Lintel Garage Door Installation

  1. Steel Lintels should be installed with a minimum end bearing of 150mm, bedded on mortar and levelled along its length and across its width.
  2. The masonry above the lintel should be built in accordance with BS EN 1996-2:2006.
  3. Raise the inner and outer leaves simultaneously to avoid excessive eccentricity of loading, with a maximum height difference of 225mm (Masonry should be laid on a mortar bed and all perpendicular joints should be filled.)
  4. Allow the mortar to cure before applying floor or roof loads (Temporary propping beneath a steel lintel is practised to facilitate speed of construction).
  5. The NHBC recommend a damp proof course (DPC) or cavity tray should be installed over all openings in external cavity walls.
  6. When installing concrete floor units or other heavy components above a lintel, care should be taken to avoid shock loading and floor units should not be dragged into position. Masonry immediately above the lintel should be allowed to cure.
  7. Point loads should not be applied directly onto lintel flanges. Steel Lintels should have a minimum of masonry 150mm high between the flange and the application level of any form of loading. Consult IG’s technical department if applying a point load above lintels.
  8. The external lintel flange must project beyond the window/door frame and it is recommended that a flexible sealing compound is used between the underside of the lintel flange and the frame.
  9. When the underside of a lintel is exposed, its appearance can be enhanced by the addition of lintel soffit cladding.
  10. Do not cut lintels to length or modify them in any way without consulting an IG engineer.
  • PREPARING SITE FOR INSTALLATION 1 Check all the measurements of your new garage door against your order confirmation and double check your opening size to make sure everything is correct (fig.1.1) & (fig.1.2). 2 Carefully remove your old garage door and frame if applicable. 3 Sweep down the sides and lintel with a stiff brush and clear all debris.
  • Concrete and Stone Lintel Repair Wood and Steel Door Framing Restoration Simply fill out the form, and tell us about your lintel repair and installation project in detail, and we will connect you with a local Mississippi pro who will contact you with the next steps, costs involved and timeline for completion.

Lintel position within a cavity wall

Ensure the lintel is level. Note: if the lintel is not level, then measurements taken from the lintel should be adjusted to account for this. Installing the Flag Brackets a. On the left hand side of the door opening, measure down 200mm from the bottom of the lintel and mark the door jamb. Measure from the side of the frame across 70mm. What is a ballpark repair cost for a sagging lintel over the garage door? My client is selling their house and the buyer's inspector pointed out 'the overhead garage door lintel is sagging and there are brickwork cracks as a result'. In his opinion the lintel used when the house was constructed in 2008 was not heavy enough.

In accordance with BS EN 1996-2:2006 and NHBC requirements all external wall lintels MUST be installed with a flexible damp proof course with the exception of those adequately protected by an eaves overhang or similar form of protection.

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Lintel Garage Door Installation Door

  • Lintel should be centred in the cavity and the distance between lintel up-stand within the cavity and masonry must not exceed 10mm
  • Masonry should not overhang any flange by more than 25mm.


The practice of propping a lintel is sometimes used to facilitate speed of construction. It should only be introduced after initial masonry load has been applied to the lintel.
When propping a lintel, a horizontal timber plank should be placed along the underside of the lintel and suitable* props secured into place at maximum 1200mm centres.
* Suitability of props is the responsibility of site management.

Lintel Garage Door Installation


Access Garage Doors


Do you have a double garage that has two single doors? Are you finding it a squeeze to park your car in the garage? We can help!

Here at Access Garage doors we have the facilities to transform your garage into a double garage with a double-width door. By removing the centre pier and installing an RSJ lintel that spans the distance across the two openings, providing a much wider door. All measured and customised precisely for your requirements.

But what is an RSJ you ask? A reinforced steel joist (RSJ) is a horizontal steel beam used within construction, also referred to as l-beam and h-beam due to its shape. We use an RSJ when converting the two single garages to one double garage.

During – Installation of load bearing steel

Lintels For Garage Door Opening

We offer a full double door conversion service, transforming two single doors into one, making it more convenient for you to park your car and creating more space in your garage by removing the central pillar between the two single garages. The Double Garage Conversion service includes:

Garage Door Lintel Repair Cost

  • Removal and disposal of existing single garage doors, brick pier etc.
  • Supply and fit load-bearing steel lintel
  • Supply and fit double sized garage door of your choice (manual or automatic)

Lintel Garage Door Installation Kit

We tender to all making good and dispose of any rubbish created during the installation. We also offer additional Garage Doors extras and can fit any door style for you in the necessary size. Alternative sizes, designs, models and automation all available. Contact our expert team for more details.