Little Racers STREET Download For Mac

Explore the maze with your amazing car.

  • More race promoters are including non-traditional classes in their programs and other promoters offer nothing but run-what-ya-brung classes. The nuttier racing is the more spectators eat it up. I mean, what flat track spectator wouldn’t enjoy watching high bar choppers trying to negotiate an 1/8th or ¼ mile track? One of the classes almost always offered is the “stock” Sportster class.
  • The Return of the Isometric Racer When I was a boy, the isometric racer was a gateway to my race driving fantasies. Even more than the third-person, over-the-top camera of other Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1 games, the pulled back view of titles like Rock and Roll Racing allowed me to slip away and sink into the cockpit of those little machines, imagining the sights and sounds, grudges.

Many routes lead to Rome - master the easy ones and get a nice score.

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Explore the hard ones and immortalize yourself in the gaming community!

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Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, maze, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

  • Windows: Launch the installer exe to run the installation of the game
  • Mac OS X: Unzip the archive and launch the .app inside

Important for Mac OS X users: The .app is currently not verified by Apple. In order to run the downloaded game, you need to allow execution of downloaded apps from unverified sources in your devices security settings. We are working on an Apple-verified version.


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really cool game the ui looked super clean and the controls were a bit confusing for a big ol dummie like me xD but it was fun to play, i played it on my stream on twitch! here is the video link for the highlight in which i played it :)

Little Racers Street

(my twitch account is crashie204, and the highlight is titled 'Game 6 : ExploRacer')

Hey Crashie!

Thanks so much for playing our game on your Twitch stream!

Awesome stream by the way, keep up the good work!


City Racer Download

The ExploRacer Boys.

Thanks! And thank you for letting me play your game :D

Little Racers Street Download For Mac Download

Little hint: If you take a turn into a short side street, then click once. If it's longer click twice, if it's even longer click three times, etc. You'll get the hang of it =D

Little Racers Street Download For Mac Windows 7

OMG WOW I CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT KNOW THAT xD i will definitely have to play this game on stream again now that i know this haha :D thanks for the hint! Ford ranger repair manual online.

Little Racers Street Download For Mac Os


Little Racers Street Download For Mac Free

Little Racers STREET Download For Mac

Yeah, you do that! Also keep in mind that some roads are easy (the one you managed is the easiest one) and some are insanely hard. Hencewhy the name 'ExploRacer' as it's up to you to explore the map ;)..·View all by infinibuzz·Report·Embed·