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MAC Authentication Bypass Deployment Guide. Visibility: MAB provides network visibility since the authentication process provides a way to link a device's IP address, MAC address, switch, and port. This visibility is useful for security audits, network forensics, network use stat. Sep 21, 2019 Manual Mac Authorization 2017 A lot goes on behind the scenes when a computer attempts to connect to a wireless hot spot. You can use your PC every day without knowing - or needing to know - its media access control address, but your router checks it every time you sign on to your network.

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MAC (Message Authentication Code) algorithm is a symmetric key cryptographic technique to provide message authentication. For establishing MAC process, the sender and receiver share a symmetric key K.

Essentially, a MAC is an encrypted checksum generated on the underlying message that is sent along with a message to ensure message authentication.

The process of using MAC for authentication is depicted in the following illustration −

In Java the Mac class of the javax.crypto package provides the functionality of message authentication code. Follow the steps given below to create message authentication code using this class.

Step 1: Create a KeyGenerator object

The KeyGenerator class provides getInstance() method which accepts a String variable representing the required key-generating algorithm and returns a KeyGenerator object that generates secret keys.

Create KeyGenerator object using the getInstance() method as shown below.

Step 2: Create SecureRandom object

The SecureRandom class of the java.Security package provides a strong random number generator which is used to generate random numbers in Java. Instantiate this class as shown below.

Step 3: Initialize the KeyGenerator

The KeyGenerator class provides a method named init() this method accepts the SecureRandom object and initializes the current KeyGenerator.

Initialize the KeyGenerator object created in the previous step using this method.

Step 4: Generate key

Generate key using generateKey() method of the KeyGenerator class as shown below.

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Step 5: Initialize the Mac object

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The init() method of the Mac class accepts an Key object and initializes the current Mac object using the given key.

Step 6: Finish the mac operation

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The doFinal() method of the Mac class is used to finish the Mac operation. Pass the required data in the form of byte array to this method and finsh the operation as shown below.

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The following example demonstrates the generation of Message Authentication Code (MAC) using JCA. Here, we take a simple message 'Hi how are you' and, generate a Mac for that message.


The above program will generate the following output −