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Codecs & DirectShow Filters

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Links is the name of a series of golf simulation computer games, first developed by Access Software, and then later by Microsoft after it acquired Access Software in 1999. Microsoft also produced its own series of golf games based on Links, under the title Microsoft.

LAV Filters (Code - Download - Development builds)
Source filter, audio decoder, and video decoder for many formats.

A DirectShow filter that can decode many audio and video formats.

Haali Media Splitter
Source filter for the Matroska, MP4, Ogg, MPEG and AVI containers.

Source and decoding filter for FLAC audio.

DC-Bass Source
DC-Bass Source Mod
Source and decoding filter for several audio formats. For example ALAC, AAC, Tracker and TrueAudio.

x264 CLI
x264 VFW

Audio renderer with many options. WASAPI output. Audio time stretching (for PAL speedup compensation). Video frame rate correction.



Lots of encoding tutorials and a forum with multimedia experts.

Encoding Tools

Excellent video conversion tool.

Nbsp Meaning In Chat

Excellent video conversion tool.

Basic video editing and encoding tool.

Muxing Tools

Boris fx sapphire activation key crack. MKVToolnix
A powerful set of tools for (re-)muxing Matroska files.


Burning Tools

Ripping Tools

Video Tools

Audio Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

DVD tools


Information about AAC, Ogg Vorbis and MPEG4.

Hydrogen Audio
Audio experts

List of common Four Character Codes that are used by codecs to identify themselves.

ELinks:About Community Documentation Download FAQ Feedback News Search

ELinks is an advanced and well-established feature-rich text mode web(HTTP/FTP/.) browser. ELinks can render both frames and tables, is highlycustomizable and can be extended via Lua orGuile scripts. It is quiteportable and runs on a variety of platforms. Check the aboutpage for a more complete description.

ELinks is an Open Source project covered bythe GNU General Public License. Itoriginates from theLinks projectwritten by Mikulas Patocka.

Links!   The Pivot Corner!

If you want to see ELinks in action check out thescreenshots.

Found a bug? Please see the feedback page forinformation about filing bug reports.

Current status of ELinks

The current unstable version is 0.12pre6, released on 2012-10-30.
The latest stable version is 0.11.7, released on 2009-08-22.

All are available from the download page. A summary ofthe major changes in the various versions is available onthe release info page

What's new?

[2009-08-22] ELinks 0.11.7
[2009-05-31] ELinks 0.12pre4
[2009-03-21] ELinks 0.11.6

Getting started

If you are new to ELinks you might want to check out thedocumentation page for hints on usage andconfiguration. Installation instructions are available at theinstallation page. For further helpplease subscribe to the elinks-users mailinglist.

See the feedback page for information on contacting us. Copyright © 2002-2008 ELinks; Licensed under GPL.

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