Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers

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  1. Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers Online
  2. Gibbed Mass Effect 2 Editor
  3. Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers Free
  4. Mass Effect 2 Save Editor

  • One of the most important downloads for modding, this is the program you need to replace textures for all three ME games.

In Mass Effect 2, many powers now do large amounts of damage and can be used as an ammo-saving alternative to weapons for defeating enemies even on higher difficulties. Most damage powers are capable of doing bonus damage against various types of. Getting this hair style was my first introduction to hacking Mass Effect with the Gibbed Save Editor. After following a simple tutorial, I had changed her hair. And because I liked the idea of my Shepard looking not quite 100% normal after the Lazarus Project, I gave her a pair of glowing white eyes to go with the trauma of being brought back.

  • Texmod tutorials can be found here
  • A group where modders can post their work for people to browse and download.
  • This group is also for people who use mods to post their modded characters and screenshots/art of their modded game.
MassEffect faces database
  • You can browse this database for face codes and/or headmorphs, includes both ME2 and ME3
  • If you want to use mine you can find me in the database here
ModdingMasterpost on tumblr – lists of mods for all three ME games

GibbedSave Editor for ME3

Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers Online

  • A tutorial for modifying faces in gibbed can be found here
Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers
  • A general guide to using gibbed can be found here
  • Tutorials can be found here
  • Instructions for using ME3 explorer to install PCC file mods here
  • Advanced modding made easy guide
  • ME3 explorer forum
ME3Coalesced Editor
  • The link where I originally downloaded this seems to be broken, so I uploaded it to my mediafire account. You need this in order to make changes to your coalesced.bin file.
  • PC Tweaks Mass Effect wikia
  • Mass Effect 3 is finally on Nexus, TONS of mods here!

Gibbed Mass Effect 2 Editor

  • A coelesced.bin file replacement that does it all – unlocks tons of armors, casual outfits, flycam, and more.
  • I had problems with the flycam when using this file, so I uploaded my edited version of chemieali_coalesced_v1.4_LITE.rar that you can download here
ME3MOD: High Resolution textures + v1.5 illumination MOD
  • I’m using this in my current ME3 game and it looks amazing! You can even customize it by editing the Sweetfx_settings text document, which can be editing during your game. Press the ‘pause break’ key to see the results of your edit in game until you adjust it to your liking.
  • This link is great for everything – hair mods, casual attire, tutorials (for gibbed, texmod, ME3 explorer), and more.
  • Guides for texture and mesh mods, including tutorials for advanced modding.
  • HR Textures by Ottemis- Texture mods, armor sets, environments, and more
  • Includes the pink party mod, npc mods, armor mods, hair mods, and more.
  • Also has lots of great tutorials on both using mods and creating mods.
  • Hair and outfit mods
The Complete Guide for Creating Custom Classes in SP
  • Instructions on how to create custom classes for Shepard, including multiplayer powers!
Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers

My ME3 Mods

  • Samantha Traynor Long Hair Mod - A collaboration with user-domain-error
  • Pink Citadel Apartment Mod - Watch a video tour of the pink apartment
  • Elegant Blue Apartment Mod - Watch a video tour of the pink apartment
  • Complete list of my mods including my outfit re-textures

Mass Effect 2 Mods

  • You will need this in order to use headmorphs. You can also use it to make edits to your appearance, edit save files, loadouts, reputation points, credits, and much more.
  • Guide to using gibbed for ME2 can be found here
  • Ottemis's gibbed femshep hair, hats, and texture codes here
Returnto Darkness Mod
  • A Mod for Mass Effect 2 that reflects the dark story, and returns to the colder aesthetic style of Mass Effect 1.
  • Adds casual attire, armors, and flycam, among other things. Includes instructions and keybindings.
ME2Coalesced Editor
  • You need this in order to make changes to your coalesced.bin file
  • PC Tweaks Mass Effect 2 wikia
  • Links for some ME2 mods, mostly combat related ones
MassEffect 2 Texture Mods
  • Huge list of texture mods. This is a private group so you must sign up to BSN to view these.

Mass Effect 2 Gibbed Save Editor Bonus Powers Free

  • Headmorph swap tutorial and links for some texture mods

Mass Effect 1 Updated/Improved Textures Mod


Shaine Hairstyle Mod

High Resolution Black Weapons

Blue Renegade Scars Mod for Femshep

My Links

Mass Effect 2 Save Editor