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Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance, and user experience when installed on Intel-based systems running Mac OS X Mavericks (v10.9). All Adobe CC and CS6 products are compatible, but a few products require updates to the latest builds to work properly. Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS4, and CS3 were also tested with Mac OS X Mavericks, and currently there are no known major issues.

As with any new release of an operating system, there could be unexpected issues that arise that were not discovered during testing. If you encounter any issues, report them using the bug reporting form.

Creative Cloud

Classilla is a free, open source browser for Mac OS 9. Classilla is bringing back web browser support to your classic Macintosh - built on WaMCom, a port of Mozilla to classic Macintosh systems, using the same technology underpinning the popular Firefox browser. It's completely free and it's open source, and it's standards-compliant. Some resources for older Macs and Mac OS versions can be hard to find. Here are some useful software links for the Mac OS. Early Mac System Software. Links for downloading System 6.0.x, 7.0.x, and 7.5.3 from Apple, plus links to sites with older versions of the Mac OS. Classic Mac OS Advice.

  • In some instances, the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application encounters an “incompatible software error” and requires a workaround. For the latest information, see 'Incompatible Software' error Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9).


  1. Mac OS classic is a nice operating system, but it is radically different from Unix-like systems. This makes it really hard to build -or port- any web browser to it.
  2. Explore the best Browsers software for Mac. Browse our catalog of over 50 000 mac apps. MacUpdate is serving app downloads since 1997.
  3. Surely, you can find that browser that you can use other than Safari and still get the speed and reliability that you need. Out of the hundreds of browsers that could work great in a Mac, here is the top 10 best Mac web browser rounded up for you to give you an idea of what could be the best browser for you.
  • Acrobat or Reader crashes on using the Find command on Mac OS 10.9.2. See Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility or Crash during a text search for additional details.
  • Safari 7 can block the first attempt to view a PDF using Adobe Reader. Get the workaround at Safari 7 and 6.1 block PDFs.


  • Photoshop CC keyboard shortcuts can stop working temporarily when you use a Wacom Tablet. See more details at Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool, or Photoshop stop working when using a Wacom tablet.
  • Photoshop lasso selection tools can close suddenly when you use a Wacom Tablet. See more details at Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool, or Photoshop stop working when using a Wacom tablet.
  • Photoshop menus, panels, and dialog boxes can turn white and become unresponsive when you use a Wacom Tablet. Get the workaround at Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool, or Photoshop stop working when using a Wacom tablet.


  • Lightroom 5 sliders look different from sliders in previous versions. See Sliders are white, blue, look different for additional details.

After Effects

  • After Effects CC or CS6 doesn't launch. See Can't launch After Effects for additional details.


  • Dreamweaver CC becomes unresponsive. See Known issues Dreamweaver CC 2015 for additional details.

Flash Player

  • Adobe Flash Player can require you to remove sandbox restrictions from your Apple Safari player. Learn more at Remove sandbox restrictions.

If updates for Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility with Creative Cloud or Creative Suite products are required, they are made available in the following ways:

  • Active Creative Cloud members receive updates. You are notified of any updates via the Creative Cloud desktop app or through the desktop application itself.
  • For nonsubscription versions, updates are made through the Adobe Updater, a utility that is installed with Adobe products to manage downloading and installing updates for you. As long as the automated notification feature in Adobe Updater is turned on, you are alerted automatically when the updates become available. You can then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the updates.
  • Alternatively, if you own a CS6 product that requires an update, you can open the CS6 product, choose Help > Updates to open the Adobe Updater. Then, check all of the updates you want, and then click Download and Install Updates.
  • Lastly, you can also visit the downloads page on to monitor when updates are posted. Then, you can download and install the updates for each relevant product.

If you don’t see updates available in Adobe Updater but you believe that an update is available, visit the Product updates page.

Customers are encouraged to check plug-in compatibility by contacting the plug-in vendor before upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9). For third-party products, contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Adobe offers support to Creative Cloud and Creative Suite customers running Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) in accordance with Adobe's standard customer support policies. Visit the support page for additional information about complimentary and paid support programs.

Adobe recommends following your company’s internal guidelines to manage updates. Contact the IT person who manages your Adobe licenses for information about your corporate policies on updating software. For volume licensing customers, information is available for IT managers on how to do a silent installof CC and CS6 updates, and Creative Cloud Packager.

Yes. If a full version of a CC or CS6 product is compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9), then the trial version is also compatible. If there are any known issues described in this document, they also apply to the trial versions.

Yes, Adobe Drive could cause the opening or saving of files to take longer. See Files open, save slowly for more information.

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Charles Moore's Mailbag

Charles Moore - 2006.06.28 -Tip Jar

WaMCom Is the Best Classic Mac OS Browser

From Ken Watanabe


I had the same impressions asyou when I recently booted my Mac back into Mac OS 9.1 (justfor fun), except I was using the version of Mozilla 1.3, and notNetscape 7. (DownloadWaMCom here.)

Also, I do not think there was ever a release of Netscape 7.1for the Classic Mac OS. The last one I remember was 7.0.x, andgoing to the Netscape legacy download page does not provide a 'MacPowerPC' version for 7.1, only up to 7.0. However, if this was a'secret limited release,' I'd like to know how to get a copy.

I like WaMCom best for the Classic Mac OS. I stuck with Mac OS9.1 for a few years longer and transitioned to a more mature MacOS X (Panther), because it was around for my browserneeds.

As always, I enjoy reading your content on LEM.

- Ken Watanabe

Hi Ken,

You're perfectly correct about Netscape 7.1 forthe Classic Mac OS, and I was in error (subsequently corrected inthe article). Netscape 7.0.2 was the last Classic-supportedversion.


No Netscape 7.1 for Classic

From Tom Gabriel


Excellent article!

I have Netscape 7.01 on my G4 presently running OS 9.2.2, and Iecho your remarks right down the line, with one proviso: I passedon downloading Netscape 7.1 because it did not seem to support anyOS for Mac other than X. Am I missing something?

Internet Explorer began its downward slide a long time ago, andI got more and more irritated with it until I just trashed it andwent to iCab and Netscape 7.01, finding myself using Netscape mostof the time.

I've found that if you have RAM to burn, giving Netscape farmore memory than it asks will speed things up and even contribute abit to its stability.

By the way, is there any way to install any version ofMacromedia Flash Player on iCab? It makes quite a difference withNetscape, but its installer doesn't recognize iCab at all.

Thanks for a great read!

God Bless,
Tom Gabriel

Hi Tom,

Thanks. Glad you liked the column.

You're right. Netscape 7.0.2 is the last versionthat supports Classic. I made an error in the original draft of thecolumn, which has now been corrected.

As for Flash, as far as I know iCab isunsupported. This my be more a Macromedia issue than an iCabone.


OS 9 Video Capture with HackTV and BTV

After reading Video Capture withOS 9, Michael Samarin says:

Waterfox classic browser

Dear Charles,

In response to Tim Larson's question regarding video capturingsoftware for Mac OS 9 (Misc. Ramblings from 2006.06.05), I'dlike to recommend two applications. First is Apple's own HackTVthat used to be and still is excellent sampler application fordevelopers that demonstrates how to utilize video capturingarchitecture of QuickTime on classic Mac OS and OS X. It isfree and even comes with full sources. On the Apple developer'ssite you can find carbonized and Mac OS X version. However, pureclassic version still exists in their archive and here is a direct link.

Despite it's simplicity, it covers most capturing needs: You canspecify your video and audio source, select compression and size oftarget movie. During the capturing process, live video monitor isnot updated in realtime to save CPU, however final video file ondisk is always okay. Just in case, here is another link to the oldQuickTime related software that is free from Apple:

Some of the software is real treasure.

Another application that has lots of advanced features for videocapturing in classic Mac OS and OS X is BTV and it's more complex brotherBTV Pro from Ben Bird. Itis shareware and well worth the price.

As a side note, looking at the recent articles at Low End Macand around the Web it is interesting to see rising interest andlot's of activities in the area of old Macs and classic Mac OS.I've been a weekly reader of LEM since 2000, and I think it is notmy imagination. People are literally digging out their old Macs andstarting to use them again for different purposes. Old Macs werebuilt like tanks and still work. Just change CMOS battery everythree years :-)

Yesterday I booted into OS 9 on my Quicksilver Power Mac and wasshocked yet another time how responsive the GUI is. It is a verynice experience to do it from time to time to realize how bloatedand over-weighted the user interface of Mac OS X is.

As a developer, I keep OS 9, Panther, and Tiger on my Mac tocheck compatibility of software I make, and every time booting intoOS 9 is like [a breath] of fresh air or returning home. Italso places you into a very interesting philosophical mood: Do wereally need all the modern features of Mac OS X and recentMacs? Venture dmg pty ltd melbourne.

I even starting to think like should I release some of mysoftware (like web camera and surveillance application) for theclassic Mac OS. There are so many AV enabled Macs out there thatjust collect dust in the closet and can be used to protect ourhomes.

Anyway, hope my links can help Tim.

Michael Samarin

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the tips and links. Forwarded toTim.

I agree that booting into OS 9 after using OS X islike the afterburners or a turbo cutting in. The responsiveness,even on a slow old machine like my 233 MHz WallStreet or Umax SuperMac S900 (200 MHz 604e)is amazing.

However, on the balance, I have to say that OS Xjustifies its sluggish response most of the time. Support forbetter browsers is a biggie, and preemptive multitasking isanother.


Video Capture Software for OS 9

From Michael Emery

In response to Tim Larson's needfor video capture software, I recommend that he drop in atVersion Tracker andenter the search term 'video capture' - or just use this link.

Browsers For Mac 10.7.5

BTV works well, I happen to know. Hack TV is unfamiliar, but thestreet says it gets the job done as freeware.

Good luck to Tim!

Michael Emery

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the tips and links. Forwarded toTim.


Video Capture with OS 9? Use a DVD RecorderInstead

From Brian Gray


This is in response to Mr.Larson's question:

I faced the same video conversion issue from analog to digital.I had one VHS tape I wanted to bring into iMovie and edit and burnto a DVD. I tried many, many ways to get that video into iMovie,but none of them were ultimately very practical or successful.

My suggestion is to go with a regular DVD recorder. They aresimple to use - just plug in the source and record! Some are ascheap as $100. Mine was $100, and I've been very satisfied with it- I just pop in the VHS, put in a blank DVD, and record.

Waterfox classic browser

I know Mr. Larson wants to use the Beige G3 to convert the video (that'swhat I would do, if I had one!), but the DVD recorder ismuch less painful and much less time consuming.

Edge Classic Browser

Good luck to him!


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the insights and advice. Forwarded toTim.


OS 9 Video Capture? Use a MiniDV Camcorder

Regarding Tim Larson'squestion in your Miscellaneous Ramblings column,

I've had experience editing video in 0S 9 from the same beige G3 he's talking about, and the bestadvice I can give is - don't. A G3 is easily overwhelmed by thetask - which could mean lots of stops and starts with skippedframes, etc. Capturing from S-video is possible, but the partsrequired (mostly PCI-based) are arcane and hard to find these days,the drivers even more scarce, and they were never reliable to beginwith. And most important, he should keep in mind the sheer size ofuncompressed video - something like 8 gigs for 10 minutes.Transferring them to the G5 will be a serious pain.

The best solution for his needs would be to find a MiniDVcamcorder with analog or 'line in' - the Canon ZR series is apretty good example, but there are many more. They're pretty cheapif you buy new, and even cheaper used (I would bet you could find adecent used model for under $200.) It's trivial to transfer theanalog to MiniDV, then to iMovie on the G5 via FireWire. He mighteven find the MiniDV is a better camcorder for his purposes in thefuture. Yes, it'll cost a bit of money, but it will make certainlymake his life much easier.


Fastest Browser Mac

And again, thanks for the advice. Forwarded toTim.


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