETES YOUR INVENTORY! Move items you want to a stash first.
cheat_remove_all_perksRemoves all perks from the player.
cheat_remove_all_stolen_itemsRemoves all stolen items from your inventory.
cheat_remove_buff [id]Removes the given buff from the player.
cheat_remove_buff_immortalRemoves the buffs making the player immortal.
cheat_remove_buff_invisibleRemoves invisible buff from player.
cheat_remove_item [id]Removes an item to the player's inventory.
cheat_remove_perk [id]Removes the given perk from the player.
cheat_repair_all_itemsRepairs all damaged items in your inventory. This can uneqip items so don't do this in combat.
cheat_reveal_mapReveals the entire map (removes fog of war).
cheat_saveThis instantly saves your game. No item requirements or save limits.
cheat_set_all_merchants_fence [enable:true], [enable:false]Flags all merchants so they accept stolen goods.Restarting the game reverts this effect.
cheat_set_bow_reticle [enable:true], [enable:false]Enabled or disables the bow reticle. Won't take effect if bow is drawn.
cheat_set_horse [id]Sets the player's horse. Use command cheat_find_horses to display a list of horse UUIDs.
cheat_set_regen [state], [enable]Regenerates the given player state over time; pulses once per second.
cheat_set_skill_level [level], [skill]Sets one of the player's skills to the given level.
cheat_set_stat_level [stat], [level]Sets one of the player's stats to the given level.
cheat_set_state [stat], [value]Sets one of the player's states to the given value.
cheat_set_time [hours]Moved time forward the given number of hours.
cheat_set_time_speed [ratio]Set the game time speed as a ratio between real time and game time.A high ratio, like 1000, is faster. Default is 15. 0 will pause time.
cheat_set_wanted_level [level]Set or clears the player's wanted level. This doesn't affect faction reputation.
cheat_set_weather [id]Sets the weather to the given weather ID.1 = cloudless_sunny2 = semicloudy_clear3 = cloudy_no_rain4 = cloudy_frequent_showers5 = foggy_drizzly6 = foggy_storm7 = dream
cheat_spawn [class]Spawns bandits, cuman, or animals.For some reason most of the animals and some bandits/cuman just stand around. No idea why.The spawned entities are not managed so you should kill them off or load a clean save.
cheat_spawn_npc [token]Searches through the database of souls and spawns 1 NPC for each match.This is intended to be used to spawn specific NPCs.The list of souls is in v_soul_character_data.xml in tables.pak.
cheat_stashOpens the player's stash. This only works if you have unlocked at least 1 stash
cheat_target_entityTracks the entity being targeted by the player.This will allow you to use other commands on the entity.This command is bound to the F4 key.
cheat_teleport [x], [y]. [z]Teleports the player to the given coordinates.You can end up in the air or under the map.I suggest saving your game and turn on immortality first.
cheat_teleport_horseTeleports your horse to you.
cheat_teleport_npc_to_loc [token], [x], [y]. [z]Teleports one or more NPCs to the given coordinates. Use cheat_loc to get locations.
cheat_teleport_npc_to_player [token]Teleports one or more NPCs to the player's location.
cheat_teleport_to [place]Teleports the player to the given place. Supported places (case insensitive):(Inn at the) Glade, Ledetchko, Merhojed,Monastery, Neuhof, Pribyslavitz,Rattay, Rovna, Samopesh,Sasau, Skalitz, Talmberg,Uzhitz, Vranik
cheat_unlock_recipesSaw this code to unlock recipes in a pak file.I have no idea what this really does or if it works.Let me know.
cheat_wash_dirt_and_bloodWashes all blood and dirt from the player and player's horse.
Added r_ssdo, r_AntiAliasingMode, wh_ui_ShowCursor, wh_ui_ShowCompassChanged layout of post to make it more friendly
r_ssdo = 0Disables SSAO
r_AntiAliasingMode = 0Disables Anti Aliasing
wh_ui_ShowCursor 0Will disable the combat cursor in the middle of the screen (Please note you will have to keep turning it off everytime you interact with objects/Npc's/Inventory)
wh_plshowfirecursor 1This console command activates a reticle for your bow in Kingdom Come Deliverance, which gives you a distinct accuracy bonus, since hitting anything in the game with a ranged weapon is somewhat difficult. To turn this console command back off, simply replace the 1 with a 0