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Re: F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please Author: Date: 2010-08-03 03:00 First set of Loree serial numbers: A1-Z99 1881-1910 Second set of Loree serial numbers ('double letter'): AA1-AA99, then onto BB1-BB99 and so on to ZZ99 1910-1929 Third set of Loree serial numbers: AA1-AZ99, then BA1 (BA01)- BZ99, and so on. 1929 to present So, two Loree. Dec 24, 2007 Loree EH serial numbers (Page 1) — The Instrument Shop — IDRS forum (TM) — Forum for students, teachers, professionals and aficionados of. Can any one tell me where I can find out about a serial number on a Loree Oboe. Com/year.html There is no actual organized system for the serial numbers on Loree. Dec 24, 2007 Loree EH serial numbers (Page 1) — The Instrument Shop — IDRS forum (TM) — Forum for students, teachers, professionals and aficionados of. Can any one tell me where I can find out about a serial number on a Loree Oboe. Com/year.html There is no actual organized system for the serial numbers on Loree. Location Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041. Email [email protected]

l+3” Full conservatory plateau system

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Grenadilla wood – silver-plated keys
Supplied with two silver-plated bocals
All trill keys – 3rd octave key
Left hand F key Copy and paste virus code.

Loree oboes for sale

This model is also available in full automatic system (Réf. “m+3“)

The Oboe d’Amore is also available in ROYAL model
(with the same specificities as the ROYAL English Horn)

Over the past 25 years Lorée instruments have offered me help, guidance, strength, and flexibility to expand my musical ideas, push my boundaries, and find my own voice. I am very grateful!

Eugene IzotovPrincipal oboe of the San Francisco Symphony

Performing on Lorée has made my artistic and professional life so rewarding. With all the variables inherent in playing the oboe, we have to be able to trust our instrument if nothing else! And I trust Lorée. We are so lucky to have this family of innovative perfectionists making the best oboes in the world and who support and encourage the artists that play on them.

Dwight ParryPrincipal oboe of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

F.Lorée instruments enable me to be the best musician I can be. I feel there’s so many colours to be found, I can be flexible, create ‘my’ sound and take musical risks, safe in the knowledge my instruments won’t limit me or let me down.

Alison TealePrincipal cor anglais of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Professor at the Guildhall School of Music

Pourquoi jouer depuis 30 ans les instruments F.Lorée ?
Si les qualités de finition et de fiabilité mécanique sont de par le monde unanimement reconnues et partagées par mes hautbois, hautbois d'amour et cor anglais, le musicien profite au quotidien de la fluidité, justesse parfaite sur toute la tessiture, richesse harmonique et surtout de la capacité des instruments F.Lorée à s'accorder au cœur et à l'âme du musicien, à se plier à ses moindres exigences sans lui imposer un son stéréotypé ou standardisé. Ces atouts forment un ensemble qui détermine au plus haut point le choix de l'artiste.

Stéphane GoyeauMusicien freelance, Professeur au conservatoire de Paris XVIII et au CRR de Reims
Lorée's craftsmanship, knowledge, and legacy in the instrument making world is legendary. Their instruments have a vast color palette with the unique ability to allow the individuality of each musician to shine through. They enable me to play the variety of repertoire that I enjoy and inspire me on a daily basis! Thank you for all the wonderful instruments over the years!

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Nathan HughesPrincipal Oboe of the Metropolitan Opera of New York, Oboe Faculty at The Juilliard School

As a performer I am in need of extremes, in dynamics, in range, in expressivity, in colors, and I need an oboe which can deliver all of this and much more, instantly, without the need to bend my technique or my reeds to it. Throughout my entire career I have been blessed by playing Lorée oboes providing all the support I needed for my musical and technical demands. Lorées are 'Strads', they are instruments which invite me to reach higher and better.

Alex KleinPrincipal oboe of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Professor at DePaul University in Chicago

I would like to thank the Lorée company for making such great instruments that allow me to express myself the best way possible!

Dmitry MalkinEnglish horn of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

There is only one oboe which gives me the flexibility to express music in the way I envision, to color and shape the sound, and ultimately to allow me to sound like myself: Lorée.

Frank RosenweinPrincipal oboe of the Cleveland Orchestra

Since there are so many fine oboes being made today by a number of manufacturers, I am often asked 'why do YOU CHOOSE to play the F.Lorée oboe?'. My answer is simple: 'tone quality and intonation'. In addition, I am pleased with the extraordinary balance between stability and flexibility found in the oboes made by the de Gourdon Family.

Richard KillmerProfessor of Oboe, Eastman School of Music
I have been playing Lorees my entire career! I love the range of colors and the simultaneously sweet and dark sound. It offers an ideal balance between flexibility and stability. My Loree is the ultimate creative tool- I feel like I can do anything!

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Mary LynchPrincipal Oboe of the Seattle Symphony

Un grand merci à la famille de Gourdon qui, à travers les instruments Lorée, continue à faire
vivre le véritable hautbois français avec sa sonorité si riche, pleine et unique.

Timothée OudinotMusicien freelance et membre du « Ciné-Trio »
I am proud to play Lorée oboes since 1972 and always appreciate the care with which they craft each individual instrument, as well as the dedication they show their customers. My Royal oboes are flexible, resonant, and colorful, with great intonation and keywork that allows me to play the most difficult technical passages with ease and fluidity. Thank you, Lorée, for your artistry and craftsmanship!

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Nancy Ambrose KingFreelance Oboist, Professor of Oboe at the University of Michigan