Kuhn Fc 44 Mower Conditioner Manual

Kuhn Fc 44 Mower Conditioner Manual

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FC Trailed Mower-conditioners FC 243/283/313 TG/RTG H KUHN Mower Conditioner Features Designed specifically for medium and smaller sized hay operations the FC 243/283/313 TG/RTG disc mower conditioners are designed to be economical yet be productive and produce a clean cut and properly conditioned crop. · Exceptional maneuverability thanks to the swivel hitch with a choice of 2-point or drawbar attachment. Fallout 4 khajiit mods.

Specifications: FC 244: FC 284: FC 3115: FC 314: Working width (m) 2.4: 2.8: 3.1: 3.11: Transport width (m)-2.44-Cutterbars-OPTIDISC ELITE-Number of discs with. The FC TC Series mower conditioners are known for their high-capacity, precise conditioning and fast consistent drydown as being a key to high-quality forage. However, there are two prominent features Demmer is very fond of on his FC 4060 TCR mower conditioner. “The feature I really like on the machine is the cutterbar,” stated Demmer.

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A definite advantage when working in small or irregular sized fields. · With an efficient power flow and balanced design horsepower requirements are reduced allowing operation on a broader range of tractors. · Produce quality forage by choosing the type of conditioning which will speed up the drying process without losing nutritional value. POLYCOMB fingers or rollers for best conditioning of grass and leguminous crops. These features are available on all 3 models whether choosing a 2.40 m/7’11”, 2.80 m/9’2 ” or 3.11 m/10’2 ” working width. KUHN mower conditioners offer solutions to meet your requirements: reliability, user-friendly and high quality mowing. Trailed Mower-conditioner FC 243 – FC 283 – FC 313 TG/RTG Maneuverability and agility for mowing in difficult conditions 3 This range of mower conditioners combines reduced weight and reliability to work well on hilly field conditions. A professional range engineered for mixed farming/livestock operations ! These disc mower conditioners are particularly suited for medium and smaller sized hay operations. A compact machine suited to perform, even in the most difficult conditions · Designed for efficiency and productivity, the compact design of the trailed FC 243, 283 and 313 TG/RTG series thread their way anywhere and are well adapted for use on hilly and irregular fields while maintaining good stability. · A robust design of the frame that utilizes the latest in fabrication techniques provides more than sufficient strength with out adding excessive weight. Low maintenance thanks to vibration isolation joints Header suspension links have vibration isolation mounts, to ensure quiet vibration-free operation for long machine life. Maintenance free header suspension arm joints insure long-lived header ground contouring without binding. Large tires for exceptional flotation Fitted with large diameter tires, these machines provide good floatation in all circumstances minimizing soil compaction and crop stubble damage. The multi rib tires maintain an excellent grip when working on slopes. Gyrodine swivel hitch for high speed mowing and PTO driveline reliability Fast, clean-cut turns on headlands as well as when working around obstacles, lone trees, and drainage ditches. The Gyrodine hitch allows mowing square corners without skips for maximum productivity. 4 The Gyrodine swivel hitch : 540 or 1000 rpm PTO driveline is always straight, so PTO u-joint wear and vibration is minimized, ensuring long trouble free driveline life. Mower can be adapted for use with 540 or 1000 rpm PTO tractors. Inverting the Gyrodine gearbox changes input speed. No extra parts to buy. Choice of 2-pt swivel attachment or drawbar swivel attachment. Choice of 2-pt swivel attachment or drawbar swivel attachment. Choose the attachment package that is best suited for your tractor and operation. Both retain the turning and driveline advantages of the Gyrodine swivel gearbox. Controlled mowing on turns Direct reading of the cutting height Central adjustment of ground pressure Easy adjustment of the cutting height The height is adjusted from 30 to 80 mm (1-3 in) by means of only one link rod on the right side of the machine. An easy to read indicator shows the actual cutting height. Optimize mowing! Easy adjustments allow cutting height settings to match crop and field conditions. Cut close in creeping grasses. Cut high in alfalfa, or stony fields. Suspension: set by one crank Suspension is easily adjusted by means of a crank that provides a single point of adjustment.