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LimeWire Latest Version

LimeWire 5.5.16

Sep 30, 2010
28.77 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

LimeWire Popular Version

LimeWire 4.12.6

Sep 11, 2006
2.79 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
LimeWire 1.4bMay 10, 20015.64 MB
LimeWire 1.4cAdd info6.59 MB
LimeWire 1.6dAdd info1.57 MB
LimeWire 1.6bJul 23, 20016.59 MB
LimeWire 1.7dAdd info2.65 MB
LimeWire 1.7cAdd info1.77 MB
LimeWire 1.8Add info3.79 MB
LimeWire 1.8cDec 7, 20013.83 MB
LimeWire 2.0.4Add info3.89 KB
LimeWire 2.1.1Feb 15, 20023.63 MB
LimeWire 2.2.1Add info3.63 MB
LimeWire 2.2.4Add info3.56 MB
LimeWire 2.3.1Add info3.64 MB
LimeWire 2.3.4Add info3.64 MB
LimeWire 2.04Jan 2, 20023.89 KB
LimeWire 2.4.4Mar 12, 20023.57 MB
LimeWire 2.5.5Aug 5, 20023.20 MB
LimeWire 2.6.3Sep 17, 20023.34 MB
LimeWire 2.8.5Dec 17, 20023.42 MB
LimeWire 3.0.2Jun 16, 20034.47 MB
LimeWire 3.3.4Jul 24, 20034.52 MB
LimeWire 3.6.15Nov 15, 20034.75 MB
LimeWire 3.8.6Feb 25, 20045.47 MB
LimeWire 4.0.7Jun 29, 20045.17 MB
LimeWire 4.4.5Add info2.23 MB
LimeWire 4.08Aug 16, 20045.23 MB
LimeWire 4.9.30Sep 15, 20052.43 MB
LimeWire 4.09.30Sep 15, 20052.43 MB
LimeWire 4.09.33Oct 9, 20052.44 MB
LimeWire 4.9.33Add info2.44 MB
LimeWire 4.9.37Oct 26, 20052.49 MB
LimeWire 4.09.37Oct 26, 20052.49 MB
LimeWire 4.09.38Dec 15, 20052.55 MB
LimeWire 4.9.39Dec 20, 20052.61 MB
LimeWire 4.09.39Dec 20, 20052.61 MB
LimeWire 4.10.0Dec 27, 20052.66 MB
LimeWire 4.10.5Jan 24, 20062.66 MB
LimeWire 4.10.9Apr 26, 20062.71 MB
LimeWire 4.11.0Mar 13, 20062.71 MB
LimeWire 4.12.3Jun 22, 20062.74 MB
LimeWire 4.12.6Sep 11, 20062.79 MB
LimeWire 4.12.10Jan 28, 20072.95 MB
LimeWire 4.12.15Jul 3, 20072.98 MB
LimeWire 4.14.0Aug 15, 20073.24 MB
LimeWire 4.14.1Aug 7, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.14.2Aug 7, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.14.3Aug 8, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.14.5Aug 11, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.14.7Aug 15, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.14.8Aug 17, 20073.22 MB
LimeWire 4.17.6Apr 2, 20084.29 MB
LimeWire 4.18.2Jun 5, 20084.67 MB
LimeWire 4.18.3Jun 18, 20084.67 MB
LimeWire 4.18.5Aug 15, 20084.67 MB
LimeWire 4.18.6Aug 21, 20084.67 MB
LimeWire 4.18.8Sep 18, 20084.67 MB
LimeWire 5.1.1Mar 3, 200915.72 MB
LimeWire 5.1.2Mar 10, 200915.74 MB
LimeWire 5.1.3May 22, 200915.75 MB
LimeWire 5.1.4Jun 22, 200915.71 MB
LimeWire 5.2.8Jul 22, 200917.99 MB
LimeWire 5.2.10Jul 28, 200917.99 MB
LimeWire 5.2.12Jul 30, 200917.99 MB
LimeWire 5.2.13Jul 31, 200917.99 MB
LimeWire 5.3.6Sep 30, 200917.80 MB
LimeWire 5.4.5Dec 14, 200917.98 MB
LimeWire 17, 200917.98 MB
LimeWire 5.4.6Dec 16, 200917.98 MB
LimeWire 5.4.7Feb 15, 201019.83 MB
LimeWire 5.4.8Feb 19, 201019.83 MB
LimeWire 5.5.5Mar 5, 201023.06 MB
LimeWire 5.5.6Mar 10, 201023.03 MB
LimeWire 5.5.7Mar 16, 201023.07 MB
LimeWire 5.5.8Mar 24, 201023.06 MB
LimeWire 5.5.9May 28, 201023.10 MB
LimeWire 5.5.10Jun 23, 201023.10 MB
LimeWire 5.5.13Jul 29, 201017.99 MB
LimeWire 5.5.14Aug 20, 201028.66 MB
LimeWire 5.5.16Sep 30, 201028.77 MB
Limewire music windows 10

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LimeWire Description

Limewire Music Download For Mac

LimeWire the cross platform, easy to use peer-to-peer (P2P) program used to download content from the internet. LimeWire, which uses the gnutella network along with the BitTorrent protocol, is free to download and use and latest versions include filters to make downloading safer.
LimeWire was launched in 2000 and the aim was to give users direct access via a router to the Gnutella system, the first decentralized P2P network. Subsequently Gnutella designated this router as the default router for their P2P connections; within a year LimeWire became a huge hit. LimeWire

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Limewire 5.5.16 Free Download

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Free Limewire For Windows 10

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