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Lin Zexu is Fujian, officials in the Qing Dynasty, in his life, the main impact of the world do two things: (1) the anti smoking campaign, (2) Chinese translation works 'Haiguo' book. These two things are light, but they are actually heavier. Because of 'no smoking', it was later called 'national hero'.

Lin Zexu was sent to Canton, the chief trading port of the East India Company, with instructions to negotiate an end to the importation of opium into China. The English merchants were uncooperative, so he seized their stores of opium. This led to immediate military action.

  • Lin ZiXu chose to apprehend tobacconists in Guangdong, confiscated opium and pipes, prepared smoking cessation pills for drug addicts and implemented other compulsory measures.
  • Lin Zexu: No Smoking is an Action Role-Playing game, developed by Fuzhou Waixing Computer Science & Technology, (a chinese gaming company known for making unlicensed Famicom games and other electronics), in 1996. The game was translated to English by pacnsacdave in 2017.

But before Lin Zexu died, he left a mystery. In November 22, 1850, Barack Lin Zexu on his way to Guangxi (then reported that Hong Xiuquan may, uprising) a sudden death in Guangdong County of Puning Chaozhou without warning. Before his death, Lin Zexu left a note, three times out of three words, namely 'the star of dounan'!

Let the people difficult to understand is that the 'star of Dounan' what is the meaning, still no authoritative interpretation, can only be guessed. Next, I'll give you an inventory of the two most widely circulated guesses.

First, the state anxiety cries

Before Lin Zexu died, still worried that he then shouted 'star, there are two kinds of Dounan' later explained. Then, every loyal, before they die with regret, will shout.

(1) Lin Zexu on his deathbed, saw a night sky, a star fell to the Beichen star position. China is located in the south of Beichen star, while Russia is located in the north of Beichen star. Therefore, the prophecy of Lin Zexu: Russia will pose a threat to Chinese.

(2) at that time, Hong Xiuquan and Yang Xiuqing in Guangxi were actively planning the uprising. Some people say that Lin Zexu foresaw that the surge high and sweep forward movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, so loudly, 'the star of Dounan' literally, is that the South will have a catastrophe.

Second tips for assassination

Because Lin Zexu banned smoking in Guangdong, offended many dignitaries, the most typical is the thirteen elements of Guangdong. As everyone knows, the thirteen line leader Howqua was the richest man in the world, but his main industry is the Opium trade.

Destroy the people of wealth like kill their parents, so the thirteen Guangdong hated Lin Zexu, just Lin Zexu come down, and in the territory of Guangdong, so he bribed Lin Zexu cook, poison to assassinate Lin Zexu. Lin Zexu eat porridge, diarrhea, and so suddenly died, very strange.

So, before his death, Lin Zexu shouted 'star dou'. Later, the experts, the 'star of Dounan' Min pronunciation is 'new bean bar'. And the new bean bar is a street near the thirteen line of Guangzhou. It's very famous. So, Lin Zexu means something.

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Lin Zexuno Smoking Cigarettes

The author believes that if the invasion of Russia, the Guangxi uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, thirteen for assassination, Lin Zexu has ample opportunity to briefly answer directly, saying 'star, obviously there are other meanings of Dounan'. Just so far, no solution.

Today, Lin Zexu is highly regarded, almost carried him to a new height. In fact, Lin Zexu was also a foolish place, for example, that Westerners can not be bent legs, just at sea, even if to the land, will not walk, if nothing more than melee, failure.

Of course, after the Opium War, Lin Zexu gradually wake up, then the translation works 'Haiguo' book. On this basis, the translation and thinkers in the late Qing Dynasty Wei Yuan works, edited for 'Haiguo', the rise of Japan become an important book.

To be frank, from 1840 to the beginning of the country, by 1894, there were 54 years in between. Japan's Meiji Restoration in 1869 to 1894, only 25 years in the middle. But the ideological gap between the two is like the earth to the sun.

No matter how many reasons such as the Qing Dynasty, 'three thousand years no great changes', 'conservative Chinese civilization', 'Chinese bad or evil', 'the system does not work', to prove themselves not decadent not confusion, but cannot conceal ignorance and not for the sake of the facts.

Lin Zexu Smoking Tips

Maybe Japan is too bad to exist. If there were no Japanese contrast, East Asia would all sink into the hands of the great powers, then we might now be able to say that Confucianism was the problem, and at least the Qing Dynasty was not bad. But with Japan's contrast, does it show that the Qing Dynasty is too incompetent? Japan is too bad!

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Lin Zexu Smoking Weed

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Lin Zexuno Smoking Cigs

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