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The Kurzweil SP 88 is a quality instrument. It has various piano sounds and the other limited choice of basic sounds like organs, harpsichord, strings etc. The sounds can be edited and saved. The instrument is multi-timbrel. If memory serves me correct it doesn't have a sequencer. It has facility for splitting the keyboard into parts where different sounds are triggered on different sections of the keyboard. It has some cheesy drum sounds. There are the usual line outs, pedal outs, midi in/outs. The keyboard feels like a real piano. The piano is heavy. [b]UTILIZATION[/b]The one drawback of this keyboard is that it is not user friendly when accessing the deeper functions which requires the manual to figure out. It is also very heavy but it is transportable. [b]SOUNDS[/b]This digital piano sounds great! It sounds very much like a real piano. And the fidelity of the output sound is extremely good. All the output sounds sound very solid and strong with very low if any background noise. On recordings it sounds like a real piano. Not all of the piano sounds are great but there are a few great ones. [b]OVERALL OPINION[/b]I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow one of these from a friend for a while when they didnt have space for it. Eventually I had to return it to the owner. I deeply miss the it now that its gone. However I am not a true piano player. I do most of my stuff in midi in a daw. The best thing about this digital piano is that it feels and sounds like a real piano. I like to play in a beautiful romantic style using the damper pedal. With this piano I could easily get into and feel inspired by the sound. I have looked for another digital piano since losing this one but I have been looking in the to find one in budget.

Kurzweil is a product line of Young Chang Co.; V. A. S. T. is a registered trademark, and Kurzweil, SP76, SP88, and K are trademarks of Young Chang Co. Kurzweil SP88 Stage Piano The Stage Pianos have the award-winning Kurzweil sounds and transmit on two, user-selectable, independent User Manual. Kurzweil SP88 Electronic Musical Instruments Digital Piano download pdf instruction manual and user guide.

The new SP Series Stage Pianos are the performance keyboards you've been waiting for. Well-constructed and affordable, these stage pianos have everything you need. The SP Series comes in lightweight 76- and 88-key semi-weighted action models (SP76 and SP88), plus an 88-note fully weighted action model (SP88X).

Kurzweil Sp88 Keyboard

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Getting Started The Front Panel Each character in the display also has a small dot at the bottom right. This name comes about from its usual association ourzweil a split keyboard. Internal EffectNoc This is the effect number for the sounds for this setup and is the same for both zones. This is the simpler of the manyal modes and is automatically selected when power is turned on.

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Kurzweil Sp88 Keyboard Piano

Introducing the Stage Piano The Keyboard The Keyboard Depending on model, the keyboard has 76 keys (E1ÐG7) or a full 88 keys (A0ÐC8). These are full-sized, weighted keys, the equal of keyboards found on more expensive synthesizers and controllers. Skip to main content Skip to footer site site Used 115672564 Kurzweil SP88 Stage Piano site false. Kurzweil — Explore, Create, Perform Kurzweil paved the way for synthesizer technology in 1984 by making the first successful attempt to emulate the complex sounds of a grand piano with electronics. Full Compass is a proud supplier of Kurzweil Stage Pianos, Synthesizers, and Home Digital Pianos that maintain the same cutting-edge quality and performance. Shop our Kurzweil Musical Instrument. DOWNLOADS PRO KEYBOARDS Current Products Artis® Artis®7 Artis®SE Forte® Forte®7 Forte®SE PC3A6 PC3A7 PC3A8 PC3K6 PC3K7.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Chapter 2 Getting Started This chapter will help you hook up your Stage Piano and learn its basic functions.

Got it, continue to print.

Kurzweil SP88 instruction manual and user guide

Kurzweil Sp88 Keyboard Shortcut


Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Maintenance Aside from normal care in handling and use, your Stage S;88 requires no regular maintenance. Two Ribbons used instead of traditional wheels provide flexible control. S88 Electric Piano is provided in a variety of programs. Although much less objectionable than a click, this momentary muting will be audible if notes are sounding or still decaying during the changeover.

The Pitch ribbon has a user programmable software “spring”, allowing the pitch to jump back to center or remain at the value where the finger lifts off the surface.

Kurzweil SP88 Digital Piano download instruction manual pdf

Kurzweil Sp88 Keyboard Pro

Flickering while down may indicate a problem with the switch while a sluggish release is likely to be an alignment problem between the button and the front manal hole. MIDI Setups Mode More on Keyboard Splits More on Keyboard Splits The example given earlier described the simplest possible keyboard split where one section of the keyboard controls one sound and an adjacent kuurzweil controls a different sound but there are other possibilities too.

For example, the sequencer may have a Patch Thru or Soft Thru parameter, which you should set to On kurzdeil this case. When in Internal Voices mode, the entire keyboard plays the selected sound. Below is a list of all possible characters the display may be called upon to show. This manual will get you started with your new instrument. A value of 0 means no effect and Noc means no effects change when changing to this setup.

Kurzweil Music Systems – SP88 – Users Guide

Global Parameters Access to the Global Parameters Touch 1—5 This parameter affects the response of the keyboard to your playing effort as follows: When diagnosing audio problems, set the Stage Piano to play its demo sequence. In the Stage Piano, iurzweil, the kurzwsil can overlap partially or even completely thus making the term layer more accurate. The unit must be in Play mode all LEDs to the left of the display off for this to work.

Programs based on the Ensemble Strings include selections with different EQ’s and envelope response. Stage Piano User’s Guide.

Clean with a soft cloth dampened with water. What Mode Am I In? Chapter 1 Introducing the Stage Piano Welcome! A control pedal can be very useful for controlling volume, vibrato, or other effect by foot. Executing the above save procedure will turn them off. Best for ensemble playing. Contents Young Chang Distributors These are full-sized, weighted keys, the equal of keyboards found on more expensive synthesizers and controllers.

Kurzweil Sp88 Keyboard

Kurzweil Sp88 Parts

Although Kurzweil equipment is cited in these examples, there is a whole world of possibilities out there and your Stage Piano will be equally adept at using any of them. Do the following to temporarily change the effect setting of a sound: A volume pedal may or may not be satisfactory depending on how it is constructed.

Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Chapter 7 Troubleshooting Maintenance Aside from normal care in handling and use, your Stage Piano requires no regular maintenance. Games! alamo world geography.

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