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  • Try examples and read comprehensive documentation on matrices and arrays, plots, block diagrams, Model-Based Design, and other fundamental topics. MATLAB Simulink Learn how to get up and running quickly with step-by-step videos.
  • MATLAB, and what types of add-on application-specific solutions are available in MATLAB toolboxes. MATLAB Documentation (p. 1-4) Find out where to look for instruction on how to use each component of MATLAB, and where to find help when you need it. Starting and Quitting MATLAB (p. 1-6) Start a new MATLAB session, use the desktop environment.

Write script-based tests to check that the outputs of MATLAB ® scripts, functions, or classes are as you expect. For example, you can use the assert function to test for actual output values that match expected values. Or you can test that the output variables have the correct size and type.

Convert a function file into a P-file.

In a file named myfunc.m in your current folder, define a function that returns the square root of a cubic polynomial.

Create a P-file from myfunc.m. Determine which file MATLAB® uses when you call myfunc.

Convert selected files from the sparfun folder into P-files.

Create a temporary folder and define an existing path to .m files. Save yourself from it band syndrome ebook torrents kickass.

Create the P-files.

The temporary folder now contains encoded P-files.

Generate P-files from input files that are part of a class. (The same procedure can be applied to files that are part of a package.) This example uses an existing MATLAB example class.

Define classfolder as an existing class folder that contains .m files.

Create a temporary folder. This folder has no class structure at this time.

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Create a P-file for every .m file in the path classfolder. Because the input files are part of a class, MATLAB creates a folder structure so that the output file belongs to the same class.

The P-file resides in the same folder structure.

Generate P-files in the same folder as the input files.

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Copy several .m files to a temporary folder.

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Create P-files in the same folder as the original .m files.