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If you need a little guidance to get started in your Bible study, we suggest this simple 3-session course called “Learn To Use Your Bible.” less-1-value-of-personal-bible-study. The Bible studies on these pages all use the PDF file format. Lutheran Study Bible (Electronic Version) The Lutheran Study Bible with NRSV spotlights introductions, commentary, and essays by more than 60 Lutheran pastors and professors. It's composed to invite readers.


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Dr. Joel D. Biermann
Joel Biermann graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, in 1987 and served as a parish pastor for 11 years, the majority of those at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Holt, Michigan. In the parish, Biermann enjoyed leading a ministry focused on evangelism and Christian growth in sanctification and discipleship. In 1998, he returned to Concordia Seminary to pursue a doctoral degree in systematic theology. Since completing that degree in 2002, he has served on the faculty of the seminary as associate professor of systematic theology. He has participated in the production of a number of original Bible studies for the Men's Network, Concordia Publishing House and his congregation. Pocket dbz mugen chars download. In 2011 his book, Courageous Fathers of the Bible, was published. He has penned several academic essays, as well. He and his wife, Jeannalee, have three children; they make their home in St. Louis, Missouri.
Bible Studies by Dr. Joel D. Biermann:
Fatherhood - with Joel Biermann
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