Lightdm Greeter Themes

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Lightdm-webkit-theme-aether AUR: A sleek, straightforward Archlinux themed login screen written on lightdm and the lightdm-webkit2-greeter. You can set the default greeter by changing the Seat:. section of the LightDM configuration file, like so. Simple display manager (GTK+ greeter) lightdm-gtk-greeter is greeter shell for the LightDM login manager. It uses the GTK+ toolkit and integrates well with desktop environment using that toolkit, like the Xfce desktop environment.

  • Robert Ancell mocked up an animated 3D greeter theme for LightDM a few weeks ago, basically as a proof of concept. It lets you log in by clicking on animated Imps. It lets you log in by clicking on animated Imps.
  • What I needed to do was install the LightDM greeter theme, then I needed to make a couple config edits so it worked with my nvidia drivers.
  • LightDM-gtk-lcars LightDM Themes 3gmaster The people who are wanting to use this in Linux Mint Cinnnamon 20. First you must install lightdm-gtk-greeter and its settings by this command sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter.

I'm using Mint Xfce, so it might not apply, but in my application menu under System theres an item called Login Window. Under the second tab (Local), there are both Add and Remove buttons. Presumably, I can use the Add button to add one of those login window themes. And then, in my case - since I've set it to 'random, from selected,' - I would check the box beside the one that appears in the list after I add it to the other 33 or so that were preinstalled when I installed Mint (14 Xfce).

IDK if that is an Xfce thing or if it's a Mint thing. (And if what you're asking about is the same that is in the newer Mint 15 - the animated WebGL/HTML(?) stuff where you can 'steer' your flight through the clouds, the non-WebGL animated theme collection by Sam Riggs, et cetera, then IDK about that, either, because I haven't tried it yet). BUT, you might look to see if you have that 'Login Window' in the System section of your menu and, if so, look under the 'local' tab. Unfortunately, I'm not clear on the differences between LightDM, MDM, GDM, etc., so IDK which are what and whether the same options apply to them. Still, much of the time I find the more common configuration settings in either the System section or the Settings (Settings is, I think, just for the 'after Xfce loads' stuff, but System has more system-wide stuff - which makes sense because it's called System).


Lightdm-gtk-greeter Themes Download

LightDM is a lightweight display manager that has been made default in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, replacing GDM.
If you want to change the LightDM login screen background, all you have to do is edit a file and enter the path to the new background:

1. Open a terminal or press ALT + F2 and enter:
2. Scroll down to the line that begins with 'background' - it should look like this:

Lightdm Greeter Themes

Lightdm Greeter Themes

And replace '/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png' with the exact path to the wallpaper you want to use for the LightDM background.
3. Save the file and log out.

Change Lightdm Background

Lightdm Greeter Themes Backgrounds

The above instructions assume you're using Unity Greeter, the default LightDM greeter (theme) in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot. If you use a different greeter, like for instance LightDM GTK Greeter (package name: lightdm-gtk-greeter), search for it's configuration file under /etc/lightdm/ and edit that file instead of unity-greeter.conf.